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Xopher Davidson
Antimatter: Transfixtion

Philip Perkins
Bifurcators: Gang of Two

Philip Perkins
The Bifurcators: Like a Bird in the Wilderness

Brian Reinbolt
Brian Reinbolt: Bathtub Curve

Brian Reinbolt
Brian Reinbolt: It's not that Simple

Chris Brown
Chris Brown: Duets
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Antimatter: Transfixtion Xopher Davidson play
Bifurcators: Gang of Two Live Recordings of Ensemble Works for Instruments, Computers, and Other Electronics Philip Perkins Philip Perkins, electronic processing; Scott Fraser, electric guitar; Doug Carroll, electric cello; Tim Perkis, synthesizer; Bonnie Barnett, voice; The Bifurcators play
The Bifurcators: Like a Bird in the Wilderness Philip Perkins "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano play
Brian Reinbolt: Bathtub Curve Brian Reinbolt Brian Reinbolt, synthesizer play
Brian Reinbolt: It's not that Simple Brian Reinbolt Brian Reinbolt, computer play
Chris Brown: Duets Live Interactive Electronic Music Duets Chris Brown William Winant, jew's harp; William Winant, kanjira; Chris Brown, electronics; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Tom Nunn, EPB (Electroacoustic Percussion Board); Tom Nunn, Space Plate; Tom Djil, electronic percussion play
Chris Brown: Snakecharmer Chris Brown Chris Brown, piano; Chris Brown, keyboards; Chris Brown, voice; Chris Brown, electronics; William Winant, percussion play
Circular Firing Squad: Oxide Circular Firing Squad; Eva Baumgartner; Xopher Davidson; David Kwan; Tim Walters; Circular Firing Squad play
Clay Chaplin: Satellite Stutter Clay Chaplin Clay Chaplin, computer; Clay Chaplin, sampled sounds; Clay Chaplin, synthesizer play
David Mahler: The Voice of the Poet Works on Tape 1972-1986 David Mahler David Mahler, tape play
The Hub Computer Network Music Chris Brown Chris Brown, computer; Mark Trayle, computer; John Bischoff, computer; Tim Perkis, computer; Scot Gresham-Lancaster, computer; Phil Stone, computer play
The Hub: Wreckin' Ball Chris Brown Kenneth Atchley, voice; Alvin Curran, piano; The Rova Saxophone Quartet; The Well (online community); Barbara Golden, voice; Ramon Sender Barayon, voice; The Hub; Chris Brown, computer; John Bischoff, computer; Tim Perkis, computer; Mark Trayle, computer play
James Tenney: Selected Works 1961-1969 James Tenney play
Jim Horton: Simulated Winds and Cries Jim Horton Jim Horton, computer play
John Bischoff/Tim Perkis: Artificial Horizon John Bischoff John Bischoff, computer; John Bischoff, tape; John Bischoff, electronic processing; Tim Perkis, computer; Tim Perkis, Yamaha Disklavier; Tim Perkis, electronic processing play
John Bischoff: The Glass Hand John Bischoff John Bischoff, computer play
Larry Polansky: Change Larry Polansky Sarah Cahill, piano; Leo Ciesa, drums; Greg Anderson, electric bass; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Larry Polansky, computer; Eleanor Wilson, voice; Anna Diamond Polansky, voice; Larry Polansky, Fender-Rhodes piano; Daniel Goode, clarinet; Larry Polansky, tape; Marie Pauline Esguerra, voice; Larry Polansky, kemanak; Larry Polansky, pelog gender; Daniel Goode, kemanak play
Larry Polansky: Simple Harmonic Motion Larry Polansky Ron Erickson, violin; Ron Erickson, viola; Robert Black, bass; Krystyna Bobrowski, French horn; Alyssa Hess Reit, harp play
Larry Polansky: The Theory of Impossible Melody Larry Polansky Jody Diamond, voice; Phil Burk, computer; Larry Polansky, computer; William Winant, marimba; William Winant, percussion; Chris Mann, voice; Larry Pokansky, tape play
Mark Trayle/ RPM::MHZ Mark Trayle Mark Trayle, electronics play
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