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Charles Tomlinson Griffes
Paul Freeman Introduces. . .Volume 2

David N. Baker
Paul Freeman IntroducesÂ… Volume 8

Richard Felciano
Richard Felciano: Chamber Works

Richard Felciano
Richard Felciano: Vocal Music
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Music of Richard Felciano Richard Felciano David Subke, flute; Donald O'Brien, clarinet; Robert Bloch, violin; Beverly Bellows, harp; Bonnie Hampton, cello; Naomi Sparrow, piano; Lawrence Blackshere, percussion; Richard Felciano, Conductor; Nancy Turetzky, piccolo; Nancy Turetzky, alto flute; Bertram Turetzky, bass; Milton Salkind, piano; Peggy Salkind, piano; Philadelphia Composers' Forum; Eric Rosenblith, violin; Marcy DeCou, cello; Jack Kulowitch, bass; Arthur Maddox, piano; Michael Sirotta, percussion; David Woodhill, percussion; Romulus Franceschini, electronics; Joel Thome, Conductor play
Paul Freeman Introduces. . .Volume 2 Charles Tomlinson Griffes Paul Freeman, Conductor; Louise Toppin, soprano; Jean-Michel Bertelli, clarinet; Czech National Symphony Orchestra play
Paul Freeman IntroducesÂ… Volume 8 David N. Baker Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Paul Freeman, Conductor play
Richard Felciano: Chamber Works Richard Felciano Peter Josheff, clarinet; Nancy Turetzky, bass flute; Nancy Turetzky, alto flute; Mike McCurdy, percussion; Jean-Louis LeRoux, Conductor; Stephen Harrison, cello; Nancy Turetzky, flute; Nancy Turetzky, piccolo; Joan Nagano, piano; Roy Malan, violin; Sarah Cahill, piano; Barbara Chaffe, flute; Bertram Turetzky, double bass; Julie Ann Giacobassi, English horn; Anne Adams, harp; Song-A Cho, violin; Jane Galante, piano; The Stony Brook Chamber Players; Paige Riggs, cello; Mario Guarneri, trumpet; Janet Ketchum, flute; Jennifer Stirling, viola; Janet Ketchum, piccolo; Jeremy Bell, violin; Janet Ketchum, alto flute play
Richard Felciano: Vocal Music Richard Felciano Anna Carol Dudley, soprano; Judy Hubbell, soprano; Judith Nelson, soprano; Carol Adee, flute; Deena Grossman, flute; Sharon Keith, flute; Marvin Klebe, baritone; Laurence Moe, organ; Peter Maund, percussion; Richard Felciano, Conductor; Chamber Chorus of the University of California Berkeley; Philip Brett, Conductor; Christopher Lowrey, countertenor; Harp & Vocal Ensemble of Cass Technical High School; Meredith Stone, soprano; Virginia Spicer, flute; Catherine Lange-Jensen, violin; Randy Max, percussion play
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