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Peter Tod Lewis
Music of Peter Tod Lewis
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Contemporary Music From the University of Iowa Dennis Riley Jon English, bass trombone; James Avery, piano; Charles West, bass clarinet; William Parsons, percussion; Robert Strava, violin; Motter Forman, harp; Patrick Purswell, flute; William Hibbard, toy piano; James Avery, celesta; Candace Nightbay, soprano; Carolyn Berdahl, cello; William Hibbard, Conductor; Andreas Marchand, piano; Betty Bang Mather, alto flute; William Hibbard, viola; Betty Bang Mather, piccolo play
Lewis/Rovics Peter Tod Lewis Anne Chamberlain, piano; David Wells, cello; Sylvia Alexander, flute; Carol Zeavin, violin; Columbia String Quartet; André Emelianoff, cello; Benjamin Hudson, violin; Janet Lyman Hill, viola; Lee Dougherty, soprano play
Music of Peter Tod Lewis Peter Tod Lewis Peter Tod Lewis, tape; Columbia String Quartet; Benjamin Hudson, violin; Carol Zeavin, violin; Janet Lyman Hill, viola; André Emelianoff, cello; Peter Tod Lewis, tape; Steven Schick, percussion; William Hibbard, Conductor; Michael Geary, percussion; James Reck, cello; Connie Lorber, viola; Members of the Center for New Music Ensemble; Claire Hillard, violin; John R. Melton, trombone; Jane Walker, flute; Jane Walker, piccolo; Marsha Johnson, piano; John Ferrell, violin; James Avery, piano play
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