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Hugo Weisgall
Hugo Weisgall: Two Operas and Two Song Cycles
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Etler/Hamilton Alvin Etler Lewis Kaplan, violin; Robert Sylvester, cello; Stanley Walden, clarinet; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Samuel Baron, flute; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Gilbert Kalish, piano; Paulina Ruvinska, piano; Harvey Phillips, tuba; Robert Nagel, trumpet; John Swallow, trombone; Barry Benjamin, horn; New York Brass Quintet; Robert Heinrich, trumpet; Arthur Bloom, clarinet play
Harbison/Johnson/Pleskow Roger Johnson Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor; Walter Ponce, piano; Gilbert Kalish, piano; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Karl Kraber, flute; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Fred Sherry, cello; Frederic Rzewski, celesta; Barry Benjamin, horn; Robert Miller, piano; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Paul Dunkel, flute; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Alvin Brehm, bass; Arthur Bloom, clarinet; Allan Dean, trumpet play
Hugo Weisgall: The Stronger/Fancies and Inventions Hugo Weisgall Albert Regni, saxophone; Lloyd Green, saxophone; John Graham, viola; Aeolian Chamber Players; Lloyd Green, flute; Lloyd Green, clarinet; Albert Regni, clarinet; Jonathan Abramowitz, cello; Johanna Meier, soprano; Lewis Kaplan, violin; David Walter, double bass; Julian Patrick, baritone; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Hugo Weisgall, Conductor; Walter Ponce, piano play
Hugo Weisgall: Two Operas and Two Song Cycles Hugo Weisgall Doris Young, soprano; Chester Ludgin, baritone; John Kuhn, tenor; Richard Cassilly, tenor; Vienna State Opera Orchestra; Herbert Grossman, Conductor; Dorothy Coulter, soprano; Richard Cross, bass-baritone; Doris Young, soprano; Johanna Meier, soprano; Aeolian Chamber Players; Walter Ponce, piano; Jonathan Abramowitz, cello; Lloyd Green, clarinets; Lewis Kaplan, violin; David Walter, bass; Albert Regni, saxophone; John Graham, viola; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Hugo Weisgall, Conductor; Judith Raskin, soprano; Morey Ritt, piano; Carolyn Heafner, soprano; Dixie Ross Neill, piano play
Korte/Seeger/Orbon: Chamber Works Karl Korte Arthur Weisberg, bassoon; Arthur Bloom, clarinet; Samuel Rhodes, viola; Fred Sherry, cello; Robert Parris, harpsichord; Group for Contemporary Music; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Robert Miller, harmonium; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Joan Tower, celesta; Howard T. Howard, horn; Humbert Lucarelli, oboe; Alan Brown, bassoon; David Glazer, clarinet; Samuel Baron, flute; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; New York Woodwind Quintet; Ronald Roseman, oboe; Elizabeth Korte, piano; Albert Hamme, saxophone; Ralph Froelich, French horn; The Lark Quintet; John Wion, flute; Raymond Des Roches, vibraphone play
Lazarof/Lewis: Chamber Works Henri Lazarof Saul Goodman, percussion; Walter Ponce, piano; Gabriel Banat, violin; Erich Graf, flute; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Members of the UCLA Wind Ensemble; Lloyd Greenberg, clarinet; Henri Lazarof, Conductor; Walter Rosenberger, percussion; Jonathan Abramowitz, cello; Erich Graf, piccolo; Aeolian Chamber Players; Los Angeles Chamber Ensemble play
Parris/Rochberg/Wuorinen Robert Parris Ladzistan Szostak, Conductor; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Jacob Maxin, piano; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Aeolian Chamber Players; Lloyd Greenberg, clarinet; David Gilbert, flute; Roman Siwek, trombone; Polish National Radio Orchestra play
Wolpe/Crumb: Chamber Works George Crumb David Gilbert, alto flute; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Aeolian Chamber Players; Lloyd Greenberg, clarinet; Group for Contemporary Music; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Jacob Maxin, piano; Charles Wuorinen, piano; Joel Krosnick, cello play
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