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Georgia Sea Island Songs

Get In Union: Bessie Jones with the Georgie Sea Island Singers
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Charles Ives: Songs Vol. III Charles Ives Dora Ohrenstein, soprano; Jayn Rosenfeld, piccolo; Mary Ann Hart, mezzo-soprano; Gerard Hecht, piano; Les Scott, fife; Dennis Helmrich, piano; Irma Vallecillo, piano; Phillip Bush, piano; Steven Blier, piano; William Sharp, baritone; Paul Sperry, tenor play
Georgia Sea Island Songs Traditional Hobart Smith, guitar; Emma Ramsey, voice; Peter Davis, voice; Alberta Ramsey, voice; Hobart Smith, banjo; Jerome Davis, voice; Willis Proctor, voice; Nat Rahmings, drums; Ben Ramsey, voice; Henry Morrison, voice; Ed Young, fife; Bessie Jones, voice; Joe Armstrong, voice; John Davis, voice play
Get In Union: Bessie Jones with the Georgie Sea Island Singers Traditional Bessie Jones, voice; Georgia Sea Island Singers; McKinley Peebles, voice; McKinley Peebles, guitar; John Davis, voice; Henry Morrison, voice; Alberta Ramsey, voice; Emma Lee Ramsey, voice; Hobart Smith, voice; Hobart Smith, banjo; Ed Young, fife; Nat Rahmings, drum; Peter Davis, voice; Mable Hillery, voice; Janie Hunter, voice play
Old Mother Hippletoe: Rural and Urban Children's Songs Ruth Crawford Seeger, arr. Barry Ancelet, voice; Lonnie Pitchford, guitar; Lonnie Pitchford, voice; Joe Patterson, voice; Joe Patterson, panpipe; Bessie Jones, voice; Govita Gonzalez, voice; Albert Kingbird, voice; Vernon Kingbird, voice; James Kingbird, voice; Alicia Gonzalez, voice; A.P. Wilson, voice; Susie Miller, voice; Angie Clark, voice; Mrs. Neil Hampton, voice; Samuel Clay Dixon, voice; Lester Powell, voice; Bessie Jones and Georgia Sea Islanders; Ed Young, fife; Almeda Riddle, voice; J.D. Dillingham, voice; Carrie Grover, voice; E.C. Ball, fiddle; E.C. Ball, voice; Kenneth Atwood, voice; Arseño Rodriguez, guitar; Arseño Rodriguez, voice; Captain Pearl R. Nye, voice; Sabry Guidry, voice; Uncle Alec Dunforn, voice; Irene Scruggs, voice; Thelma Scruggs, voice; Beatrice Scruggs, voice; Schoolchildren from Washington; Vera Hall, voice play
That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It: Traditional Southern Instrumental Styles Hobart Smith Marion Reese, fife; Arthur Smith and His Dixieliners; Seven Foot Dillyand His Dill Pickles; Allen Sisson, fiddle; Neriah Benfield, autoharp; Ernest Fruge, fiddle; Kenneth Benfield, autoharp; Walter Family; Francis Gillum, straws; Louis H. Propps, guitar; Cleoma Breaux, guitar; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Palmer McAbee, harmonica; Riley Puckett, guitar; Alva Greene, fiddle; Obed Pickard, mouth harp; I.D. Stamper, hammered dulcimer; Justis Begley, banjo; Mrs. Judd, voice; Vernon Judd, banjo; Pete Steele, banjo; Lena Hughes, guitar; Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers; Ezra Hawkins, mandolin; Luther Strong, fiddle; Helton Brothers; Joseph Falcon, accordion; Jacob Burckhart, piano; Louis H. Propps, fiddle play
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