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Zoop! Zoop! Zoop!

New World Records

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play Matty Gru 2:18    
play Sly Mongoose 2:01    
play Zoop Zoop Zoop 2:12    
play Mazurka 2:10    
play Cigar Win The Race 2:52    
play Mr. Moore 3:03    
play Polka Mazurka 1:57    
play Quadrille 3:36    
play Twenty Cents for The Pan Cover 1:29    
play Carbay Man 1:31    
play All Gone In Lagoon Mouth 1:56    
play Spanish Retreat 2:05    

play Baa, baa, hvide lam :43    
Elisa Pedro, voice

play Clear The Road 1:44    
Circa 1850

play Queen Mary 1:07    
Circa 1880

play Payne Dead :30    
Ethel McIntosh, voice
Circa 1850

play White Frock :28    
Ethel McIntosh, voice

play Lazzy Barry :36    
Maude Andreas, voice

play Boss Borine :20    
play Me Mother Had Tell Me :43    
play Ask Mr. Jackson :52    
Evelyn Gordon, voice

play Crab and Garlin 1:03    
Ethel McIntosh

play One Bright Summer Morning 1:53    
play Masqueraders: The devil and The wild indians 2:08    
play King George play 2:52    
play Jig :57    
play Seven step 1:25    
play French polka 1:15    
play Tway She She :39    
Gerda Benjamin, voice

play Four White Horses on a Rainbow :56