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Warren M. Swenson
Battle Pieces

George F. Root
The Hand That Holds The Bread: Progress and Protest in the Gilded Age Songs from the Civil War to the Columbian Exposition

George F. Root
The Haymakers: An Operatic Cantata

E. S. Thornton
Masters of the Clarinet 1892-1920

George A. Norton
The Pink Lambert

Lowell Mason
Shall We Gather: American Hymns & Spirituals
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Battle Pieces Warren M. Swenson George Shirley, tenor; William Bolcom, piano play
The Hand That Holds The Bread: Progress and Protest in the Gilded Age Songs from the Civil War to the Columbian Exposition George F. Root Sour Mash; Anon.; Cincinnati's University Singers play
The Haymakers: An Operatic Cantata George F. Root Marc Much, tenor; Phyllis Bush; Patti Abasolo, soprano; Burr Phillips, bass; Chris Hodges, baritone; Carolyn Finley, soprano; Linda Brannon; Mark Myers, tenor; University of North Texas Grand Chorus; Frank McKinley, Conductor; Erma Rose, piano; Gary Petersen, bass play
Masters of the Clarinet 1892-1920 E. S. Thornton R. K. Franklin, clarinet; (not credited), clarinet; Felix Jardella, clarinet; Joseph Norrita, clarinet; August Stengler, clarinet; George McNeice, clarinet; Theodore Pusinelli, clarinet; William Tuson, clarinet; George Rubel, clarinet; Louis H. Christie, clarinet; Anthony Giammatteo, clarinet; Julius Spindler, flute; Frederick Brissett, clarinet; Pietro Caso, flute play
The Pink Lambert A Collection of the First Celluloid Cylinders George A. Norton Joseph Natus, tenor; American Quartet; Joe Belmont; Metropolitan Band; Arthur Collins, baritone; H. S. Wright, whistling; Otto Mesloh, cornet; Steve Porter, baritone; London Concert Orchestra; Harry MacDonough, tenor play
Shall We Gather: American Hymns & Spirituals Lowell Mason William Appling Singers; Anon.; William Appling, Conductor play
Six Brown Brothers: Broadway's Favorite Clowns George F. Root Tom Brown, alto saxophone; Five Brown Brothers; The Six Brown Brothers; Fred Allen (Pseudonym of Fred Brown), saxophone; Fred Brown, saxophone play
Tom Varner: Window Up Above American Songs 1770-1998 Tom Varner Steve Alcott, bass; George Schuller, drums; Dave Ballou, cornet; Peter McCann, guitar; Tom Varner, horn; Thirsty Dave Hansen, voice; Lindsey Horner, bass; Mark Feldman, violin play
Waxing the Gospel Joseph P. Webster Emile Berliner; Holding's Parlor Orchestra; Bison City Quartette; Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston; Standard Quartette; Thomas Bott, bass; Mozart Quartette; David C. Bangs; J. W. Myers, baritone; Len Spencer; J. J. Fisher, bass; Steve Porter, baritone; Frank C. Stanley, baritone; Frank Butts; Roger Harding, tenor; Greater New York Quartette; Harry MacDonough, tenor; John R. Sweney; U.S. Marine Band; Dwight L. Moody; Ira D. Sankey; Sankey Quartette; Frances J. Crosby; Charles L. Estey; Edward Taylor; Henry A. Heath; Ocean Grove Auditorium Choir; Winfield S. Weeden; (not credited), trombone; Josiah Reeves Daniels; (not credited); Moody Quartette; (not credited); (not credited), cornet; Silas Leachman; Rittersville Singing Club; Rittersville Children's Chorus; Rittersville United Quartet; Rittersville Choir; Frederick A. Graves; Ann Maria Sawyer; C. Herbert Rust; Bertha W. Rust; Joseph Sawyer and Family; Frank L. Embree; ____ Parcells; Charles Taylor and his Two Daughters; C. W. Crary et al.; Grace Marvin play
Where Home Is: Life In Nineteenth-Century Cincinnati, Crossroads of the East and West George F. Root Harmoneion Singers; Peter Basquin, harmonium; John Miner, Conductor; Clifford Jackson, baritone; John Aler, tenor; Peter Basquin, piano play
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