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Jim Hobbs
Aych: As the Crow Flies

Leonel Kaplan
Birgit Ulher & Leonel Kaplan: Stereo Trumpet

Liz Allbee
Bogan Ghost: Zerfall

Jemeel Moondoc
Jemeel Moondoc/Connie Crothers: Two

Joëlle Léandre
Joëlle Léandre/Jérôme Bourdellon: Evidence

Joe Morris
Joe Morris/Agusti Fernandez/Nate Wooley: From The Discrete To The Particular
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Aych: As the Crow Flies Jim Hobbs Jim Hobbs, alto saxophone; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet; Mary Halvorson, electric guitar; Aych play
Birgit Ulher & Leonel Kaplan: Stereo Trumpet Leonel Kaplan Leonel Kaplan, trumpet; Birgit Ulher, trumpet; Birgit Ulher, radio; Birgit Ulher, speaker; Birgit Ulher, objects play
Bogan Ghost: Zerfall Liz Allbee Bogan Ghost; Liz Allbee, trumpet; Anthea Caddy, cello play
Chris Abrahams and Magda Mayas: Gardener Magda Mayas Chris Abrahams, piano; Chris Abrahams, harpsichord; Chris Abrahams, harmonium; Magda Mayas, piano; Magda Mayas, harpsichord; Magda Mayas, harmonium play
Greg Cohen: Golden State Greg Cohen Greg Cohen, bass; Bill Frisell, guitar play
Halvorson/Knuffke/Wilson: Sifter Kirk Knuffke Kirk Knuffke, cornet; Matt Wilson, drums; Mary Halvorson, guitar play
Jack Wright/Ben Wright: As If Anything Could Be The Same Jack Wright Jack Wright, soprano saxophone; Jack Wright, alto saxophone; Ben Wright, bass play
Jemeel Moondoc/Connie Crothers: Two Jemeel Moondoc Jemeel Moondoc, alto saxophone; Connie Crothers, piano play
Joëlle Léandre/Jérôme Bourdellon: Evidence Joëlle Léandre Joëlle Léandre, contrabass; Jérôme Bourdellon, contrabass flute; Jérôme Bourdellon, flute; Jérôme Bourdellon, bass flute; Jérôme Bourdellon, bass clarinet; Jérôme Bourdellon, piccolo play
Joe Morris/Agusti Fernandez/Nate Wooley: From The Discrete To The Particular Joe Morris Joe Morris, guitar; Agusti Fernandez, piano; Nate Wooley, trumpet play
Joelle Leandre/Phillip Greenlief: That Overt Desire Of Object Joëlle Léandre Joëlle Léandre, contrabass; Joëlle Léandre, voice; Phillip Greenlief, clarinet; Phillip Greenlief, soprano saxophone; Phillip Greenlief, alto saxophone; Phillip Greenlief, tenor saxophone; Phillip Greenlief, voice play
Joey Baron: Just Listen Benny Goodman Bill Frisell, guitar; Joey Baron, drums play
Michael Bisio/Matthew Shipp: Floating Ice Matthew Shipp Matthew Shipp, piano; Michael Bisio, bass play
Paul Flaherty/Randall Colbourne: Ironic Havoc Paul Flaherty Paul Flaherty, tenor saxophone; Paul Flaherty, alto saxophone; Randall Colbourne, drums play
Urs Leimgruber/Roger Turner Duo: The Pancake Tour Urs Leimgruber Urs Leimgruber, tenor saxophone; Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone; Roger Turner, percussion play
Vinny Golia Quartet: Take Your Time Vinny Golia Vinny Golia, alto saxophone; Vinny Golia, tenor saxophone; Vinny Golia, soprano saxophone; Bobby Bradford, cornet; Ken Filiano, bass; Alex Cline, drums play
Vinny Golia/Urs Leimgruber: Empiricism Of The West Vinny Golia Vinny Golia, bass flute; Vinny Golia, soprillo saxophone; Vinny Golia, sopranino saxophone; Vinny Golia, bass saxophone; Vinny Golia, clarinet; Vinny Golia, contralto clarinet; Urs Leimgruber, tenor saxophone; Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone play
Way Out Northwest: The White Spot John Butcher John Butcher, tenor saxophone; John Butcher, soprano saxophone; Torsten Muller, bass; Dylan van der Schyff, drums play
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