Phonographic Yearbook: The 1890s, Vol. 1

Archeophone Records
1893 — 1902

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play El Capitan 2:16 John Philip Sousa    
The Sousa Band
Oct 1897

play New Bully 1:51 John W. Cavanagh; Will C. Carleton    
John W. Myers, baritone
Apr 1896

play She Was Bred in Old Kentucky 2:52 Harry Braisted; Stanley Carter    
George J. Gaskin
Circa 1898

play Sally in Our Alley 1:52 Henry Carey    
play Thunderer 2:16 John Philip Sousa    
Gilmore's Band
Circa 1899 — 1900

play At a Georgia Camp Meeting 2:34 Kerry Mills    
Dan W. Quinn, tenor
Circa 1898

play Mocking Bird 2:08 Septimus Winner; Richard Milburn    
Circa 1893

play Casey as a Doctor 1:55 Russell Hunting    
Russell Hunting
Mar 1897

play My Old Kentucky Home 2:47 Stephen Foster    
play In the Gloaming 2:08 Annie Fortesque Harrison; Meta Orred    
Roger Harding, tenor
Jul 1897

play Night Alarm 2:34 Harry J. Lincoln; Edward Taylor Paull, arr.    
Circa 1898

play Whistling Coon 1:57 Sam Devere    
George W. Johnson
Nov 1896

play Sweet Marie 1:33 Cy Warman; Raymon Moore    
Ada Jones
Circa 1893 — 1894

play Band Played On 1:45 John E. Palmer; Charles B. Ward    
Dan W. Quinn, tenor
Nov 1895

play I Guess I'll Have to Telegraph My Baby 1:45 George M. Cohan    
Edward M. Favor
Mar 1899

play Directorate March 2:38 John Philip Sousa    
U.S. Marine Band
Circa 1896

play My Old New Hampshire Home 2:42 Andrew B. Sterling; Harry Von Tilzer    
Jere Mahoney, tenor
Circa 1898

play Just Break the News to Mother 1:53 Charles K. Harris    
George J. Gaskin
Apr 1899

play Uncle Josh in a Chinese Laundry 2:05 Cal Stewart    
Cal Stewart
Circa 1900 — 1901

play Turkey in the Straw 1:45    
Billy Golden
Dec 1896

play I'd Leave My Happy Home for You 1:52 Will A. Heelan; Harry Von Tilzer    
Arthur Collins
Nov 1899

play Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee 2:32 Harry Braisted; Stanley Carter    
John J. Fisher, bass
Circa 1899 — 1902

play Washington Post March 2:08 John Philip Sousa    
The Sousa Band
Oct 1897

play In the Baggage Coach Ahead 2:38 Gussie L. Davis    
Steve Porter, baritone
Circa 1899 — 1900

play O Promise Me 2:20 Clement Scott; Reginald De Koven    
Edward Franklin
Circa 1899 — 1900

play I'm Old but I'm Awfully Tough 2:36 Cal Stewart    
Cal Stewart

play Yankee Doodle 2:03 Traditional; Vess L. Ossman, arr.    
Vess L. Ossman, banjo
Jun 1897

play Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill 2:07    
George J. Gaskin
Apr 1899

play Crappy Dan 2:28 Charles Trevathan    
Circa 1897

play Laughing Song 2:17 George W. Johnson; Frank Banta, arr.    
George W. Johnson
Circa 1902