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Stomp and Swerve

American Music Gets Hot

Archeophone Records
1897 — Apr 1925
David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon, voice; David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon, banjo; Edison Concert Band; Joseph P. Cullen, banjo; William G. Collins, banjo; Len Spencer; Arthur Collins, baritone; Vess L. Ossman, banjo; Bert Williams; Columbia Orchestra; Arthur Pryor's Band; Dan W. Quinn; Silas Leachman; Ossman-Dudley Trio; Audley Dudley, mandolin; George N. Dudley, Harp-Guitar; Zon-O-Phone Concert Band; Europe's Society Orchestra; Versatile Four; Gus Haston, banjo; Gus Haston, voice; Tony Tuck, banjo; Charlie Mills, piano; Charlie Johnson, drums; Polk Miller and His Old South Quartet; Sophie Tucker; Van Eps Banjo Orchestra; Harry C. Browne; Peerless Quartet; Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band; Earl Fuller, piano; Walter Kahn, cornet; Ted Lewis, clarinet; Harry Raderman, trombone; John Lucas, drums; Original Dixieland Jazz Band; Henry Ragas, piano; Nick LaRocca, cornet; Larry Shields, clarinet; Eddie Edwards, trombone; Tony Sbarbaro, drums; Art Hickman's Orchestra; Steve Douglas, violin; Walter Roesner, trumpet; Fred Kaufman, trombone; Clyde Doerr, alto saxophone; Bert Ralton, tenor saxophone; Frank Ellis, piano; Vic King, tenor banjo; Ben Black, banjo; Bela Spiller, bass; Art Hickman, piano; W. Gus Haenschen, piano; T. T. Schiffer, drums; Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds; Mamie Smith, voice; Lanin's Southern Serenaders; Jimmy Durante, piano; Phil Napoleon, trumpet; Doc Behrendson, clarinet; Moe Gappell, trombone; Jack Roth, drums; Clarence Williams' Blue Five; Clarence Williams, piano; Louis Armstrong, cornet; Sidney Bechet, soprano saxophone; Charlie Irvis, trombone; Buddy Christian, banjo; Eva Taylor, voice

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play El Capitan March 2:13 John Philip Sousa    
Circa 1897

play Twin Star March 1:47 Joseph P. Cullen    
Mar 1899

play You've Been a Good Old Wagon but You Done Broke Down 2:11 Ben Harney    
Len Spencer
Circa 1902

play All Coons Look Alike to Me 2:11 Ernest Hogan    
Circa 1902

play I Thought I Was a Winner, or, I Don't Know, You Ain't So Warm 2:34 Bert Williams    
Bert Williams
Circa 1897

play At a Georgia Camp Meeting 2:41 Kerry Mills    
Columbia Orchestra
Dec 1904

play Maple Leaf Rag 2:49 Scott Joplin    
Vess L. Ossman, banjo
Circa Mar 1907

play A Coon Band Contest 2:21 Arthur Pryor    
Mar 1906

play Ain't That a Shame 2:02 John Queen; Walter Wilson    
Dan W. Quinn
Nov 1901

play The Fortune Telling Man 2:53 Bert Williams; George Walker    
Silas Leachman
Dec 1901

play Nobody 2:05 Bert Williams; Alex Rogers    
Bert Williams
Circa May 1906

play St. Louis Tickle 3:04 Theron C. Bennett    
play The Smiler 2:25 Percy Wenrich    
(A Joplin Rag)
Circa 1908

play Castle House Rag 3:33 James Reese Europe    
Feb 1914

play Circus Day in Dixie 3:38 Jack Yellen; Albert Gumble    
play Watermelon Party 3:52 James L. Stamper    
Nov 1909

play Some of These Days 4:10 Shelton Brooks    
Sophie Tucker
Feb 1911

play Sans Souci 3:03 Arthur N. Green    
Jul 1914

play Carve Dat Possum 2:44 Sam Lucas    
Apr 1917

play Old Dan Tucker 3:04 Daniel Decatur Emmett    
play A Coon Band Contest 3:15 Arthur Pryor    
play Livery Stable Blues 3:08 Nick LaRocca    
play Rose Room 3:22 Art Hickman; Harry Williams    
play Sunset Medley 3:10 H. Alf Kelley; J. Paul Wyer; Jerome Kern; Schuyler Green    
May 1916

play Crazy Blues 3:20 Perry Bradford    
Aug 1920

play Shake It and Break It 2:58 Lou Chiha "Friscoe"; H. Qualli Clark    
play Cake Walking Babies from Home 3:00 Chris Smith; Henry Troy; Clarence Williams