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Lou Harrison
Lou Harrison: Piano Concerto/Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra

William Mayer
Music of William Mayer

George Tsontakis
Sylvan Winds Plays American Composers

Michelle Ekizian
Works by Michelle Ekizian & Louis Karchin
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Goeb/Sydeman: Chamber Works Roger Goeb Ralph Froelich, horn; Charles McCracken, cello; Max Pollikoff, violin; Paul Wolfe, Conductor; Joseph Schor, violin; Charles Treger, violin; Alvin Brehm, bass; CRI Chamber Ensemble; Jacob Glick, viola; Henry Schuman, oboe; Martin Orenstein, flute; New Art Wind Quintet; Charles Russo, clarinet; Morris Newman, bassoon; Melvin Kaplan, oboe; Lois Schaefer, flute play
Lou Harrison: Piano Concerto/Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra Lou Harrison Aleck Karis, tack piano; Michael Willens, contrabass; Lanny Paykin, cello; Eugene Moye, cello; Elizabeth DiFelice, celesta; Judith Mendenhall, flute; Robert Stallman, flute; New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra; Barbara Allen, harp; Henry Schuman, oboe; Robert Hughes, Conductor; Naoto Otomo, Conductor; Keith Jarrett, piano; Benjamin Herman; Lucy Chapman Stoltzman, violin play
Music of William Mayer William Mayer Albert De Ruiter, narrator; Robert Nagel Brass Trio; Robert Nagel, trumpet; Robert Heinrich, trumpet; John Swallow, trombone; Members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Layton James, piano; Timothy J. Paradise, clarinet; Richard Killmer, oboe; Peter Howard, cello; Priscilla Rybka, French horn; Romuald Teco, violin; William McGlaughlin, Conductor; Catherine Rowe, soprano; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Iowa Brass Quintet; John Beer, trumpet; Robert Levy, trumpet; Paul Anderson, horn; John Hill, trombone; Robert Yeats, tuba; Bernard Berger, flute; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Andrew Thomas, piano; Michael Rudiakov, cello; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Gerard Schwarz, trumpet; New York Brass and Woodwind Ensemble; Charles Birch, percussion; Morris Newman, bassoon; Raymond Alonge, horn; Lois Schaefer, flute; Charles Russo, clarinet; Harvey Phillips, tuba; Ralph Froelich, horn; Henry Schuman, oboe; Emanuel Balaban, Conductor; Peabody Conservatory Chorus and Orchestra; Patricia Price, soprano; David Hudson, tenor; Rosalind Rees, soprano; Albert De Ruiter, narrator; Gregg Smith, Conductor play
Siegmeister/Mayer Elie Siegmeister Lois Schaefer, flute; Morris Newman, bassoon; Charles Russo, clarinet; Emanuel Balaban, Conductor; Harvey Phillips, tuba; Ralph Froelich, French horn; Robert Nagel, trumpet; Charles Birch, percussion; Henry Schuman, oboe; John Swallow, trombone; Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Elie Siegmeister, Conductor; London Philharmonic Orchestra; Russell Stanger, Conductor; Robert Heinrich, trumpet; Raymond Alonge, French horn; New York Brass and Woodwind Ensemble; Robert Nagel Brass Trio play
Sydeman/Cort├ęs: Chamber Works William Sydeman Ed Altshuler; Bonnie Lichter; Anton Swensen; Albert Fine; Jerry Kuhl; Susan Cohn; Martin James; Lloyd Rosevear; Mary Anne Stephens; James Byers; William H. Lewis; Janice Miner; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Max Neuhaus, percussion; Raymond DesRoches, percussion; Stanley Silverman, guitar; Jacob Glick, viola; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Henry Schuman, oboe; Charles Russo, clarinet; Robert Sylvester, cello; Paul Zukofsky, violin; Lloyd Rosevear, instrument; Albert Fine, instrument; Jerry Kuhl, instrument; James Byers, instrument; Janice Miner, instrument; Mary Anne Stephens, instrument; Ed Altshuler, instrument; Susan Cohn, instrument; Bonnie Lichter, instrument; Martin James, instrument; William H. Lewis, instrument; Anton Swensen, instrument; Charles McCracken, cello play
Sylvan Winds Plays American Composers George Tsontakis Scott Temple, horn; Svjetlana Kabalin, flute; Mark Hill, oboe; Sylvan Winds; Charles McCracken, bassoon; Michael Tree, violin; Svjetlana Kabalin, piccolo; John Smith, horn; Jo-Ann Sternberg, clarinet; Katherine Fink, flute; Marc Goldberg, bassoon; Henry Schuman, oboe; Steven Hartman, clarinet; James Scott, tenor trombone; Lowell Hershey, trumpet; James Hamlin, trumpet; Melissa Coren, horn; Susan Carlson, flute; Todd Kaufman, tuba; C. Michael Richardson, bass trombone; Terry Pierce, tenor trombone; Ann Yarbrough, horn; Richard Hagen, horn; Janet Uhrlass, horn; Lauren Goldstein, contrabassoon; Robert Yamins, clarinet; Robert Botti, English horn; David Rowland, oboe; Jeffrey Marchand, bassoon; Thomas Lisenbee, trumpet; Katherine Hoover, flute; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Charles Neidich, clarinet play
Works by Michelle Ekizian & Louis Karchin Michelle Ekizian Lois Martin, viola; Dennis Smylie, bass clarinet; Henry Schuman, oboe; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Bonnie Hartman, cello; Robert Chausaw, violin; Jeanne LeBlanc, cello; Dennis Lee, violin; Dennis Cleveland, violin; Linda Moss, viola; Stephen Paysen, percussion; Aleck Karis, piano; Donald Palma, contrabass; Patricia Spencer, flute; Andrea Cawelti, soprano; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; Benjamin Hudson, violin play
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