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Wadada Leo Smith
A Confederacy of Dances Vol. I

Bob Crewe
Barbarella reloaded

Anastassis Philippakopoulos
Chaz Underriner reinterprets song 6, song 8, song 9 by Anastassis Philippakopoulos

Eric Dolphy
Jerome Harris: Hidden in Plain View

Jessica Pavone
Jessica Pavone's Army of Strangers

Neely Bruce
Neely Bruce: The Plague & Other Vocal Works
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A Confederacy of Dances Vol. I Wadada Leo Smith Ron Kuivila, electronics; David Shea, tapes; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; David Shea, effects; Carol Emanuel, harp; Erik Friedlander, cello; M.E. Miller, drums; Anthony Coleman, keyboard sampler; Luli Shioi, bass guitar; Robert James, tapes; Ursula Oppens, piano; Robin Holcomb, prompter; Arto Lindsay, guitar; Vicki Bodner, English horn; Luli Shioi, voice; Zeena Parkins, electronics; Hahn Rowe, violin; Robert James, sound effects; John Zorn, reeds; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Christian Marclay, turntables; Tohban Djan; Arto Lindsay, voice; Mary Rowell, violin; David Shea, turntables; Jeanne Lee, voice; Billy Bang, violin; Jim Pugliese, drums; Davey Williams, electric guitar; Vicki Bodner, oboe; Ursula Oppens, piano; Bill Frisell, electric guitar; Ikue Mori, drums; Zeena Parkins, electric harp; Chris Cochrane, electric guitar; Wayne Horvitz, electronic keyboard; Jim Staley, trombone; Jim Pugliese, sampler; David Weinstein, keyboard sampler; Don Byron, clarinet; Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Ron Kuivila, computer; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Jonathan Storck, double bass play
Barbarella reloaded Bob Crewe Marco Cappelli's Italian Surf Academy; Marco Cappelli, guitar; Luca Lo Bianco, bass guitar; Francesco Cusa, percussion; JD Foster, piano; JD Foster, toy piano; JD Foster, Farfisa organ play
Chaz Underriner reinterprets song 6, song 8, song 9 by Anastassis Philippakopoulos Anastassis Philippakopoulos Chaz Underriner, electric guitar; Chaz Underriner, bass guitar; Armin Abdihodzic, electric guitar; Greg Dixon, electric guitar; Robert Trusko, bass guitar play
Jerome Harris: Hidden in Plain View Eric Dolphy Marty Ehrlich, alto saxophone; Jerome Harris, bass guitar; Bill Ware, vibraphone; Bobby Previte, drums; Don Byron, clarinet; E. J. Allen, trumpet; Ray Anderson, trombone; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet play
Jessica Pavone's Army of Strangers Jessica Pavone Jessica Pavone, viola; Pete Fitzpatrick, guitar; Jonti Simon, bass guitar; Harris Eisenstadt, drums; Jessica Pavone, violin play
Neely Bruce: The Plague & Other Vocal Works Neely Bruce Electric Phoenix; Terry Edwards, bass; Judith Rees, soprano; Meriel Dickinson, mezzo-soprano; Daryl Runswick, tenor; Daryl Runswick, electric piano; Ray Russell, guitar; Linda Hirst, mezzo-soprano; Daryl Runswick, synthesizer; Neely Bruce, synthesizer; Neely Bruce, electric piano; John Marshall, drums; Daryl Runswick, bass guitar play
Robert Dick - Third Stone From the Sun Robert Dick David Soldier, violin; Jerome Harris, guitar; Robert Dick, A-flat piccolo; Robert Dick, alto flute; Robert Dick, bass flute; Robert Dick, contrabass flute; Ron Lawrence, viola; Mary Wooten, cello; Laura Seaton, violin; Jim Black, drums; Jerome Harris, bass guitar; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Robert Dick, flute; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Soldier String Quartet play
Steuart Liebig – Quartetto Stig: Lingua Oscura Steuart Liebig Jeff Gauthier, electric violin; Jeff Gauthier, 5-string electric violin; John Fumo, trumpet; John Fumo, flugelhorn; John Fumo, cornet; Steuart Liebig, bass guitar; Dan Morris, drums; Dan Morris, glockenspiel play
Steuart Liebig – Quartetto Stig: Pienso Oculto Steuart Liebig John Fumo, flugelhorn; Steuart Liebig, bass guitar; John Fumo, trumpet; Jeff Gauthier, electric violin; John Fumo, cornet; Jeff Gauthier, 5-string electric violin; Dan Morris, drums play
Terry Adams: Terrible Terry Adams Tyrone Hill, trombone; Marshall Allen, flute; Jim Hoke, flute; Noel Scott, flute; Terry Adams, harmonica; Jim Hoke, alto saxophone; Terry Adams, kalimba-clavier; Terry Adams, piano; Joey Spampinato, bass guitar; Marshall Allen, alto saxophone; John Sebastian, guitar; Jim Gordon, harmonica; Bobby Previte, drums; Pete Toigo, bass; Dave Gordon, trumpet; Tom Ardolino, drums; Roswell Rudd, trombone; Jim Hoke, soprano saxophone; Donn Adams, trombone; Noel Scott, alto saxophone; Greg Cohen, bass; Johnny Spampinato, guitar play
Underwater Princess Waltz A Collection of One-Page Pieces Joel Ford ZWERM; Johannes Westendorp, guitar; Bruno Nelissen, guitar; Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, guitar; Toon Callier, bass guitar; Eric Thielemans, drums; Toon Callier, guitar; Bertel Schollaert, saxophone; Toon Callier, samples; Eric Thielemans, percussion; Toon Callier, banjo; Johannes Westendorp, samples; Thomas Moore, voice; Toon Callier, voice; Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, bass guitar; Johannes Westendorp, bass guitar; Johannes Westendorp, voice; Bruno Nelissen, voice play
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