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Chou Wen-Chung
Works by Chou Wen-Chung
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Made In America - The Complete Works of William Russell William Russell Judith Gordon, sheet metal; Eric Kivnick, triangle; John Kennedy, lion's roar; John Kennedy, alarm bells; Charles Wood, metronome; Peter Cooper, gong; Eric Kivnick, lion's roar; John Kennedy, gong; Maya Gunji, woodblock; John Redsecker, suitcase; Eric Kivnick, washtub bass; John Kennedy, woodblock; Charles Wood, tin cans; Eric Kivnick, gong; Maya Gunji, tom-tom; Eric Kivnick, rada drum; Peter Cooper, acons; Eleanor Sandresky, piano; John Kennedy, tin cans; Charles Wood, firecrackers; Charles Wood, found object drum kit; Maya Gunji, suitcase; Maya Gunji, ratchet; John Kennedy, firecrackers; Peter Cooper, alarm bells; Eric Kivnick, pipes; Eric Kivnick, brake drums; Maya Gunji, acons; Lawrence Spivack, rada drum; Charles Wood, bass drum; Charles Wood, steel bar; John Kennedy, rada drum; Eric Kivnick, cymbals; Maya Gunji, xylophone; Eric Kivnick, drums; John Kennedy, tom-tom; Maya Gunji, cymbals; Eric Kivnick, woodblock; Charles Wood, Conductor; Eric Charlston, xylophone; John Kennedy, tympani; Essential Music; Lawrence Spivack, triangle; Judith Gordon, piano; Eric Kivnick, bass drum; Jeff Milarsky, glockenspiel; Peter Cooper, cymbals; John Kennedy, metals; John Kennedy, Jack Daniels Bottle; Maya Gunji, guiro; John Kennedy, slide whistle; John Redsecker, drums; Eleanor Sandresky, celesta; Laurie Frink, trumpet; John Kennedy, washboard; John Kennedy, bass drum; Eric Kivnick, cowbell; Peter Cooper, guiro; Eric Kivnick, bongos; Maya Gunji, cowbell; John Kennedy, claves; John Kennedy, quijada; Maya Gunji, maracas; Charles Wood, marimbula; Maya Gunji, snare drum play
Works by Chou Wen-Chung Chou Wen-Chung Frank Cassara, percussion; William Trigg, percussion; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Jim Baker, percussion; Mary Rowell, violin; William Wrzesien, clarinet; Robert Ingliss, English horn; Hugh Hinton, piano; Judith Pearce, alto flute; Ron Borror, trombone; Hugh Eddy, trombone; Donald Hayward, bass trombone; Raymond Mase, trumpet; Christopher Oldfather, piano; William Purvis, horn; Richard Pittman, Conductor; Ronald Lowry, cello; Paul Guerguerian, percussion; Victoria Drake, harp; Elizabeth Brown, flute; New Music Consort; Michael Lipsey, percussion; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Speculum Musicae; Marcia Butler, oboe; Ethan Silverman, bassoon; Donald Palma, Conductor; Boston Musica Viva; Nancy Cirillo, violin; Eric Charlston, percussion play
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