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"Ain't Gonna Settle Down"

The Pioneering Blues of Mary Stafford & Edith Wilson

Archeophone Records
Jan 1921 — Oct 1930
Mary Stafford and Her Jazz Band; Mary Stafford, voice; (not credited), trumpet; Earl Granstaff, trombone; Nelson Kincaid, clarinet; Nelson Kincaid, alto saxophone; Ben Whitted, clarinet; Ben Whitted, alto saxophone; Charlie Johnson, piano; George Breen, violin; (not credited), trombone; (not credited), clarinet; (not credited), alto saxophone; (not credited), tenor saxophone; (not credited), piano; (not credited), tuba; (not credited), cornet; Buster Bailey, clarinet; (not credited), banjo; Edith Wilson, voice; Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds; Johnny Dunn, trumpet; Garvin Bushell, clarinet; (not credited), violin; Herb Flemming, trombone; Ernest Elliott, clarinet; Ernest Elliott, alto saxophone; Herschel Brassfield, clarinet; Herschel Brassfield, alto saxophone; Dan Wilson, piano; John Mitchell, banjo; Harry Hull, tuba; Will Tyler, violin; Edith Wilson's Jazz Hounds; George Rickson, piano; Elmer Chambers, trumpet; Teddy Nixon, trombone; Don Redman, clarinet; Fletcher Henderson, piano; Charlie Dixon, banjo; Roy Smeck, guitar; Doc Straine, voice; Earres Prince, piano; Charlie Gaines, trumpet; Wilbur de Paris, trombone; Emerson Harper, clarinet; Harry Brooks, piano; Sam Speed, banjo; Bubber Miley and His Mileage Makers; Bubber Miley, trumpet; Ward Pinkett, trumpet; Hilton Jefferson, clarinet; Hilton Jefferson, alto saxophone; Happy Caldwell, tenor saxophone; Earl Frazier, piano; Earl Frazier, celeste; Bernard Addison, banjo; Bernard Addison, guitar; Bill Benford, tuba; Tommy Benford, drums; (not credited), guitar; (not credited), bass

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play Royal Garden Blues 2:58 Clarence Williams; Spencer Williams    
play Crazy Blues 2:57 Perry Bradford    
play I'm Gonna Jazz My Way Right Straight Thru Paradise 3:07 Will E. Skidmore; Marshall Walker    
play Down Where They Play the Blues 3:07 Maceo Pinkard    
play If You Don't Want Me Send Me to My Ma 3:01 Chris Smith; Cecil Mack    
play Strut Miss Lizzie 2:38 Henry Creamer; J. Turner Layton    
play Wild Weeping Blues 3:13 Maceo Pinkard; ____ Williams    
play I've Lost My Heart to the Meanest Girl in Town 3:15 Darl MacBoyle; Max Kortlander    
play Arkansas Blues 3:08 Anton Lada; Spencer Williams    
play Down Home Blues 3:06 Tom Delaney    
play Blind Man Blues 2:50 Billie McLaurin; Green Eddie    
play Monday Morning Blues 2:59 Norfolk Jazz Quartette    
play Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee in the Morning 3:03 Spencer Williams    
play Take Your Finger Off It 2:46 Ambrose Bryan    
play Nervous Blues 3:04 Perry Bradford    
play Vampin' Liza Jane 2:55 Perry Bradford    
play Old Time Blues 2:46 Perry Bradford    
play Frankie 2:45 Perry Bradford    
play I Don't Want Nobody Blues 3:23 Perry Bradford    
play West Texas Blues 2:45 Charles H. Booker    
play Wicked Blues 2:49 Perry Bradford    
play Birmingham Blues 2:59 Charles McCord; Artie Matthews    
play Mammy, I'm Thinking of You 2:44 Perry Bradford    
play Take It 'Cause It's All Yours 3:07 Gus Horsley    
play He May Be Your Man (But He Comes to See Me Sometimes) 3:08 Lemuel Fowler    
play Rules and Regulations "Signed Razor Jim" 3:09 Perry Bradford    
play Lonesome Mama Blues 3:10 Billie Brown; Anna Welker Brown    
play What Do You Care (What I Do) 3:00 Perry Bradford    
play Evil Blues 3:14 Perry Bradford    
play Pensacola Blues (Home Again Croon) 3:19 Spencer Williams    
play Dixie Blues 3:09 ____ McCoy; ____ Hendrix    
play He Used to Be Your Man but He's My Man Now 2:59 Perry Bradford    
play Daddy, Change Your Mind 3:14 Frank Guarente    
play I Don't Know and I Don't Care Blues 3:07 George Brooks    
play How Come You Do Me Like You Do? 2:41 Gene Austin; Roy Bergere    
Edith Wilson, voice; Roy Smeck, guitar, "Alabama Joe"
Jun 1924

play Muscle Shoals Blues 3:26 George W. Thomas    
Edith Wilson, voice; Roy Smeck, guitar, "Alabama Joe"
Jun 1924

play He's a Mean Mean Man, (But He's Good to Me) 3:08 Perry Bradford    
play Double-Crossin' Papa (Don't Double-Cross Me) 2:53 Perry Bradford    
play It's Gonna Be a Cold, Cold Winter 3:06 Porter Grainger; Jo Trent    
Mar 1925

play There'll Be Some Changes Made 3:04 Benton Overstreet; Billy Higgins    
Mar 1925

play (What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue 3:03 Thomas "Fats" Waller; Andy Razaf; Harry Brooks    
play My Man Is Good for Nothing but Love 3:07 Thomas "Fats" Waller; Andy Razaf; Harry Brooks    
play Loving You the Way I Do 3:35 Eubie Blake; Will Morrissey; Jack Scholl    
play Penalty of Love 3:25 Heba Jannath; Donald Heywood    
play My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More 3:38 Eubie Blake; Andy Razaf    
play I'll Get Even With You 3:13 Porter Grainger; Donald Heywood