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Hugo Weisgall
Hugo Weisgall: Six Characters in Search of an Author
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Hugo Weisgall: Six Characters in Search of an Author Hugo Weisgall Lee Schaenen, Conductor; Paula LoVerne, contralto, "Madame Pace"; Beverly Thiele, voice, "Pride (Chorus)"; Carol Chickering, voice, "Envy (Chorus)"; Bryan Miller, voice, "Sloth (Chorus)"; Tracy Mould Watson, voice, "Lust (Chorus)"; Paul Jacobsen, voice, "Anger (Chorus)"; Bruce Wallace, voice, "Avarice (Chorus)"; Jeff Taylor, voice, "Gluttony (Chorus)"; Brad Cresswell, voice, "Unnamed Sin (Chorus)"; Jayne Siemens, voice, "Chorus Mistress (Chorus)"; Deborah Fair, voice, "Wardrobe Assistant (Chorus)"; Melissa Lentz, voice, "Wardrobe Assistant (Chorus)"; Lawrence Montgomery, voice, "Carpenter (Chorus)"; Tom Sillitti, voice, "Carpenter (Chorus)"; Robert Prindle, voice, "Prop Man (Chorus)"; Jenna Heffernan, voice, "The Child"; Victor Rooney, voice, "The Boy"; Gary Lehman, baritone, "The Son"; Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra; Andrew Schroeder, baritone, "The Accompanist"; Philip Zawisza, baritone, "The Stage Manager"; Joslyn King, mezzo-soprano, "The Mezzo"; Bruce Fowler, tenor, "The Tenore Buffo"; Susan Foster, soprano, "The Prompter"; Michael Wadsworth, bass-baritone, "The Basso Cantante"; Kevin Anderson, tenor, "The Director"; Dianne Pritchett, alto, "The Wardrobe Mistress"; Elizabeth Futral, soprano, "The Coloratura"; Robert Orth, baritone, "The Father"; Elizabeth Byrne, soprano, "The Stepdaughter"; Nancy Maultsby, mezzo-soprano, "The Mother"; Robert Miles, voice, "Prop Man (Chorus)" play
The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: Commemoration Vinny Golia Vinny Golia, sopranino saxophone; Vinny Golia, bass saxophone; Phil Teele, bass trombone; David Ocker, clarinet; Alex Cline, drums; Wayne Peet, piano; Vinny Golia Large Ensemble; Bruce Fowler, trombone; Kim Richmond, alto saxophone; Bill Plake, tenor saxophone; Brad Dutz, percussion; Harry Scorzo, violin; Wayne Peet, synthesizer; Ken Filiano, bass; Mark Underwood, trumpet; Steve Fowler, flute; Bill Roper, tuba; Joel Hamilton, bass; Michael Vlatkovich, trombone; David Johnson, marimba; Joel Hamilton, guitar play
Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: Decennium Dans Axlan Vinny Golia Mark Underwood, trumpet; Mark Underwood, flugelhorn; John Fumo, trumpet; John Fumo, flugelhorn; Rob Blakeslee, trumpet; Rob Blakeslee, flugelhorn; Bruce Fowler, trombone; Bruce Fowler, Conductor; Mike Vlatkovich, trombone; George McMullen, trombone; Phil Teele, bass trombone; William Roper, tuba; Emily Hay, piccolo; Emily Hay, flute; Steve Fowler, flute; Steve Fowler, alto saxophone; Bill Plake, flute; Bill Plake, alto flute; Bill Plake, soprano saxophone; Bill Plake, tenor saxophone; Vinny Golia, piccolo; Vinny Golia, alto flute; Vinny Golia, bass flute; Vinny Golia, sopranino saxophone; Vinny Golia, soprano saxophone; Vinny Golia, baritone saxophone; Vinny Golia, bass saxophone; Vinny Golia, clarinets; Vinny Golia, contra-alto clarinet; Vinny Golia, Conductor; David Ocker, clarinet; David Ocker, bass clarinet; David Johnson, chimes; David Johnson, tympani; David Johnson, vibraphone; David Johnson, marimba; Brad Dutz, marimba; Brad Dutz, tympani; Brad Dutz, orchestra bells; Brad Dutz, percussion; Wayne Peet, keyboard; Wayne Peet, piano; Jeff Gauthier, violin; Jonathan Golove, cello; Dion Sorell, electric cello; Ken Filiano, contrabass; Joel Hamilton, contrabass; Alex Cline, drums; Alex Cline, percussion play
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