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Martin Brody
Collage New Music Performs Martin Brody

James Bolle
James Bolle: Late Works

John Luther Adams
John Luther Adams: Songbird Songs

Peter Gilbert
Peter Gilbert: The Bold Arch of Undreamt Bridges
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Collage New Music Performs Martin Brody Martin Brody Elizabeth Keusch, soprano; Collage New Music; Jessi Rosinski, flute; Peggy Pearson, oboe; Robert Annis, clarinet; Catherine French, violin; Anne Black, viola; Joel Moerschel, cello; James Orleans, bass; Ann Hobson Pilot, harp; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Frank Epstein, percussion; Craig McNutt, percussion; David Hoose, Conductor; Janice Felty, mezzo-soprano; Christopher Kreuger, flute; Steven Jackson, clarinet; Ronan Lefkowitz, violin; Benjamin Levy, bass; Donald Berman, piano; Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano; Kate Vincent, viola play
James Bolle: Late Works James Bolle Christopher Gross, cello; Robert Black, bass; Jessi Rosinski, flute; Christina McGann, violin; Elizabeth Weisser, viola; Stephen Miahky, violin; Basil Reeve, oboe; David Fulmer, violin; Ben Ullery, viola; Nicholas Gleason, percussion play
John Luther Adams: Songbird Songs John Luther Adams Callithumpian Consort; Jessi Rosinski, piccolo; Jessi Rosinski, ocarina; Benjamin Smolen, piccolo; Benjamin Smolen, ocarina; Nana Aomori, piccolo; Jeffrey Means, percussion; George Nickson, percussion; Joseph LaPalomento, percussion; Daniel Zawodniak, percussion; Aziz Bernard-Luce, percussion; Stephen Olsen, celesta; Gabriela Diaz, violin; Stephen Drury, Conductor; New England Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble; Bianca Garcia, piccolo; TJ Wibble, piccolo; Stephanie Cambra, flute; Lisa Conley, flute; Hyuncheong Park, flute; Jessi Rosinski, alto flute; Robert Myers, alto flute; Nana Aomori, bass flute; John Heiss, Conductor play
Peter Gilbert: The Bold Arch of Undreamt Bridges Peter Gilbert White Rabbit; Eric Hewitt, Conductor; Peter Gilbert, electronics; Jessi Rosinski, flute; Elizabeth England, oboe; Michael Norsworthy, clarinet; Michelle Keem, bassoon; Sarah Botham, horn; Fred Sienckiewicz, trumpet; Daniel Linden, trombone; Samuel Solomon, percussion; Aaron Trant, percussion; Gabriela Diaz, violin; Kristen Swanson, violin; Sarah Darling, viola; Benjamin Schwartz, cello; Stephen Pfeiffer, contrabass; Philipp Staudlin, alto saxophone; Jennifer Bleick, flute; Laura Sabo, clarinet; Jeb Wallace, horn; Kirsten Yon, violin; Craig Leffer, cello; Cicilia Yudha, piano; Orianna Webb, Conductor; Mario Caroli, flute; Philipp Staudlin, soprano saxophone; Adam Smith, bassoon; Mark Emery, trumpet; Karl Williams, percussion; Emily Rome, viola; Alexei Gonzales, cello play
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