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Elsie Janis
Elsie Janis: Sweetheart of the A. E. F.

L. Wolfe Gilbert
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1917

Jerome Kern
Sitting Pretty
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Elsie Janis: Sweetheart of the A. E. F. Elsie Janis Elsie Janis; Basil Hallam; Palace Theatre Orchestra; Herman Finck, Conductor; Owen Nares; Stanley Lupino; Will West play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1917 "Yankees to the Ranks" L. Wolfe Gilbert Rene Dietrich, soprano; Rene Dietrich, ukulele; Horace Wright, tenor; Horace Wright, ukulele; Helen Louise, guitar; Frank Ferera, guitar; Joe Schenck, tenor; Gus Van, baritone; American Quartet; Billy Murray, tenor; Albert Campbell, tenor; John Meyer, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; James F. Harrison [pseudonym of Frederick Wheeler], baritone; Knickerbocker Male Quartette; George Eldred, tenor; Robert Lewis [pseudonym of Lewis James], tenor; William Morgan, baritone; Glenn Howard, bass; Edna Brown [pseudonym of Elsie Baker], contralto; Henry Burr, tenor; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Ada Jones, soprano; Emerson Symphony Orchestra; Victor Military Band; Marion Harris; Anna Wheaton, soprano; James Harrod, tenor; Peerless Quartet; Arthur Collins, baritone; John Meyer, bass; John McCormack, tenor; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Lambert Murphy, tenor; Reinald Werrenrath, baritone; Shannon Four; Charles Hart, tenor; Harvey Hindermyer, tenor; Elliott Shaw, baritone; Wilfred Glenn, bass; Sterling Trio; Francis J. Lapitino, harp; Original Dixieland Jazz Band; Nick LaRocca, cornet; Eddie Edwards, trombone; Larry Shields, clarinet; Henry Ragas, piano; Tony Sbarbaro, drums; Arthur Fields, baritone; Nora Bayes, soprano play
Sitting Pretty Jerome Kern John McGlinn, Conductor; Richard Woods, voice, "William Pennington"; Davis Gaines, voice, "Bill Pennington"; Paul V. Ames, voice, "Judson Waters"; Beverly Lambert, voice, "Babe LaMarr"; Paige O'Hara, voice, "May Tolliver"; Judy Blazer, voice, "Dixie Tolliver"; Jason Graae, voice, "Horace Peabody"; Merwin Goldsmith, voice, "Uncle Jo"; Paula Laurence, voice, "Mrs. Wagstaff"; Roberta Peters, voice, "Empress Eugenie"; Princess Theatre Ensemble play
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