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Brian Fennelly
Music of Brian Fennelly
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Harbison/Johnson/Pleskow Raoul Pleskow Fred Sherry, cello; Allan Dean, trumpet; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Karl Kraber, flute; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Gilbert Kalish, piano; Walter Ponce, piano; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Frederic Rzewski, celesta; Arthur Bloom, clarinet; Alvin Brehm, bass; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Paul Dunkel, flute; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Robert Miller, piano; Barry Benjamin, horn play
Modern Music played by the Dorian Woodwind Quintet Peter Pindar Stearns Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Barry Benjamin, horn; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Karl Kraber, flute; Dorian Woodwind Quintet play
Music of Brian Fennelly Brian Fennelly Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra; Joel Eric Suben, Conductor; Fred Sherry, cello; Da Capo Chamber Players; Helen Harbison, cello; Joel Lester, violin; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Patricia Spencer, alto flute; Edward Murray, Conductor; Dorian Woodwind Quintet; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Karl Kraber, flute; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Barry Benjamin, horn play
Trythall/Hudson/McClellan Joe Hudson Ursula Oppens, piano; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Joseph Anderer, horn; Paul Lustig Dunkel, flute; Rolf Schulte, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Jane Taylor, bassoon; David Shulman, Conductor; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Karl Kraber, flute; Joseph Passaro, percussion; Dorian Woodwind Quintet play
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