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Robert Ashley
Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-1966

Richard Maxfield
Oak of the Golden Dreams: Works by Richard Maxfield and Harold Budd
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Music from the ONCE Festival 1961-1966 Robert Ashley Joseph Wehrer, reader; Donald Scavards, piano; John Morgan, clarinet; Arthur Follows, cello; Jean Harter, viola; Terry Jennings, saxophone; Anne Aitchison, flute; Michael von Biel, cello; Edith Perrow, violin; Tom Asboth, clarinet; Anne Speer, flute; David Maves; Robert Pozar; James Ferguson, trombone; Karl Wirt, trombone; Russell Peck, trombone; Anne Wehrer, reader; Cynthia Liddell, reader; George Cacioppo, reader; Harold Borkin, reader; Mary Ashley, reader; David Tudor, electronics; Philip Corner, bass trombone; Richard Reynolds, French horn; Jack Brooks, cello; ONCE Festival Orchestra; Max Neuhaus, percussion; John Moses, clarinet; Richard Lowenthal, trumpet; David Sutherland, Conductor; ONCE Chamber Ensemble; Karen Lovejoy, soprano; Dick Tilkin, percussion; Kenneth Snipes, oboe; Josef Marx, oboe; Bertram Turetzky, double bass; Jack O'Brien; Philip Krumm, flute; Kenneth Miesen, trombone; ONCE Chamber Orchestra; Kay Maves, French horn; Donald Bohlen, piano; Karen Hill, piccolo; Peggy Ericson, soprano; Hartt Chamber Players; Edwin London, Conductor; Camerata Quartet of New York City; Larry Leitch, piano; Bob James, piano; Lana Lou Nail, violin; Karin Fierce, violin; Nancy Turetzky, flute; Wayne Dunlap, Conductor; William Albright, clarinet play
Oak of the Golden Dreams: Works by Richard Maxfield and Harold Budd Richard Maxfield Nicholas Roussakis, clarinet; Terry Jennings, saxophone; Robert Block, prepared violin; Fahrad Machkat, violin; Edward Fields; Charles Orena, soprano saxophone; David Tudor, piano; Harold Budd, Buchla electronic music system play
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