Cover for The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 2 (1930 - 1931)
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The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 2 (1930 - 1931)

Archeophone Records
Apr 1905 — Jun 1931

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play Somewhere In Old Wyoming 2:51 S. Lesser; Will Havlin    
play I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You 2:48 George Whiting; Pete Wendling    
Circa Aug 1930

play My Baby Just Cares For Me 2:43 Gus Kahn; Walter Donaldson    
Circa Sep 1930

play When The Organ Played At Twilight 2:47 Raymond Wallace; Jimmy Campbell; Reg Connelly    
Circa Sep 1930

play My Bluebird Was Caught In The Rain 2:51 Henry Creamer; Max Rich    
Circa Sep 1930

play Moonlight On The Colorado 2:46 Billy Moll; Robert King    
Circa Sep 1930

play If I Could Be With You One Hour To-night 2:43 James P. Johnson; Henry Creamer    
Circa Oct 1930

play Three Little Words 2:42 Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby    
play Three Little Words/Moonlight On The Colorado 5:14 Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby; Billy Moll; Robert King    
Circa 1930

play I’m Yours 2:48 E. Y. "Yip" Harburg; Johnny Green    
play Maybe It’s Love 2:47 Sidney Mitchell; Archie Gottler; George W. Meyer    
play Sweetheart Of My Student Days 2:43 Gus Kahn; Seymour Simons    
Circa Nov 1930

play The Little Things In Life 2:40 Irving Berlin    
Circa Nov 1930

play Cheerful Little Earful 2:36 Ira Gershwin; Billy Rose; Harry Warren    
Circa Dec 1930

play You’re Driving Me Crazy 2:39 Walter Donaldson; Frank Luther    
Circa Dec 1930

play Sweet Jennie Lee! 2:40 Walter Donaldson    
Circa Dec 1930

play Crying Myself To Sleep 2:50 John Klenner; Pete Wendling    
Circa 1931

play Something To Remember You By 2:44 Howard Dietz; Arthur Schwartz    
play Blue Again 2:41 Jimmy McHugh; Dorothy Fields    
play Lonesome Lover 2:28 Alfred Bryan; James V. Monaco    
Circa 1931

play Just A Gigolo 2:46 Irving Caesar; Leonello Casucci    
Circa 1931

play When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver 2:45 Peter DeRose    
play Reaching For The Moon 2:52 Irving Berlin    
play Overnight 2:50 Billy Rose; Charlotte Kent; Louis Alter    
Circa Feb 1931

play The King’s Horses 2:47 Noel Gay; Harry Graham    
Circa Feb 1931

play Hello! Beautiful! 2:48 Walter Donaldson    
play Ninety-Nine Out Of A Hundred 2:45 Al Sherman; Al Lewis    
play Tears 2:39 Frank Capano; Billy Uhr    
Circa Mar 1931

play You’ll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time 2:49 Peter DeRose    
Circa Mar 1931

play Whistling In The Dark 2:54 Dana Suesse; Allen Boretz    
play I Surrender, Dear 2:48 Harry Barris; Gordon Clifford    
play Out Of Nowhere 2:45 Edward Heyman; Johnny Green    
Apr 1931

play When I Take My Sugar To Tea 2:48 Sammy Fain; Irving Kahal; Pierre Norman    
Apr 1931

play Were You Sincere 2:56 Jack Meskill; Vincent Rose    
Circa Apr 1931

play By The River Sainte Marie 2:46 Edgar Leslie; Harry Warren    
Circa Apr 1931

play By My Side 2:49 Dorothy Dick; Bert Lown; Chauncey Gray; Harry Link    
play Ho-Hum 2:44 Edward Heyman; Dana Suesse    
play I Wanna Sing About You 2:44 Cliff Friend; Dave Dreyer    
Circa May 1931

play Let’s Get Friendly 2:49 Dan Dougherty; Sid Silvers; Jack Yellen    
Circa May 1931

play I’m Thru With Love 2:54 Gus Kahn; Matty Malneck; Fud Livingston    
play Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On 2:32 James McCaffrey; Dave Ringle; Eugene West    
play When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain 2:54 Kate Smith; Howard Johnson; Harry Woods    
play Why Did I Get Married 1:29 Frank Luther; Carson Robison    
Circa Apr 1905

play Birmingham Jail 1:27 Traditional    
play She Sat In Her Parlor 1:26 Traditional    
Circa 1931

play Lonesome Railroad 1:21 Traditional    
play De Trouble I’ve Seen 1:32 Traditional    
Eva Taylor, voice

play St. Louis Blues 4:10 W.C. Handy    
Leola Felton, voice