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John Alden Carpenter

Hale Smith
Music of Hale Smith

Irwin Bazelon
Music of Irwin Bazelon

Phillip Rhodes
Vocal Music of Rhodes, Smith, Ronsheim & Mamlok
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Carpenter/Gilbert/Powell/Weiss John Alden Carpenter Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra; Zita Carno, piano; Calvin Simmons, Conductor; Lawrence Foster, Conductor play
Music of Hale Smith Hale Smith The Kulas Chamber Ensemble; The Kulas Choir; Boston Musica Viva; Jan Mueller-Szeraws, cello; Renee Krimsier, flute; Dean Anderson, percussion; Geoffrey Burleson, piano; William Wrzesien, clarinet; Mary Ruth Ray, viola; Bayla Keyes, violin; Richard Pittman, Conductor; Dr. Ira Wiggins, saxophone; Timothy Holley, cello; Anton Nanut, Conductor; Slovenic Symphony Orchestra; Hilda Harris, soprano; Zita Carno, piano; Kerry Krebill, Conductor; Alexandria Choral Society; Mark Husey, piano; Natalie Hinderas, piano; Robert Shaw, Conductor play
Music of Irwin Bazelon Irwin Bazelon Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra; Izler Solomon, Conductor; Herb Bushler, electric bass; Tom Pearson, electric organ; Dave Friedman, percussion; Herbert Harris, percussion; Tom Mitchell, trombone; Chauncey Welsch, trombone; Dick San Filippo, trumpet; Ray Crisara, trumpet; Joe Wilder, trumpet; Dick Berg, French horn; Harvey Estrin, alto saxophone; Harvey Estrin, flute; Harvey Estrin, clarinet; Gene Bertoncini, electric guitar; Zita Carno, electric piano; John Kasica, percussion; Irwin Bazelon, Conductor; Karen Phillips, viola; Glenn Jacobson, piano; Colin Walcott, percussion; Walter Rosenberger, percussion; Arnie Lang, percussion; Gordon Gottlieb, percussion; Raymond DesRoches, percussion; Richard Fitz, percussion play
Vocal Music of Rhodes, Smith, Ronsheim & Mamlok Phillip Rhodes Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Speculum Musicae String Quartet; Eugene Drucker, violin; Daniel Reed, violin; John Graham, viola; Fred Sherry, cello; Hilda Harris, soprano; Zita Carno, piano; Jan DeGaetani, mezzo-soprano; Raymond Des Roches, vibraphone; Harvey Sollberger, flute play
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