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Dániel Péter Biró
Perspectives of New Music 43.2/44.1
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Benjamin Boretz 9X9 J. K. Randall Leah Plave, cello; Peter Phelan, cello; Scot Moore, violin; Reina Murooka, violin; Rosemary Nelis, viola; Stanley Moore, cello; Keith Eisenbrey, clavichord; Blair McMillan, piano; Holly Jenkins, violin; Mia Laity, violin; Scot Moore, viola; Eleanor Lee, cello; Martin Supper, computer; Frank Brickle, piano; Chris Stover, trombone; Jen Baker, trombone; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Benjamin Boretz, piano; Sascia Pellegrini, piano; Hilary Hawke, banjo; Joseph Brent, mandolin; TJ Wible, alto flute; Zachary Boeding, violin; Group for Contemporary Music; Charles Wuorinen, Conductor; Richard Teitelbaum, polymoog; Richard Teitelbaum, flute; Benjamin Boretz, computer; Jeff Presslaff, piano play
Perspectives of New Music 43.2/44.1 music around Benjamin Boretz Dániel Péter Biró Dániel Péter Biró, voice; Hans Zischler, speaker; Greg Campbell, drums; Michael Fowler, piano; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; La Jolla Symphony; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; J. K. Randall; Ensemble SurPlus; James Avery, Conductor; Benjamin Boretz, piano; Wieland Hoban, voice; Jesse Canterbury, clarinet; Tom Baker Quartet; Tom Baker, fretless guitar; Brian Cobb, bass play
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