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Anla Courtis
Anla Courtis: Tape Works

Philip Perkins
Bifurcators: Gang of Two

Jason Eckardt
Claire Chase: Aliento

Dimitri Voudouris
Dimitri Voudouris: Npfai-Palmos

Earl Howard
Earl Howard: Clepton

Jason Kao Hwang
The Far East Side Band: Caverns
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Anla Courtis: Tape Works Anla Courtis Anla Courtis, tape; Anla Courtis, pre-recorded sound; Anla Courtis, electronic processing; Anla Courtis, Moog synthesizer; Anla Courtis, electronics play
Bifurcators: Gang of Two Live Recordings of Ensemble Works for Instruments, Computers, and Other Electronics Philip Perkins Philip Perkins, electronic processing; Scott Fraser, electric guitar; Doug Carroll, electric cello; Tim Perkis, synthesizer; Bonnie Barnett, voice; The Bifurcators play
Claire Chase: Aliento Jason Eckardt Jennifer Curtis, violin; Claire Chase, bass flute; Wendy Richman, viola; Claire Chase, electronics; Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello; Claire Chase, flute; Claire Chase, electronic processing; Claire Chase, amplified flute play
David Lee Myers and Ellen Band: Two Ships David Lee Myers David Lee Myers, electronics; Ellen Band, electronic processing; Ellen Band, pre-recorded sound play
Dimitri Voudouris: Npfai-Palmos Dimitri Voudouris Dimitri Voudouris, kundi; Dimitri Voudouris, mbira; Dimitri Voudouris, electronic processing; Dimitri Voudouris, marimba; Dimitri Voudouris, oboe; Dimitri Voudouris, tape; Dimitri Voudouris, bandoneon; Dimitri Voudouris, Hammond organ play
Earl Howard: Clepton Earl Howard Earl Howard, electronic processing; Earl Howard, synthesizer; Georg Graewe, piano; Ernst Reijseger, violoncello; Gerry Hemingway, drums play
The Far East Side Band: Caverns Jason Kao Hwang Jason Kao Hwang, electronic processing; Sang-Won Park, ajang ; Yukio Tsuji, taiko; Yukio Tsuji, horn rattle; Yukio Tsuji, Turkish cymbals; Yukio Tsuji, temple bowl; Jason Kao Hwang, 5-string electric violin; Jason Kao Hwang, bird whistle; Sang-Won Park, kayageum; Sang-Won Park, voice; Yukio Tsuji, deer hooves shaker; Yukio Tsuji, Chinese cymbals; Yukio Tsuji, modified zither play
Gustavo Aguilar: Unsettled on an Old Sense of Place Gustavo Aguilar Gustavo Aguilar, teponaztli; Gustavo Aguilar, flute; Gustavo Aguilar, electronics; Phil Curtis, electronic processing; Nina Eidsheim, voice; Anne LeBaron, prepared harp; Mary Oliver, viola; Gustavo Aguilar, electric guitar; Gustavo Aguilar, dulcimer; Gustavo Aguilar, whistles; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Alan Lechusza, woodwinds; Gustavo Aguilar, snare drum; Gustavo Aguilar, live electronics; Gustavo Aguilar, glockenspiel; Steven Schick, voice play
Hallways: Eleven Musicians and HMSL David Rosenboom Trichy Sankaran; Robert Marsanyi, electronic processing; Jeanne Parson, synthesizer; Carter Scholz, electronic processing; Nick Didkovsky, computer; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Phil Burk, computer; Jeanne Parson, computer; Larry Polansky, computer; Trichy Sankaran, mrdangam; Charlie Haden, string bass; David Rosenboom, computer; John Bischoff, synthesizer; Larry Polansky, electronics; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Jeanne Parson, electronic processing; Phil Burk, electronic processing play
Holding Patterns Monique Buzzarté Barbara Barg, spoken word; Monique Buzzarté, electronic processing; Kristin Norderval, laptop; Monique Buzzarté, trombone; Kristin Norderval, voice; Zanana play
