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Martin Brody
Collage New Music Performs Martin Brody

Irwin Bazelon
Music of Irwin Bazelon

Judith Shatin
Music of Judith Shatin & Peter Child
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Collage New Music Performs Martin Brody Martin Brody Elizabeth Keusch, soprano; Collage New Music; Jessi Rosinski, flute; Peggy Pearson, oboe; Robert Annis, clarinet; Catherine French, violin; Anne Black, viola; Joel Moerschel, cello; James Orleans, bass; Ann Hobson Pilot, harp; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Frank Epstein, percussion; Craig McNutt, percussion; David Hoose, Conductor; Janice Felty, mezzo-soprano; Christopher Kreuger, flute; Steven Jackson, clarinet; Ronan Lefkowitz, violin; Benjamin Levy, bass; Donald Berman, piano; Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano; Kate Vincent, viola play
Music of Irwin Bazelon Irwin Bazelon Joel Moerschel, cello; Julie Scolnik, alto flute; Julie Scolnik, flute; Robert Annis, bass clarinet; Robert Annis, clarinet; Julie Scolnik, piccolo; Wanda Maximilien, piano; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Ronan Lefkowitz, viola; Frank Epstein, percussion; Charles Fussell, Conductor; Joan Heller, soprano; Collage New Music; Harold Farberman, Conductor; Maurice Murphy, trumpet; London Philharmonic Orchestra play
Music of Judith Shatin & Peter Child Judith Shatin James Orleans, bass; Renee Siebert, flute; Prism Chamber Orchestra; Robert Black, Conductor; Ariel Quintet; Clare Nielsen, flute; Charlyn Bethell, oboe; Rebecca Leonard, clarinet; Ellen Donohue-Saltman, French horn; Tracy McGinnis, bassoon; Peggy Pearson, oboe; Collage New Music; James Cook, violin; Fredric T. Cohen, oboe; James Orleans, bass; Randolph Bowman, flute; Robert Annis, clarinet; Ronan Lefkowitz, violin; Joel Moerschel, cello; Frank Epstein, percussion; Joan Heller, soprano; Roberto Diaz, viola; Christopher Oldfather, piano; David Hoose, Conductor play
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