Cover for Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936
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Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936

Tompkins Square
Earl McCoy, voice; Earl McCoy, steel guitar; Alfred Meng, voice; Alfred Meng, guitar; Clem Garner, voice; Clem Garner, guitar; David McCarn, voice; David McCarn, guitar; Allen Brothers; Austin Allen, voice; Austin Allen, banjo; Lee Allen, guitar; Lee Allen, kazoo; John Carson, violin; John Carson, voice; Oscar Ford, voice; Bert Layne, violin; Riley Puckett, guitar; Lowe Stokes, violin; Earl Johnson, voice; Earl Johnson, violin; Bill Henson, voice; Bill Henson, guitar; Harry McClintock, voice; Harry McClintock, guitar; Red Gay, voice; Red Gay, violin; Jack Wellman, voice; Jack Wellman, guitar; Oscar Grogan, voice; Darby & Tarlton; Jimmie Tarlton, voice; Jimmie Tarlton, steel guitar; Tom Darby, voice; Tom Darby, guitar; Buell Kazee, voice; Buell Kazee, banjo; Paul Cofer, voice; Paul Cofer, violin; Leon Cofer, voice; Leon Cofer, banjo; Ben Evans, guitar; Georgia Crackers; Gid Tanner and Band; Gid Tanner, voice; Gid Tanner, violin; Fate Norris, voice; Fate Norris, banjo; Melvin Dupree, voice; Melvin Dupree, guitar; North Carolina Hawaiians; Bill Chitwood and His Georgia Mountaineers; Bill Chitwood, violin; Bud Landress, voice; Bud Landress, banjo; Carolina Ramblers String Band; Steve Ledford, voice; Steve Ledford, violin; Taft Ledford, voice; Taft Ledford, violin; David Nicholson, banjo; Audie Rodgers, guitar; Cherokee Ramblers; Bill Gatins, jug; Skinny Anglin, harmonica; Bill Power, banjo; Walter Kite, guitar; Herschel Brown and His Boys; Herschel Brown, voice; L.K. Sentell, voice; Charlie Wilson and His Hayloft Gang; Charlie Wilson, voice; Charlie Wilson, violin; Roy Hobbs, voice; Roy Hobbs, mandolin; Asa Martin, voice; Asa Martin, guitar; Aiken County String Band; Whit Gaydon, voice; Whit Gaydon, violin; Hack String Band; Melvin Bethel, mandolin; Bill Brown, guitar; James Brown, violin; Walter Cobb, banjo; Gene Garrett, bass; Virgil Garrett, violin; Eugene Hack, jazzhorn; Dewey Grace, guitar; Tennessee Ramblers; Bill Sievers, violin; Mack Sievers, voice; Mack Sievers, banjo; Willie Sievers, guitar; Gid Tanner, banjo; Happy Four; Jeff Chastain, voice; Jes Ballew, voice; Jes Ballew, guitar; Lee Campbell, voice; Lee Campbell, harmonica; Mcdonald Quartette; Alvin McDonald, voice; Ralph McDonald, voice; W.E. Smithmire, voice; Dixon Brothers; Dorsey Dixon, voice; Dorsey Dixon, guitar; Howard Dixon, voice; Howard Dixon, steel guitar; Georgia Yellow Hammers; Bud Landress, violin; Clyde Evans, voice; Clyde Evans, guitar; Ernest Moody, voice; Ernest Moody, banjo; Phil Reeve, voice; Phil Reeve, guitar; Corley Family; Presley Corley, voice; Emma Corley, voice; Lorna Doone Corley, voice; Katherine Corley, voice; Fields Ward and the Grayson County Railsplitters; Fields Ward, voice; Fields Ward, guitar; Ernest V. Stoneman, voice; Ernest V. Stoneman, harmonica; Eck Dunford, voice; Eck Dunford, violin; Sid Harkreader, voice; Sid Harkreader, violin; Grady Moore, voice; Grady Moore, guitar; Kentucky Holiness Singers; Snowball and Sunshine; James H. Dodgen, voice; Mary Pace Kimbrough Dodgen, voice; Alfred Karnes, voice; Alfred Karnes, harp guitar; Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers; Ernest Phipps, voice; Avery G. Baker, voice; Minnie Phipps, voice; Nora Byrley, voice; Alfred G. Karnes, guitar; Roland N. Johnson, violin; Ancil L. McVay, mandolin; Eula Johnson, banjo; Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers; Robert Crowder Grigg, voice; Robert Crowder Grigg, violin; Lorene Grigg, mandolin; Ione Grigg, guitar; Ausie B. Grigg, bass; Clavie Taylor, voice; Red Brush Singers; G.P. Harris, voice; G.P. Harris, violin

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play 'John Henry The Steel Drivin'' Man' 3:25 Earl McCoy    
play Poor Man, Rich Man 3:01 David McCarn    
play 'I''ve Got The Chain Store Blues' 3:25 Austin Allen    
play The Farmer Is The Man Who Feeds Them All 3:08 John Carson    
play 'The Farmer''s Dream' 3:06 Oscar Ford    
play When The Roses Bloom Again For The Bootlegger 3:33 Earl Johnson    
play Jerry, Go Ile That Car 2:41 Harry McClintock    
play Flat Wheel Train Blues Part One 3:22 Red Gay    
play Flat Wheel Train Blues Part Two 3:09 Red Gay    
play Driving Saw Logs On The Plover 3:12 Pierre La Dieu    
Oscar Grogan, voice

play All Bound Down In Texas 3:02 Jimmie Tarlton    
play Poor Boy Long Ways From Home 3:01 Buell Kazee    
play Diamond Joe 3:05 Paul Cofer    
play 'Work Don''t Bother Me' 3:30 Gid Tanner    
play 'Soldier''s Joy' 2:43    
play Fourth Of July At The Country Fair 3:28 Bill Chitwood    
play 'McDonald''s Farm' 2:54 Warren Caplinger    

play Barnyard Frolic 2:51 Steve Ledford    
play Home Brew Rag 2:53 Bill Gatins    
play Corn-Shucking Party In Georgia 3:18 Herschel Brown    
play The Beer Party 3:15 Charlie Wilson    
play Charleston Rag 2:49    
play Tennessee Coon Hunt 2:55 Whit Gaydon    
play Too Tight Rag 2:53 Melvin Bethel    
play 'Cheat ''Em' 3:01 Austin Allen    
play Hide Away 3:08 Oscar Ford    
play The Preacher Got Drunk And Laid Down His Bible 2:51 Bill Sievers    
play 'You''ve Got To Stop Drinking Shine' 3:04 Gid Tanner    

play Climbing The Golden Stairs 2:57 Jeff Chastain    
play Oh Declare His Glory 3:07 Alvin McDonald    
play Easter Day 3:01 Dorsey Dixon    
play 'I''m S-A-V-E-D' 2:59 Bud Landress    
play Way To Glory Land 2:43 Presley Corley    
play You Must Be A Lover Of The Lord 2:47 Fields Ward    
play 'The Gambler''s Dying Words' 3:09 Sid Harkreader    
play 'I''m On My Way' 3:12    
play Leave It There 3:04 James Dodgen    
play 'Where We''ll Never Grow Old' 3:17 Alfred Karnes    
play If The Light Has Gone Out Of Your Soul 3:01 Ernest Phipps    
play When The Moon Drips Away Into The Blood 2:26 Robert Crowder Grigg    
play Beyond The Starry Plane 3:10    
Red Brush Singers

play My Christian Friends In Bonds Of Love 3:13 G.P. Harris