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Hilaire Belloc, Poet
Child's Song

Carver Blanchard
Heartsongs & Audubon

Arthur Foote
Love, The Fair Day

E. S. Thornton
Masters of the Clarinet 1892-1920

John Philip Sousa
Phonographic Yearbook: The 1890s, Vol. 2
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Child's Song Hilaire Belloc, Poet Jim Cowdery, pennywhistle; Alastair Reid, narrator; Bill Crofut, French horn; Bill Crofut, banjo; Bill Crofut, 12-string guitar; Bill Crofut, voice; Chris Brubeck, bass; Peter Rosenfeld, cello; Darius Brubeck, harpsichord; Susie Crofut, voice play
Heartsongs & Audubon Carver Blanchard Carver Blanchard, lute; Carver Blanchard, voice play
Helps/Moore/Pleskow/Shepherd Thomas Moore Allen Brings, piano; Genevieve Chinn, piano; Vivien Harvey Slater, piano play
Love, The Fair Day Songs & Duets from The Second New England School Arthur Foote Rebecca Sherburn, soprano; Kimberly James, mezzo-soprano; Louise Thomas, piano; Tod Fitzpatrick, baritone; Wei-Wei Le, violin play
Masters of the Clarinet 1892-1920 E. S. Thornton R. K. Franklin, clarinet; (not credited), clarinet; Felix Jardella, clarinet; Joseph Norrita, clarinet; August Stengler, clarinet; George McNeice, clarinet; Theodore Pusinelli, clarinet; William Tuson, clarinet; George Rubel, clarinet; Louis H. Christie, clarinet; Anthony Giammatteo, clarinet; Julius Spindler, flute; Frederick Brissett, clarinet; Pietro Caso, flute play
Phonographic Yearbook: The 1890s, Vol. 2 John Philip Sousa Len Spencer; Vess L. Ossman, banjo; Greater New York Quartette; Roger Harding, tenor; Len Spencer, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; ____ Depew, bass; John W. Myers, baritone; Chas. P. Lowe, xylophone; George J. Gaskin; S. H. Dudley, baritone; U.S. Marine Band; Silas Leachman; Arthur Collins; Russell Hunting; The Sousa Band; Dan W. Quinn; Columbia Orchestra; Edison Quartet; Jere Mahoney, tenor; William F. Hooley, bass; Albert Campbell, tenor; Edison Concert Band; Marguerite Newton; Gilmore's Band; Cal Stewart; John Yorke AtLee play
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