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William Mayer
Music of William Mayer

David Maslanka
The Percussion Music of David Maslanka
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Mayer/Argento Dominick Argento Robert Levy, trumpet; Bernard Berger, flute; Michael Rudiakov, cello; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Iowa Brass Quintet; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; John Hill, trombone; Gerard Schwarz, trumpet; Andrew Thomas, piano; Paul Anderson, horn; Vern Sutton, tenor; John Beer, trumpet; Robert Yeats, tuba; Jeffrey Van, guitar play
Music of William Mayer William Mayer Albert De Ruiter, narrator; Robert Nagel Brass Trio; Robert Nagel, trumpet; Robert Heinrich, trumpet; John Swallow, trombone; Members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Layton James, piano; Timothy J. Paradise, clarinet; Richard Killmer, oboe; Peter Howard, cello; Priscilla Rybka, French horn; Romuald Teco, violin; William McGlaughlin, Conductor; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Iowa Brass Quintet; John Beer, trumpet; Robert Levy, trumpet; Paul Anderson, horn; John Hill, trombone; Robert Yeats, tuba; Bernard Berger, flute; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Andrew Thomas, piano; Michael Rudiakov, cello; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Gerard Schwarz, trumpet; New York Brass and Woodwind Ensemble; Charles Birch, percussion; Morris Newman, bassoon; Raymond Alonge, horn; Lois Schaefer, flute; Charles Russo, clarinet; Harvey Phillips, tuba; Ralph Froelich, horn; Henry Schuman, oboe; Emanuel Balaban, Conductor; Peabody Conservatory Chorus and Orchestra; Patricia Price, soprano; David Hudson, tenor; Rosalind Rees, soprano; Albert De Ruiter, narrator; Gregg Smith, Conductor play
The Percussion Music of David Maslanka David Maslanka Ronald Taylor, percussion; Tobie Wilkinson, percussion; Lorne Watson, percussion; Rebecca Kolinski, percussion; John Gage, percussion; Bradley Lowman, percussion; Todd Johnson, marimba; Douglas Corella, percussion; James Armstrong, percussion; Scott Vernon, percussion; Michelle Martin, percussion; James Leslie, percussion; Mike Hovananian, percussion; Jon Johnson, percussion; Jill Ball, percussion; David Zerbe, percussion; Jason Lewis, percussion; Seth Kilbourn, percussion; John Hill, percussion; Jeff White, percussion; Jason Scott, percussion; Tom Kozumplik, percussion; Jennifer King, percussion; Robert Hohner, Conductor; Central Michigan University Percussion Ensemble play
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