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Mario Davidovsky
Davidovsky: Synchronisms/Sollberger: Chamber Variations

William Mayer
Music of William Mayer
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Davidovsky/Street/Trythall Mario Davidovsky Allen Blustine, clarinet; Porter Poindexter, trombone; Concord String Quartet; Karl Kraber, flute; Gordon Gottlieb, percussion; John Kochanowski, viola; Gerardo Levy, flute; Howard van Hyning, percussion; Joel Krosnick, cello; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Raymond DesRoches, percussion; Jacob Glick, viola; Paul Jacobs, piano; Richard Trythall, piano; Norman Fischer, cello; Alvin Brehm, bass; David Gilbert, Conductor; Mark Sokol, violin; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Fortunato Arico, cello; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Robert Miller, piano; Andrew Jennings, violin play
Davidovsky: Synchronisms/Sollberger: Chamber Variations Mario Davidovsky Gunther Schuller, Conductor; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Gerardo Levy, flute; Sophie Sollberger, piccolo; Richard Fitz, percussion; Efrain Guigui, bass clarinet; Sophie Sollberger, alto flute; Kenneth Fricker, contrabass; Scott Nickrenz, viola; Donald MacCourt, bassoon; Charles Wuorinen, piano; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Josef Marx, oboe; Efrain Guigui, clarinet; Group for Contemporary Music; Peter Rosenfeld, cello; Stanley Drucker, clarinet; Robert L. Martin, cello; Efrain Guigui, Conductor; Paul Zukofsky, violin; Sophie Sollberger, flute; Harvey Sollberger, flute play
Harbison/Johnson/Pleskow Raoul Pleskow Fred Sherry, cello; Allan Dean, trumpet; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Karl Kraber, flute; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Gilbert Kalish, piano; Walter Ponce, piano; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Frederic Rzewski, celesta; Arthur Bloom, clarinet; Alvin Brehm, bass; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Paul Dunkel, flute; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Robert Miller, piano; Barry Benjamin, horn play
Korte/Seeger/Orbon: Chamber Works Julian Orbon Humbert Lucarelli, oboe; Raymond Des Roches, vibraphone; Joan Tower, celesta; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Robert Miller, harmonium; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Group for Contemporary Music; Robert Parris, harpsichord; Fred Sherry, cello; Samuel Rhodes, viola; Arthur Bloom, clarinet; Howard T. Howard, horn; Arthur Weisberg, bassoon; Alan Brown, bassoon; John Wion, flute; The Lark Quintet; Ralph Froelich, French horn; Albert Hamme, saxophone; Elizabeth Korte, piano; Ronald Roseman, oboe; New York Woodwind Quintet; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Samuel Baron, flute; David Glazer, clarinet play
Mayer/Argento Dominick Argento Robert Levy, trumpet; Bernard Berger, flute; Michael Rudiakov, cello; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Iowa Brass Quintet; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; John Hill, trombone; Gerard Schwarz, trumpet; Andrew Thomas, piano; Paul Anderson, horn; Vern Sutton, tenor; John Beer, trumpet; Robert Yeats, tuba; Jeffrey Van, guitar play
Music for Computers, Electronic Sounds and Players Charles Dodge David Gilbert, flute; Donald Butterfield, tuba; Richard Fitz, percussion; Allen Blustine, bass clarinet; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Jacques-Louis Monod, Conductor; Robert Miller, piano; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; George Haas, English horn; Michele Gallien, viola; Ronald Anderson, trumpet play
Music of William Mayer William Mayer Albert De Ruiter, narrator; Robert Nagel Brass Trio; Robert Nagel, trumpet; Robert Heinrich, trumpet; John Swallow, trombone; Members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Layton James, piano; Timothy J. Paradise, clarinet; Richard Killmer, oboe; Peter Howard, cello; Priscilla Rybka, French horn; Romuald Teco, violin; William McGlaughlin, Conductor; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Iowa Brass Quintet; John Beer, trumpet; Robert Levy, trumpet; Paul Anderson, horn; John Hill, trombone; Robert Yeats, tuba; Bernard Berger, flute; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Andrew Thomas, piano; Michael Rudiakov, cello; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Gerard Schwarz, trumpet; New York Brass and Woodwind Ensemble; Charles Birch, percussion; Morris Newman, bassoon; Raymond Alonge, horn; Lois Schaefer, flute; Charles Russo, clarinet; Harvey Phillips, tuba; Ralph Froelich, horn; Henry Schuman, oboe; Emanuel Balaban, Conductor; Peabody Conservatory Chorus and Orchestra; Patricia Price, soprano; David Hudson, tenor; Rosalind Rees, soprano; Albert De Ruiter, narrator; Gregg Smith, Conductor play
Stock/Karlins/Blank/Jenni David Stock Elizabeth Buccheri, piano; Gilbert Kalish, piano; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Christopher Finckel, cello; Joel Krosnick, amplified cello; Jacob Glick, viola; John Simms, piano; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Thomas Siwe, percussion; Thomas Kornacker, violin; Betty Bang Mather, flute play
Westergaard/G. Wilson/R. Wilson Peter Westergaard John Garvey, violin; Thomas Fredrickson, bass; Edwin London, Conductor; Yoko Matsuda, violin; Sophie Sollberger, flute; Jack D. Litten, tenor; Peter Griffith, guitar; Valarie Lamoree, soprano; University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players; Thomas Siwe, percussion; Ken Ferrantino, trumpet; Raymond DesRoches, percussion; Thomas Howell, flute; Fred Sherry, cello; Paul Martin Zonn, clarinet; Daniel Perlongo, accordion; Ronald Dewar, bass clarinet; Charles Wuorinen, harpsichord; Donald MacCourt, bassoon; Thomas Holden, horn; John Leisenring, trombone; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Group for Contemporary Music; Peter Farrell, cello play
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