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Daniel Crozier
Daniel Crozier: With Blood, With Ink

Tom Cipullo
The Garden

Victor Herbert
Victor Herbert: The Only Girl
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Daniel Crozier: With Blood, With Ink Daniel Crozier Fort Worth Opera; Michael Shih, violin; Adriana Vorin DeCosta, violin; Laura Bruton, viola; Keira Fullerton, cello; William Clay, bass; Jan Crisanti, flute; Jan Crisanti, piccolo; Jennifer Corning Lucio, oboe; Daryl Coad, clarinet; Peter Unterstein, bassoon; Gerald Wood, horn; Jill Levy, harp; Greg White, percussion; Shields-Collins Bray, keyboard; Timothy Myers, Conductor; Sandra Lopez; Corrie Donovan; Clara Nieman; Audrey Babcock; Vanessa Becerra; Ian McEuen; Meaghan Deiter; Jesse Enderle play
The Garden Songs and Vocal Chamber Music of Tom Cipullo Tom Cipullo Laura Strickling, soprano; Liza Stepanova, piano; Naomi Louisa O'Connell, mezzo-soprano; Michael Anthony McGee, baritone; Stephanie Kwak, flute; Edward Klorman, viola; Brent Funderburk, piano; Steven Eddy, baritone; Jennifer Beattie, mezzo-soprano; Ian McEuen, tenor play
Victor Herbert: The Only Girl Victor Herbert Light Opera of New York Orchestra; Gerald Steichen, Conductor; Natallie Ballenger; Ian McEuen; Adam Cannedy; Cameron Smith; Kyle Erdos-Knapp; Antoni Mendezona; Sarah Best; Sarah Mossman play
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