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Curtis Curtis-Smith
C. Curtis-Smith: Gold Are My Flowers/A Civil War Song Cycle

Martin Brody
Collage New Music Performs Martin Brody

Lee Hoiby
Continual Conversation with a Silent Man – Songs of Lee Hoiby

Lori Laitman
The Earth and I

Tom Cipullo
The Garden

George Walker
George Walker: Orchestral Works, Vol. 4
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C. Curtis-Smith: Gold Are My Flowers/A Civil War Song Cycle Curtis Curtis-Smith Carmen Pelton, soprano; Jan Opalach, baritone; Renata Altman Knific, violin; Karen Buranskas, cello; Tom Knific, bass; Christine M. Smith, flute; Bradley Wong, clarinet; Scott Thornburg, trumpet; Judy Moonert, percussion; Matthew Ardizzone, guitar; Silvia Roederer, piano; Joe Miller, Conductor; Mary Bonhag, soprano; Curtis Curtis-Smith, piano play
Collage New Music Performs Martin Brody Martin Brody Elizabeth Keusch, soprano; Collage New Music; Jessi Rosinski, flute; Peggy Pearson, oboe; Robert Annis, clarinet; Catherine French, violin; Anne Black, viola; Joel Moerschel, cello; James Orleans, bass; Ann Hobson Pilot, harp; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Frank Epstein, percussion; Craig McNutt, percussion; David Hoose, Conductor; Janice Felty, mezzo-soprano; Christopher Kreuger, flute; Steven Jackson, clarinet; Ronan Lefkowitz, violin; Benjamin Levy, bass; Donald Berman, piano; Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano; Kate Vincent, viola play
Continual Conversation with a Silent Man – Songs of Lee Hoiby Lee Hoiby Peter Stewart, baritone; Lee Hoiby, piano play
The Earth and I Lori Laitman Washington Master Chorale; Thomas Colohan, Conductor; Amy Broadbent, soprano; Shauna Kreidler Michels, mezzo-soprano; Mark Vogel, piano; Noelle Drewes, oboe; Kacy Clopton, cello; Steven Combs, baritone play
The Garden Songs and Vocal Chamber Music of Tom Cipullo Tom Cipullo Laura Strickling, soprano; Liza Stepanova, piano; Naomi Louisa O'Connell, mezzo-soprano; Michael Anthony McGee, baritone; Stephanie Kwak, flute; Edward Klorman, viola; Brent Funderburk, piano; Steven Eddy, baritone; Jennifer Beattie, mezzo-soprano; Ian McEuen, tenor play
George Walker: Orchestral Works, Vol. 4 George Walker Sinfonia Varsovia; Ian Hobson, Conductor; Albert Lee, tenor; Dmitry Kousov, cello play
The Gregg Smith Singer: 20th Century American Choral Treasures William Schuman Rosalind Rees, soprano; Gregg Smith Singers; Gregg Smith, Conductor; Oresta Cybriwski, piano; Raymond Beegle, piano; Linda Eckard, alto; Fay Kittelson, alto; Patrick Mason, baritone; Orpheus Ensemble; Kevin Treadway, soprano; Marilyn Chandler, violin; Alan Buratto, piano; Texas Boys Choir; Julie Shuptrine, soprano; Katherine McKee, mezzo-soprano; Colby Roberts, tenor; Jeanne Distel, soprano; Ani Yervanian, mezzo-soprano; Jerold Norman, tenor; Harlan Foss, baritone; Long Island Symphonic Choral Association; Brooklyn Philharmonia Orchestra; Lukas Foss, Conductor play
New American Masters, Vol. 4 Joseph Turrin Palisades Virtuosi; Margaret Swinchoski, flute; Donald Mokrynski, clarinet; Ron Levy, piano; Marni Nixon, narrator play
Paul Creston: Songs Paul Creston Rebecca Sherburn, soprano; Patricia Higdon, piano; UMKC Conservatory Chamber Orchestra; Robert Olson, Conductor; Joan Sommers, accordion; Karen Kushner, piano play
Paul Osterfield: Rocky Streams Paul Osterfield Don Aliquo, saxophone; Tod Waldecker, clarinet; Michael Arndt, trumpet; Maya Stone, bassoon; Tim Pearson, bass; Sandra Arndt, piano; Paul Osterfield, Conductor; H. Stephen Smith, tenor; Caleb Harris, piano; William Yelverton, guitar; James Douglass, piano; Deanna R. Little, flute; Dewayne Pigg, oboe; David Loucky, trombone play
Sessions, Roger/When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd Roger Sessions Boston Symphony Orchestra; Walt Whitman; Seiji Ozawa, Conductor; Esther Hinds, soprano; Florence Quivar, mezzo-soprano; Dominic Cossa, baritone; Tanglewood Festival Chorus, voice; John Oliver, Conductor; Boston Symphony Orchestra play
Songs Of Smaller Creatures and Other American Choral Works Abbie Betinis Grant Park Chorus; Hanna Dixon, soprano; Christopher Bell, Conductor; Susan Nelson, soprano; Peter Sovitsky, tenor; Amy Conn, soprano; Katherine Gray Noon, soprano; Hoss Brock, tenor play
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