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Samuel Barber
The American Cello

Elie Siegmeister
The American Clarinet

Arthur Foote
From The Hudson Valley

Felix Mendelssohn
Impressions Of The Sea

Jerome Moross
Jerome Moross: Frankie & Johnny

Jerome Moross
Jerome Moross: Orchestral Music
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title composer artists/ensemble play
The American Cello Samuel Barber JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Virginia Symphony; Paul Tobias, cello play
The American Clarinet Music from the Fleisher Collection, Vol. 2 Elie Siegmeister Czech National Symphony Orchestra; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Robert Alemany, clarinet play
From The Hudson Valley Arthur Foote Scott Brubaker, French horn; Ron Levy, piano; Hudson Strings; Margaret Swinchoski, flute; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor play
Impressions Of The Sea Felix Mendelssohn Long Beach Symphony Orchestra; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor play
Jerome Moross: Frankie & Johnny Jerome Moross Ursula Allen, voice; Wendy Thomson, voice; Amanda Winfield, voice; New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; New Zealand Chamber Orchestra; Alexa Still, flute play
Jerome Moross: Orchestral Music Jerome Moross London Symphony Orchestra; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor play
John Luther Adams: Clouds of Forgetting, Clouds of Unknowing John Luther Adams Stephen Kolb, piano; David Wick, horn; Allen Patterson, horn; Stephen Carlson, trumpet; Rodney Martell, bass trombone; Vahn Armstong, violin; Debra H. Fong, violin; Michael Daniels, cello; Scott Harris, double bass; Barbara Chapman, celesta; Thomas Bishop, percussion; Robert W. Cross, percussion; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Apollo Chamber Orchestra; Debra Wendells Cross, piccolo; Debra Wendells Cross, flute; Laurie Baefsky, piccolo; Laurie Baefsky, flute; Patti Carlson, clarinet; Norm Schononbrick, clarinet; Norm Schononbrick, bass clarinet; Beverly Kane Baker, viola play
John Powell: Symphony in A Major "Virginia Symphony" John Powell JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Virginia Symphony play
Music of John Duffy John Duffy Robert Cross, percussion; Glenn Morrissette, saxophone; Carrie Koffman, soprano saxophone; Patti Carlson, clarinet; Charles Woodward, piano; Virginia Symphony Chorus; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Virginia Arts Festival Wind Ensemble; Robert Shoup, Conductor play
Paul Freeman IntroducesÂ…...Volume 4 Elie Siegmeister Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Paul Freeman, Conductor; Robert Alemany, clarinet; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Melissa White, violin; Joan Yarbrough, piano; Louise Toppin, soprano play
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