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Phonographic Yearbook: 1920

"Even Water's Getting Weaker"

Archeophone Records
Jul 1919 — Aug 1920

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play I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now 2:42 Irving Berlin    
Al Jolson
Sep 1919

play Wait Till You Get Them Up in the Air, Boys 3:00 Lew Brown; Albert Von Tilzer    
Billy Murray, tenor
Jul 1919

play Dardanella 3:11 Felix Bernard; Johnny S. Black    
Nov 1919

play Moon Shines on the Moonshine 3:00 Robert Hood Bowers; Francis DeWitt    
Bert Williams
Dec 1919

play Let the Rest of the World Go By 2:54 J. Keirn Brennan; Ernest R. Ball    
Dec 1919

play Love Nest [Introducing Mary] 2:44 Louis A. Hirsch    
play When My Baby Smiles at Me 2:44 Bill Munro; Andrew B. Sterling; Ted Lewis    
Jan 1920

play Left All Alone Again Blues 2:55 Anne Caldwell; Jerome Kern    
from "The Night Boat"
Marion Harris
Mar 1920

play All the Boys Love Mary 2:51 Joe Schenck; Gus Van    
Apr 1920

play Alice Blue Gown 2:57 Joseph McCarthy; Harry Tierney    
from The Musical Comedy "Irene"
Edith Day, soprano
Feb 1920

play Yellow Dog Blues Introducing 'Hooking Cow Blues' 3:15 W.C. Handy    
Oct 1919

play Swanee 2:32 George Gershwin; Irving Caesar    
Al Jolson, baritone
Jan 1920

play Hold Me 3:12 Art Hickman; Ben Black; Joseph Meyer    
play Prohibition Blues 3:08 Ring Lardner; Nora Bayes    
Nora Bayes, soprano
Jul 1919

play Whispering 3:22 John Schonberger    
play Rose of Washington Square 3:00 James F. Hanley; Maceo Pinkard    
Mar 1920

play You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet 2:42 Al Jolson; Gus Kahn; Buddy DeSylva    
from "Sinbad"
Al Jolson
Sep 1919

play Love Nest 3:21 Otto Harbach; Louis A. Hirsch    
from the Musical Comedy "Mary"
John Steel, tenor
May 1920

play I'll See You in C-u-b-a 2:59 Irving Berlin    
Billy Murray, tenor
Jan 1920

play I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time 3:07 Neville Fleeson; Albert Von Tilzer    
Jun 1920

play Tell Me Little Gypsy 2:43 Irving Berlin    
play You'd Be Surprised 3:06 Irving Berlin    
Eddie Cantor
Circa Dec 1919

play St. Louis Blues 2:57 W.C. Handy    
Marion Harris
Apr 1920

play Chile Bean 3:05 Lew Brown; Albert Von Tilzer    
play Japanese Sandman 2:54 Richard A. Whiting