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Aaron Siegel
Aaron Siegel Ensemble: Every Morning, A History

Pat Muchmore
Anti-Social Music Sings The Great American Songbook

Jason Cady
Jason Cady: Post-Madonna Prima Donna

Jackson Moore
Jessica Pavone and Jackson Moore: Solos & Duos

Jessica Pavone
Jessica Pavone and the String Army

Jessica Pavone
Jessica Pavone: 27 Epigrams
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Aaron Siegel Ensemble: Every Morning, A History Aaron Siegel Aaron Siegel, vibraphone; Sabrina Schroeder, Conductor; Jessica Pavone, viola; Leah Paul, flute; Emily Manzo, piano play
Anti-Social Music Sings The Great American Songbook Pat Muchmore William Brittelle, voice; George Wright, voice; Judith Berkson, voice; Jean Cook, voice; Philippa Thompson, voice; Philippa Thompson, violin; Peyman Sangiabadi, trombone; Judith Berkson, alto; Loren Dempster, cello; Andrew Eisenberg, percussion; Paul Chuffo, percussion; Nate Mayland, trombone; Harry Marenstein, Conductor; George Wright, baritone; Melissa Collum, soprano; Andrea La Rose, flute; John Wriggle, trombone; Pat Muchmore, voice; Hubert Chen, violin; Philippa Thompson, viola; Jean Cook, violin; Danny Mulligan, electric guitar; Ken Thomson, clarinet; Dan Neustadt, piano; Pat Muchmore, cello; Franz Nicolay, accordion; Peter Hess, clarinet; Karen Waltuch, viola; Franz Nicolay, mandolin; Phil Greene, alto saxophone; Ty Citerman, electric guitar; Ty Citerman, guitar; Peter Hess, alto saxophone; Peter Hess, tenor saxophone play
Jason Cady: Post-Madonna Prima Donna Jason Cady Sarah-Jane Ripa, flute; Erin Flannery, soprano; Aaron Siegel, vibraphone; Emily Manzo, piano; Jessica Pavone, violin; Jason Cady, drums; Jessica Pavone, bass; Jason Cady, percussion; Jessica Pavone, viola; Amy Cimini, viola; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Jason Cady, synthesizer; Jason Cady, guitar; Deanna Nell, soprano; Clay Holley, turntables play
Jessica Pavone and Jackson Moore: Solos & Duos Jackson Moore Jessica Pavone, viola; Jackson Moore, alto saxophone play
Jessica Pavone and the String Army Jessica Pavone Shiau-Shu Yu, cello; Jessica Pavone, violin; Jonathan Zorn, bass; Lucas Marquardt, cello; Jonah Sacks, cello; Justin Yang, violin; Jessica Pavone, viola; Karen Waltuch, viola; Seth Dellinger, bass; Nat Baldwin, bass play
Jessica Pavone: 27 Epigrams Jessica Pavone Gil Selinger, cello; Jessica Pavone, viola; Susanne Chen, bassoon; Michael Herbst, English horn; Dave Brandt, marimba; Jackson Moore, clarinet play
Jessica Pavone: Quotidian Jessica Pavone Erica Dicker, violin; Katherine Young, bassoon; Loren Dempster, cello; Amy Cimini, viola; Emily Manzo, piano; Till by Turning play
Judith Berkson: Lu-Lu Jimmy Van Heusen Judith Berkson, Wurlitzer; Judith Berkson, voice; Judith Berkson, piano play
Louise D. E. Jensen: you look like your mother, would you like more sauce? Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, alto saxophone; Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, voice play
Nat Baldwin: Solo Contrabass Nat Baldwin Nat Baldwin, bass play
Resistance Blue Duo Benjamin Karetnick Jeremy Starpoli, trombone; Benjamin Karetnick, drums play
Sam Amidon and Aaron Siegel: Fiddle and Drum Aaron Siegel Sam Amidon, violin; Aaron Siegel, percussion play
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