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David Hurley
David Hurley: Outer Nebula Inner Nebula

Daniel Decatur Emmett
The Early Minstrel Show

Chester Biscardi
Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan

Gavin Bryars
The Marvellous Aphorisms Of Gavin Bryars: The Early Years
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David Hurley: Outer Nebula Inner Nebula David Hurley David Hurley, claves; David Hurley, vibraphone; David Hurley, bamboo flute; David Hurley, reong; David Hurley, marimba; David Hurley, piano; David Hurley, flute; David Hurley, bongos; Ousmane Traore, tambourine; Leonard Mack II, shakers; David Hurley, gong; David Hurley, recorder; David Hurley, double reed horn; Brian Ellis, violin; David Hurley, bells; David Hurley, Moog synthesizer; David Hurley, balaphone; David Hurley, congas; David Hurley, shakers; David Hurley, double flute; David Hurley, voice; Leonard Mack II, djembe; David Hurley, drums; Preston Swirnoff, organ; Zuri Waters, bells; Zuri Waters, alto saxophone; Ousmane Traore, junjun play
The Early Minstrel Show Daniel Decatur Emmett Robert B. Winans, banjo; Anon.; Matthew Heumann, tambourine; Percy Danforth, bones; Vincent Tufo, fiddle; Roger Smith, bass; Brian Mark, baritone; Peter DiSante, voice, "lead"; David Van Veersbilck, tenor play
Microtonal Works by Partch, Cage, La Barbara & Drummond Dean Drummond, arr. Lewis Paer, bass; Dominic Donato, cymbals; Dominic Donato, sleigh bells; William Trigg, zoomoozophone; Elizabeth Rogers, synthesizer; Dominic Donato, tambourine; James Pugliese, cymbals; Dominic Donato, drum synthesizer; William Trigg, steel bowl; William Trigg, gong; Dean Drummond, cup gong; Joan La Barbara, voice; Stefani Starin, flute; Gregory Charnon, zoomoozophone; James Pugliese, zoomoozophone; Ron Lawrence, viola; Donald Palma, bass; Dean Drummond, Conductor; Newband; Dominic Donato, zoomoozophone; Dean Drummond, zoomoozophone play
Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan Chester Biscardi Gary Beumee, percussion; Carl Lindh, percussion; Albert Natoli, percussion; Glen Fittin, percussion; John Tighe, percussion; Kenneth Piascik, percussion; John Ferrari, percussion; Michael Frasche, percussion; Ted Sturm, percussion; Peter Newell, percussion; Michael Toal, percussion; David Philip, percussion; Kenneth Piascik, percussion; Gary Fink, percussion; Anthony de Mare, piano; Gary Fink, finger cymbals; Gary Fink, hi-hat; Gary Fink, instrument; Gary Fink, tambourine; Gary Fink, timbales; Gary Fink, bongos; Gary Fink, timpani; Michael Toal, finger cymbals; Michael Toal, hi-hat; Michael Toal, instrument; Michael Toal, tambourine; Michael Toal, tom-tom; Michael Toal, bass drum; Peter Newell, castanets; Peter Newell, claves; Peter Newell, finger cymbals; Peter Newell, hi-hat; Peter Newell, triangle; Peter Newell, maracas; Peter Newell, suspended cymbal; Peter Newell, woodblocks; Peter Newell, marimba; David Philip, hi-hat; David Philip, instrument; David Philip, tambourine; David Philip, timpani; Gary Van Dyke, Conductor; John Ferrari, vibraphone; John Ferrari, chimes; John Ferrari, sizzle cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, castanets; Kenneth Piascik, chimes; Kenneth Piascik, claves; Kenneth Piascik, maracas; Kenneth Piascik, sizzle cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, marimba; Linda Guarino-Udeako, piano; John Tighe, castanets; John Tighe, claves; John Tighe, finger cymbals; John Tighe, hi-hat; John Tighe, maracas; John Tighe, triangle; John Tighe, slapstick; John Tighe, suspended cymbal; John Tighe, temple blocks; Glen Fittin, cowbell; Glen Fittin, crotales; Glen Fittin, glockenspiel; Glen Fittin, hi-hat; Glen Fittin, suspended cymbal; Albert Natoli, hi-hat; Albert Natoli, instrument; Albert Natoli, tambourine; Albert Natoli, timbales; Albert Natoli, tom-tom; Albert Natoli, military drum; Albert Natoli, piccolo snare drum; Albert Natoli, string drum; Michael Frasche, almglocken; Michael Frasche, bell-tree; Michael Frasche, Chinese cymbals; Michael Frasche, glockenspiel; Michael Frasche, hi-hat; Michael Frasche, suspended cymbal; Michael Frasche, tom-tom; Michael Frasche, brake drums; Carl Lindh, castanets; Carl Lindh, claves; Carl Lindh, hi-hat; Carl Lindh, maracas; Carl Lindh, suspended cymbal; Carl Lindh, instrument; Carl Lindh, temple blocks; Carl Lindh, woodblocks; Gary Beumee, vibraphone; Gary Beumee, finger cymbals; Gary Beumee, triangle; Gary Beumee, sizzle cymbal; New Jersey Percussion Ensemble at William Patterson College; Laura Flax, clarinet; Judith Bettina, soprano; Andy DeLucca, tam-tam; Ted Sturm, vibraphone; Ted Sturm, suspended cymbal; Ted Sturm, marimba; Ted Sturm, bass drum; Gary Van Dyke, vibraphone; Gary Van Dyke, suspended cymbal; Gary Van Dyke, timbales; Gary Van Dyke, marimba; Gary Van Dyke, bongos; John Ferrari, instrument; John Ferrari, triangle; John Ferrari, timpani; Kenneth Piascik, vibraphone; Kenneth Piascik, glockenspiel; Kenneth Piascik, suspended cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, bass drum; Gary Beumee, crotales; Gary Beumee, glockenspiel; Gary Beumee, temple blocks; Gary Beumee, timbales; Gary Beumee, woodblocks; Gary Beumee, xylophone; Gary Beumee, bongos; Peter Jarvis, Conductor play
The Marvellous Aphorisms Of Gavin Bryars: The Early Years Gavin Bryars Ulrich Krieger, toys; Yayoi Ikawa, piano; Ulrich Krieger, tambourine; Eli Friedmann, electric guitar; John Davis, electric bass; Seth Josel, guitar; Ulrich Krieger, maracas; Ulrich Krieger, recorder; Kenny Growhowski, drums; Seth Josel, electric guitar; Ulrich Krieger, contrabass saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, tom-tom; Seth Josel, 12-string guitar; Ulrich Krieger, soprano saxophone; Seth Josel, electric bass; Ulrich Krieger, tenor saxophone play
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