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Lost Sounds

Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry 1891-1922

Archeophone Records
Jul 1891 — 1922
Unique Quartette; Standard Quartette; Oriole Quartette; Cousins and DeMoss; Sam Cousins; Ed DeMoss; Dinwiddie Colored Quartet; Polk Miller's Old South Quartette; Randall Graves, tenor; Fisk University Jubilee Quartet; John Wesley Work II, tenor; James Andrew Myers, tenor; Alfred Garfield King, bass; Noah Walker Ryder, bass; Apollo Jubilee Quartet; Right Quintette; James W. Loguen, tenor; Clarence Tisdale, tenor; James M. Thomas, baritone; James E. Lightfoot, bass; Leon Adger, piano; Four Harmony Kings; Ivan Browning, tenor; William A. Hann, bass; Charley Case, speaker; George W. Johnson; Louis Vasnier, speaker; Williams and Quinn's Imperial Minstrels Spencer; Len Spencer, speaker; Billy Williams, speaker; Williams and Walker; Bert Williams; George Walker; George W. Johnson, speaker; Bert Williams, baritone; Jack Johnson, speaker; Opal Cooper, tenor; Noble Sissle, tenor; Booker T. Washington, speaker; Thomas Craig, bass; Carroll Clark, baritone; Daisy Tapley, contralto; Roland Hayes, tenor; Harry T. Burleigh, baritone; Edward H.S. Boatner, baritone; Florence Cole-Talbert, soprano; William Leonard King, piano; R. Nathaniel Dett, piano; Clarence Cameron White, violin; Edward Sterling Wright, speaker; Europe's Society Orchestra; Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra; Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra; Seth Jones, baritone; Wilbur Sweatman, clarinet; Emerson Trio; Memphis Pickaninny Band; Eubie Blake Trio; Eubie Blake, piano; Blake's Jazzone Orchestra; Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band; Lieutenant Jim Europe's 369th Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band; Dabney's Band; Handy's Memphis Blues Band

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play Mamma's Black Baby Boy 2:26 Chas. Hunn    
Unique Quartette

play Keep Movin' 2:51    
Standard Quartette

play Who Broke the Lock 2:49    
Standard Quartette
Circa 1895

play Brother Michael, Won't You Hand Down That Rope 2:31    
Oriole Quartette
Circa 1896

play Poor Mourner 2:00    

play Who Broke the Lock 2:14    

play Down on the Old Camp Ground 2:31    
Oct 1902

play Jerusalem Mornin' 2:04    
Nov 1909

play Little David Play on Yo' Harp / Shout All Over God's Heaven 2:46    
play Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 2:42    
Feb 1912

play Shout All Over God's Heaven 2:20    
Feb 1912

play Good News 2:23 Tuskegee Institute Singers    
Aug 1914

play The Rain Song 3:19 Alex Rogers; Will Marion Cook    
play Goodnight Angeline 3:12 Noble Sissle; Eubie Blake    
Circa Jul 1921

play Experiences in the Show Business 3:08    
Charley Case, speaker
Mar 1909

play The Whistling Coon 2:47 Sam Devere    
George W. Johnson
Jul 1891

play Adam and Eve and de Winter Apple 1:06    
Louis Vasnier, speaker, "Brudder Rasmus"
Circa 1893

play The Laughing Song 2:31    
George W. Johnson
Circa 1894 — 1898

play Minstrel First Part, featuring "The Laughing Song" 3:07    
play Listen to the Mocking Bird 1:42 Septimus Winner; Richard Milburn    
George W. Johnson
Nov 1896

play The Laughing Coon 2:22    
George W. Johnson
Circa 1898

play The Whistling Girl 2:31    
George W. Johnson

play My Little Zulu Babe 2:47    
Nov 1901

play Carving the Duck 2:41    
George W. Johnson

play The Merry Mail Man 3:01    
Circa 1906

play Nobody 2:53 Alex Rogers; Bert Williams    
Bert Williams, baritone
May 1906

play My Own Story of the Big Fight (Part I) 3:43    
Jack Johnson, speaker
Jul 1910

play Beans, Beans, Beans 3:09 Chris Smith; Elmer Bowman    
Opal Cooper, tenor
Circa Apr 1917 — May 1917

play Great Camp Meetin' Day 2:39 Gene Mikell; Noble Sissle    
Noble Sissle, tenor

play Atlanta Exposition Speech 3:29    
Dec 1908

play Old Black Joe 1:58 Stephen Foster    
Thomas Craig, bass

play Old Dog Tray 2:49 Stephen Foster    
Carroll Clark, baritone
Circa Mar 1910

play I Surrender All 2:39 Judson W. Van DeVenter; Winfield S. Weeden    
Dec 1910

play Swing Along 3:56 Afro-American Folk Song Singers; Will Marion Cook    
Mar 1914

play Rain Song 3:05 Alex Rogers; Afro-American Folk Song Singers; Will Marion Cook    
Mar 1914

play Exhortation 3:22 Alex Rogers; Will Marion Cook    
play Vesti la Giubba 2:53 Ruggero Leoncavallo    
Roland Hayes, tenor
May 1918

play Go Down Moses 2:03 Traditional; Harry T. Burleigh, arr.    
Circa 1919

play Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child 2:41 Traditional; Harry T. Burleigh, arr.    
Circa 1919

play Villanelle 3:13 Eva Dell'Acqua    
Circa 1919

play Barcarolle 2:45 R. Nathaniel Dett    
Circa 1919

play Lament 3:35 Clarence Cameron White    
Circa 1919

play When de Co'n Pone's Hot / 'Possum 4:16 Paul Laurence Dunbar, Poet    
Oct 1913

play Down Home Rag 3:31 Wilbur Sweatman    
Dec 1913

play Breigeiro 3:59 Ernesto Nazareth    
May 1914

play On the Shore at Le-Lei-Wei 3:46 Henry Kalimar; Herbert Reynolds; Jerome Kern    
Aug 1916

play Down Home Rag 1:26 Wilbur Sweatman    
Circa Dec 1916

play Some Jazz Blues 2:49 M.L. Lake    
Circa Jun 1917

play Sarah from Sahara 2:54 Hugo Frey    
Circa Aug 1917

play The Jazz Dance 3:06 W. Benton Overstreet    
Circa Nov 1917

play Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Doggone Blues But I'm Happy 2:59 Henry Creamer; J. Turner Layton    
Mar 1918

play Darktown Strutter's Ball 2:58 Shelton Brooks    
Circa Mar 1919

play Camp Meeting Blues 2:13 W. T. Carroll    
Dabney's Band
Circa Oct 1919

play St. Louis Blues 3:12 W.C. Handy