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Randy Hostetler
Randy Hostetler: Happily Ever After

Richard Povall
Richard Povall: Impossible Rags

Robert Ashley
Robert Ashley: Superior Seven/Tract

Sorrel Hays
Sorrel Hays: Dreaming the World

Tom Erbe

Zeljko McMullen
Zeljko McMullen: disorder
albums (27) works (12) tracks (105)
title composer artists/ensemble play
Randy Hostetler: Happily Ever After Randy Hostetler Randy Hostetler, electronic processing play
Richard Povall: Impossible Rags Richard Povall Richard Povall, electronic processing; Richard Povall, electronics play
Robert Ashley: Superior Seven/Tract Robert Ashley Tom Hamilton, electronic processing; Robert Ashley, synthesizer; Robert Ashley, computer; Nathaniel Reichman, synthesizer; Nathaniel Reichman, computer; Tom Hamilton, computer; Barbara Held, computer; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Tom Hamilton, synthesizer play
Sorrel Hays: Dreaming the World Sorrel Hays Eric Kivnick, percussion; Charles Wood, percussion; Maya Gunji, percussion; John Kennedy, percussion; Joseph Kubera, piano; Marilyn Ries, electronic processing; Ariadne String Quartet; John Schaffer, voice; Jennifer Lopez, voice; Sal Basile, voice; Jai Smith, percussion; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Brian Charles, oboe play
The Skein: Cities and Eyes Andrea Parkins Andrea Parkins, electric accordion; Andrea Parkins, effects; Andrea Parkins, samples; Andrea Parkins, electronic processing; Andrea Parkins, synthesizer; Andrea Parkins, piano; Andrea Parkins, voice; Jessica Constable, voice; Jessica Constable, electronics play
Trios Tom Erbe Christian Wolff, bass; Christian Wolff, piano; Christian Wolff, percussion; Chris Mann, voice; Tom Erbe, electronic processing; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Larry Polansky, fretless electric guitar; Douglas Repetto, electronics; Douglas Repetto, computer; Christian Wolff, melodica play
Zeljko McMullen: disorder Zeljko McMullen Zeljko McMullen, piano; Zeljko McMullen, mandolin; Zeljko McMullen, violin; Zeljko McMullen, percussion; Zeljko McMullen, synthesizer; Zeljko McMullen, electronic processing play
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