If, Bwana: Breathing Al Margolis Al Margolis, voice; Al Margolis, strings; Al Margolis, electronic processing; Detta Andreana, organ; Detta Andreana, piano; Al Margolis, violoncello; Al Margolis, tape; Al Margolis, electronics; Al Margolis, flute; Brian Charles, oboe; Dave Prescott, didjeridu; Al Margolis, winds; Brian Charles, didjeridu; Jane Scarpantoni, violoncello; Al Margolis, piano; Dan Andreana, voice; Dave Prescott, winds; Debbie Goldberg, voice; Detta Andreana, voice play
If, Bwana: Rex Xhu Ping Al Margolis Stephen Schweizer, bikelophone; Orchestra D'Fou; Chris Burchell, trombone; Al Margolis, loops; Matthew Maruszek, violoncello; Sarah Weaver, trombone; Detta Andreana, tape; Dan Andreana, accordion; Dr. George Omara, synthesizer; Dan Andreana, tape; Detta Andreana, organ; Al Margolis, sampled sounds; Tom Wertz, guitar; Al Margolis, electronic processing; Dan Andreana, voice; Al Margolis, clarinet; Dan Andreana, text; Detta Andreana, bowed cymbals; Laura Biagi, voice; Al Margolis, xylophone; Al Margolis, tape play
If, Bwana: Tripping India Al Margolis Paul Marotta, piano; Al Margolis; Detta Andreana, pre-recorded sound; Dan Andreana, pre-recorded sound; Detta Andreana, piano; Al Margolis, electronic processing; Danielle Reddick, percussion play
John Bischoff/Tim Perkis: Artificial Horizon John Bischoff John Bischoff, computer; John Bischoff, tape; John Bischoff, electronic processing; Tim Perkis, computer; Tim Perkis, Yamaha Disklavier; Tim Perkis, electronic processing play
Jonas Braasch: Global Reflections Jonas Braasch Jonas Braasch, pre-recorded sound; Jonas Braasch, soprano saxophone; Jonas Braasch, Moog bass; Jonas Braasch, electronic processing play
KIVA Mary Oliver Jean-Charles Francois, percussion; John Silber, voice; Jean-Charles Francois, electronics; Eric Lyon, electronic processing; Mary Oliver, violin; Keith Humble, voice; Keith Humble, piano; John Silber, violin; John Silber, trombone; Keith Humble, electronics; Mary Oliver, viola; John Silber, electronics; Keith Humble, DX7 synthesizer; Jean-Charles Francois, voice play
Leo Kupper: Electro-Acoustic Leo Kupper Leo Kupper, electronic sounds; Leo Kupper, micro-processor; Kyomars Peergalou, electronic sounds; Leo Kupper, santur; Kyomars Peergalou, santur; Kyomars Peergalou, electronic processing; Miguel Bonachea, guitar; Jean-Claude Frison, reciter; Francois Vanhecke, soprano play
Music of Ivan Tcherepnin Ivan Tcherepnin Marion Dry; Peggy Pearson, oboe; Wilma Smith, violin; Ivan Tcherepnin, organ; Ivan Tcherepnin, psaltery; Ivan Tcherepnin, electronic processing; Marion Dry, contralto; Jean-Pierre Dautricourt, flute; Ivan Tcherepnin, santur; Ivan Tcherepnin, electronics play
Neil B. Rolnick: Requiem Songs/Screen Scenes Neil Rolnick Andrew Sterman, flute; Amy Fradon, voice; Harvey Sorgen, percussion; Todd Reynolds, violin; Leslie Ritter, voice; Neil Rolnick, electronic processing; Neil Rolnick, prepared piano; Neil Rolnick, sampled sounds; Neil Rolnick, synthesizer; Andrew Sterman, tenor saxophone; Harvey Sorgen, sampled sounds; Steve Rust, bass play
Paul Dresher/Ned Rothenberg - Opposites Attract Paul Dresher Paul Dresher, sequencer; Paul Dresher, sampled sounds; Anthony Jackson, electric bass guitar; Paul Dresher, guitar; Samm Bennett, drums; Gene Reffkin, hi-hat; Paul Dresher, electronic processing; Ned Rothenberg, shakuhachi; Samm Bennett, octoban; Ned Rothenberg, sampled sounds; Samm Bennett, electronic percussion; Mark Dresser; Samm Bennett, shakers; Bobby Previte, drums; Ned Rothenberg, sequencer; Gene Reffkin, electronic percussion; Ned Rothenberg, tenor saxophone; Ned Rothenberg, bass clarinet; Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone; Paul Dresher, loops; Samm Bennett, cymbals; Mark Dresser, bass play
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