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Julius Eastman
Julius Eastman: Unjust Malaise

Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss: The Melodramas 1
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John Cage Edition, Vol. 15: The Lost Works John Cage Charles Wood, voice; Rozella Floranz, voice; Don Gillespie, voice; Louis Meader, voice; David Avidor, voice; Alice Hom, voice; Joy Cutler, voice; Jerome Kitzke, voice; Melissa Gardner, voice; Eric Kivnick, voice; Paul Schmidt, voice; Charles Wood, tom-tom; Brian Brandt, voice; Rafael Mostel, voice; John Kennedy, voice; John Kennedy, snare drum; Charles Wood, hand claps; John Kennedy, hand claps; John Kennedy, whistling; Charles Wood, washtub; Judith Gordon, piano; Charles Wood, whistling; Judith Gordon, hand claps play
Julius Eastman: Unjust Malaise Julius Eastman David Sabee, violoncello; Michael Pugliese, chimes; Don Harry, tuba; Thomas Perl, double bass; Christopher Conlon, trumpet; Julius Eastman; Sarah Carter, violoncello; Julie Green, violoncello; Jodi Beder, violoncello; Larry Rawdon, violoncello; Thomas Miller, trombone; Abby Newton, violoncello; Chase Morrison, violoncello; Barry Gold, violoncello; Maureen Hynes, violoncello; Christine Gummere, violoncello; Frank Ferko, piano; Patricia Martin, piano; Julius Eastman, piano; Janet Kattas, piano; James Kasprowicz, trombone; Dennis Kahle, percussion; Amrom Chodos, clarinet; Benjamin Hudson, violin; Jan Williams, percussion; Georgia Mitoff; Doug Gaston, saxophone; Petr Kotík, piano; Julius Eastman, Conductor; Joseph Ford, saxophone; Lori Osgood, French horn; Geoffrey Brown, trumpet; Paul Schmidt, double bass; Akram, piano; Philip Christner, trumpet; Edward Folger, chimes; Charles Lirette, trumpet; Daniel Wittmer, French horn play
Richard Strauss: The Melodramas 1 Edition Yvar Mikhashoff Vol.2 Richard Strauss Yvar Mikhashoff, piano; Paul Schmidt, narrator play
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