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David Rosenboom
David Rosenboom: Future Travel

George E. Lewis
George Lewis: Changing With the Times

George Walker
George Walker: Chamber Music

Kristin Norderval
Holding Patterns

Jacob Avshalomov
Jacob Avshalomov: Fabled Cities

John Luther Adams
John Luther Adams: Earth and the Great Weather
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Charles Knox: Clouds Are Not Spheres Charles Knox Michael Cebulski, percussion; Dwight Coleman, spoken word; Dorothy Lewis, cello; Christina Smith, flute; Brice Andrus, horn; Beth Newdome, violin; Harry Maddox, trombone; William Rappaport, clarinet; Teresa Hopkin, soprano; Cary Lewis, piano; Richard Brady, trombone; Oliver Steiner, violin; Jonathan Dlouhy, oboe; Peachtree Brass; Thomas Wallace, trumpet; Alan Brown, horn; Donald Strand, tuba; Geoffrey Haydon, piano; Paul Jackson, trumpet play
David Rosenboom: Future Travel David Rosenboom David Rosenboom, percussion; David Rosenboom, spoken word; David Rosenboom, piano; David Rosenboom, violin; David Rosenboom, Buchla Touché; David Rosenboom, Buchla 300 Series electric music box play
George Lewis: Changing With the Times George E. Lewis Peter Gonzales III, percussion; Douglas Ewart, shakuhachi; Douglas Ewart, clarinet; Jeannie Cheatham, speaker; Douglas Ewart, didjeridu; Mary Oliver, voice; Douglas Ewart, bass clarinet; Bernard Mixon, speaker; Jeannie Cheatham, organ; Mary Oliver, violin; Mary Oliver, viola; Jeannie Cheatham, piano; George E. Lewis, trombone; Quincy Troupe; Daniel Koppelman, piano; Ruth Neville, piano; Jerome Rothenberg; Bernard Mixon, voice; Bernard Mixon, spoken word; Douglas Ewart, percussion; Douglas Ewart, saxophone; Douglas Ewart, woodwinds play
George Walker: Chamber Music George Walker American Brass Quintet; Mary Lou Saetta, viola; Mary Lou Saetta, violin; Irvin Gilman, flute; Samuel Farkas, guitar; Jeffrey Middleton, harpsichord; Jeffrey Middleton, piano; Richard Albagli, percussion; Richard Albagli, vibraphone; Michael Murphy, bass; Janet Rowe, soprano; Janet Stasio, soprano; Italo Babini, cello; Gregory Walker, violin; Capitol Chamber Artists; Ian Walker, spoken word; Angelo Frascarelli, Conductor; Ted Hoyle, cello; George Walker, piano; Scott Stacey, percussion play
Holding Patterns Kristin Norderval Barbara Barg, spoken word; Monique Buzzarté, electronic processing; Kristin Norderval, laptop; Monique Buzzarté, trombone; Kristin Norderval, voice; Zanana play
Jacob Avshalomov: Fabled Cities Jacob Avshalomov University of Oregon Chorus; Gov. Tom Lawson McCall, spoken word; Lewis & Clark College Chorus; Portland State College Chorus; Mara Stahl, soprano; Portland Youth Philharmonic; Jacob Avshalomov, Conductor play
John Luther Adams: Earth and the Great Weather John Luther Adams Dave Hunsaker, spoken word; Robert Black, double bass; John Luther Adams, percussion; John Luther Adams, Conductor; Michael Finckel, cello; Robin Lorentz, percussion; Doreen Simmonds, vocalizing; Robert Black, percussion; James Nageak, voice; Dave Hunsaker, voice; Michael Finckel, Conductor; Ron Lawrence, viola; Amy Knoles, percussion; Robin Lorentz, violin play
Randall Woolf: Where the Wild Things Are Randall Woolf Frank London, trumpet; Mat Fieldes, contrabass; Mat Fieldes, electric bass; Julian Allen, voice; Meg Busch, talking guitar; Patti Monson, piccolo; Meg Busch, spoken word; Todd Reynolds, 5-string electric violin; Randall Woolf, slide guitar; Kathleen Supové, Kurzweil PC88; Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet; Kathleen Supové, sampler; Mat Fieldes, bass; Ann Klein, electric guitar; Elizabeth Knowles, violin; Wayne duMaine, trumpet; Julie Josephson, trombone; Patti Monson, flute; Danny Tunick, marimba; Todd Reynolds, violin; Kathleen Supové, keyboard; Michael Lowenstern, clarinet; Christina Wheeler, voice, "Chorus of Wild Things"; Dafna Naphtali, voice, "Chorus of Wild Things"; Kitty Brazelton, voice, "Chorus of Wild Things" play
Unquenchable Fire Joe McPhee Joe McPhee, soprano saxophone; Joe McPhee, Casio digital horn; Stuart Dempster, didjeridu; David Gamper, keyboard; David Gamper, flute; Joe Giardullo, flute; Karen Jurgens, drums; Monica Wilson, cello; Joe Giardullo, bass clarinet; David Gamper, electronics; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Deep Listening Band; Rachel Pollack, spoken word; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Joe McPhee Quartet; Joe McPhee, alto clarinet play
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