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Jay Poûhe
Carolyn Heafner Sings American Songs

Paul Suits
The Essence of Cello

Hugo Weisgall
Hugo Weisgall: Six Characters in Search of an Author

Hugo Weisgall
Hugo Weisgall: Two Operas and Two Song Cycles

William Bolcom
Paul Sperry Sings An American Sampler
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Carolyn Heafner Sings American Songs Jay Poûhe Carolyn Heafner, soprano; Jay Poûhe, piano; Dixie Ross Neill, piano; Lee Hoiby, piano play
The Essence of Cello Works written for Eric Bartlett Paul Suits Eric Bartlett, cello; Paul Suits, piano; Margaret Kampmeier, piano play
Gideon/Weisgall: Song Cycles Hugo Weisgall Barry Jekofsky, percussion; Samuel Lipman, piano; Philip West, oboe; Eugene Drucker, violin; Michael Tolomeo, viola; Melvin Kaplan, oboe; Alexander Heller, bassoon; Jack Shapiro, violin; Jan DeGaetani, mezzo-soprano; Charles Bressler, tenor; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Ynez Lynch, viola; Paul Dunkel, flute; Constantine Cassolas, tenor; Fortunato Arico, cello; Fritz Jahoda, Conductor; Felix Galimir, violin play
Hugo Weisgall: Six Characters in Search of an Author Hugo Weisgall Jeff Taylor, voice, "Gluttony (Chorus)"; Jenna Heffernan, voice, "The Child"; Paula LoVerne, contralto, "Madame Pace"; Beverly Thiele, voice, "Pride (Chorus)"; Carol Chickering, voice, "Envy (Chorus)"; Bryan Miller, voice, "Sloth (Chorus)"; Tracy Mould Watson, voice, "Lust (Chorus)"; Paul Jacobsen, voice, "Anger (Chorus)"; Bruce Wallace, voice, "Avarice (Chorus)"; Victor Rooney, voice, "The Boy"; Brad Cresswell, voice, "Unnamed Sin (Chorus)"; Jayne Siemens, voice, "Chorus Mistress (Chorus)"; Deborah Fair, voice, "Wardrobe Assistant (Chorus)"; Melissa Lentz, voice, "Wardrobe Assistant (Chorus)"; Lawrence Montgomery, voice, "Carpenter (Chorus)"; Tom Sillitti, voice, "Carpenter (Chorus)"; Robert Prindle, voice, "Prop Man (Chorus)"; Robert Miles, voice, "Prop Man (Chorus)"; Michael Wadsworth, bass-baritone, "The Basso Cantante"; Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra; Andrew Schroeder, baritone, "The Accompanist"; Philip Zawisza, baritone, "The Stage Manager"; Joslyn King, mezzo-soprano, "The Mezzo"; Bruce Fowler, tenor, "The Tenore Buffo"; Susan Foster, soprano, "The Prompter"; Lee Schaenen, Conductor; Kevin Anderson, tenor, "The Director"; Dianne Pritchett, alto, "The Wardrobe Mistress"; Elizabeth Futral, soprano, "The Coloratura"; Robert Orth, baritone, "The Father"; Elizabeth Byrne, soprano, "The Stepdaughter"; Nancy Maultsby, mezzo-soprano, "The Mother"; Gary Lehman, baritone, "The Son" play
Hugo Weisgall: The Stronger/Fancies and Inventions Hugo Weisgall Albert Regni, saxophone; Hugo Weisgall, Conductor; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Julian Patrick, baritone; David Walter, double bass; Lewis Kaplan, violin; Johanna Meier, soprano; Jonathan Abramowitz, cello; Albert Regni, clarinet; Lloyd Green, clarinet; Lloyd Green, flute; Aeolian Chamber Players; John Graham, viola; Lloyd Green, saxophone; Walter Ponce, piano play
Hugo Weisgall: Two Operas and Two Song Cycles Hugo Weisgall Doris Young, soprano; Chester Ludgin, baritone; John Kuhn, tenor; Richard Cassilly, tenor; Vienna State Opera Orchestra; Herbert Grossman, Conductor; Dorothy Coulter, soprano; Richard Cross, bass-baritone; Doris Young, soprano; Johanna Meier, soprano; Aeolian Chamber Players; Walter Ponce, piano; Jonathan Abramowitz, cello; Lloyd Green, clarinets; Lewis Kaplan, violin; David Walter, bass; Albert Regni, saxophone; John Graham, viola; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Hugo Weisgall, Conductor; Judith Raskin, soprano; Morey Ritt, piano; Carolyn Heafner, soprano; Dixie Ross Neill, piano play
Hugo Weisgall: Two Song Cycles Nikki Giovanni, Poet Judith Raskin, soprano; Morey Ritt, piano play
Paul Sperry Sings An American Sampler William Bolcom Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano play
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