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Phonographic Yearbook: 1909

"Talk of Your Scand'lous Times"

Archeophone Records
1908 — Oct 1909

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play Good Evening, Caroline! 2:44 Jack Norworth; Albert Von Tilzer    
Nov 1908

play The Right Church, but the Wrong Pew 2:49 Chris Smith; Cecil Mack    

play Shine On, Harvest Moon 2:44 Jack Norworth; Nora Bayes    
Dec 1908

play Beautiful Isle of Somewhere 2:56 J. S. Fearis; Jessie Brown Pounds    
Harold Jarvis, tenor
May 1908

play I’ve Got Rings on My Fingers 2:52 Fred J. Barnes; R. P. Weston; Maurice Scott    
Ada Jones, soprano

play Yip! I Adee! I Aye 2:46 Will D. Cobb; John H. Flynn    
Blanche Ring
Mar 1909

play I Love, I Love, I Love My Wife, But Oh You Kid 2:49 Jimmie Lucas; Harry Von Tilzer    

play Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares 2:06 Charles K. Harris    

play My Cousin Caruso 2:45 Edward Madden; Gus Edwards    
Billy Murray, tenor
May 1909

play Down Among the Sugar Cane 2:42 Charles Hart; Dan Avery; Chris Smith; Cecil Mack    
Dec 1908

play Lonesome 2:06 George W. Meyer    
Byron G. Harlan, tenor

play To the End of the World with You 3:05 David Reed; George Graff, Jr.; Ernest R. Ball    
Henry Burr, tenor
Feb 1909

play Fairest of the Fair March 3:01 John Philip Sousa    
The Sousa Band
Oct 1908

play The Yama–Yama Man 2:51 Karl L. Hoschna; Collin Davis    
May 1909

play She’s My Daisy 4:14 Harry Lauder; J. D. Harper    
Harry Lauder

play I’ve Got Rings on My Fingers 2:28 Fred J. Barnes; R. P. Weston; Maurice Scott    
Blanche Ring
Jun 1909

play In the Garden of My Heart 2:16 Caro Roma; Ernest R. Ball    
Circa May 1909

play My Pony Boy 2:44 Bobby Heath; Charley O'Donnell    
play It Looks Like a Big Night To-Night 2:23 Harry Williams; Egbert van Alstyne    
Clarice Vance
Jan 1909

play Beautiful Eyes 2:03 George Whiting; Carter De Haven; Ted Snyder    
Ada Jones, soprano

play That’s a Plenty 2:57 Henry Creamer; Bert Williams    

play Shine On, Harvest Moon 2:05 Jack Norworth; Nora Bayes    

play My Wife’s Gone to the Country, Hurrah! Hurrah! 2:38 Irving Berlin; George Whiting; Ted Snyder    

play Wild Cherry Rag 2:53 Irving Berlin; Ted Snyder    
Eddie Morton, baritone

play I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now 3:15 Frank R. Adams; Will M. Hough; Joseph E. Howard    
Henry Burr, tenor

play I Wish I Had a Girl 2:52 Gus Kahn; Grace Le Boy    
Harry Tally, tenor

play Take Me Up with You, Dearie 3:01 Junie McCree; Albert Von Tilzer    
play Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet 2:49 Stanley Murphy; Percy Wenrich