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Amy (H. H. A.) Beach
Ah! Love, But A Day

Gary Smart
Gary Smart: The Major's Letter and Other Songs

(Francis) Hall Johnson
He'll Bring It to Pass

Robert Owens
Heart on the Wall

Vincenzo Righini
La Saison des Fleurs: Songs for Voice and Fortepiano

Heather Gilligan
Living In Light
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Ah! Love, But A Day Amy (H. H. A.) Beach John O'Brien, piano; Louise Toppin, soprano; Jay Pierson, baritone play
Gary Smart: The Major's Letter and Other Songs Gary Smart Gary Smart, piano; William Brown, tenor; Louise Toppin, soprano; John Kramar, baritone; Marilyn Smart, soprano play
He'll Bring It to Pass The Spirituals of Hall Johnson for Voice and Piano (Francis) Hall Johnson Joseph Joubert, piano; Louise Toppin, soprano play
Heart on the Wall Robert Owens Louise Toppin, soprano; Dvorak Symphony Orchestra; Julius P. Williams, Conductor play
La Saison des Fleurs: Songs for Voice and Fortepiano Vincenzo Righini Louise Toppin, soprano; John O'Brien, piano; Timothy Sparks, tenor; Eugene Galvin, baritone play
Living In Light Music by Heather Gilligan Heather Gilligan Margot Rood, soprano; Patrick Owen, cello; Seelan Manickam, trumpet; Damien Francoeur-Krzyzek, piano; Kenneth Radnofsky, saxophone; Apple Hill String Quartet; Elise Kuder, violin; Colleen Jennings, violin; Mike Kelley, viola; Rupert Thompson, cello; Louise Toppin, soprano; Caleb Herron, percussion play
Paul Freeman Introduces. . .Volume 2 Charles Tomlinson Griffes Paul Freeman, Conductor; Louise Toppin, soprano; Jean-Michel Bertelli, clarinet; Czech National Symphony Orchestra play
Paul Freeman IntroducesÂ…...Volume 4 Elie Siegmeister Joan Yarbrough, piano; Melissa White, violin; JoAnn Falletta, Conductor; Robert Alemany, clarinet; Paul Freeman, Conductor; Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Louise Toppin, soprano play
Poetry Prelude Richard Thompson Richard Thompson, piano; Darryl Taylor, tenor; Louise Toppin, soprano; Ken Filiano, bass; John Gunther, tenor saxophone; Matt Keeler, drums play
Sence You Went Away Adolphus Hailstork Timothy Jones, baritone; Jorge Parodi, piano; James Patterson, bass-baritone; Cedric Dent, piano; Alvy Powell, bass-baritone; Louise Toppin, piano; Byron Burford, piano; Susan Gray, piano; Patrick O'Donnell, piano; Darryl Taylor, tenor; James Patterson; Michelle Beaton, piano; Christina Clark, soprano; Louise Toppin, soprano; Anita Johnson, soprano; Sam McKelton, tenor; Alvy Powell; Ray Wade, tenor; Timothy Holley, cello play
Somewhere Far Away The Music of Julius Williams Julius P. Williams Desire' Dubose, mezzo-soprano; The Reston Chorale; Fred Wygal, narrator; Louise Toppin, soprano; Julius P. Williams III, tenor; The Winston Salem State University Choir; Roy L. Belfield, piano; Armsted Christian, tenor; Gabrielle Goodson, soprano; Dvorak Symphony Orchestra; Julius P. Williams, Conductor play
William Grant Still: Highway One William Grant Still Ray M. Wade, Jr., tenor; Jamie Nelson, mezzo-soprano; VocalEssence; Ryan French, baritone; Philip Brunelle, Conductor; James Ramlet, bass; Louise Toppin, soprano; Dan Dressen, tenor; St. Olaf Orchestra; Robert Honeysucker, baritone; Linda Zelig, soprano; Steven Amundson, Conductor; Pamela Dillard, mezzo-soprano play
Witness Hale Smith Mary Jane Johnson, soprano; Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Paul Freeman, Conductor; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Louise Toppin, soprano play
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