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Echoes From The Gorge: Raindrops on Bamboo Leaves-Echoes from Gorge-Autumn Pond-Clear Moon-Shadows in Ravine-Old Tree by Cold Spring-Sonorous Stones-Droplets down the Rocks-Drifting Clouds-Rolling Pearls-Peaks and Cascades-Falling Rocks and Flying Spray (A Quartet for Percussion) Chou Wen-Chung Frank Cassara, percussion; New Music Consort; William Trigg, percussion; Michael Lipsey, percussion; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Paul Guerguerian, percussion play
The Hidden Lute: The Ancient Wind Gardner Read Helen Pridmore, soprano; Jennie Oh, alto flute; Kathryn Rees, harp; Brian Bennett, percussion play
"Chant" from  The Bandana Sketches Clarence Cameron White Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; Rick Benjamin, Conductor; Keiko Tokunaga, violin; Melissa Tong, violin; Colin Brooks, viola; Lisa Caravan, cello; Max Jacob, bass; Leslie Cullen, flute; Leslie Cullen, piccolo; Vasko Dukovski, clarinet; Paul Murphy, cornet; Michael Blutman, cornet; Michael Boschen, trombone; Mike Dobson, percussion; Diane Scott, piano play
'Miss H''s Back Room' Urs Leimgruber Urs Leimgruber, tenor saxophone; Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone; Roger Turner, percussion play
("Out") In The Streets Bill Banfield Bill Banfield, guitar; Tim Adams, percussion play
(Un)cover Ming Tsao Ensemble ascolta; Markus Schwind, trumpet; Andrew Digby, trombone; Florian Hoelscher, piano; Hubert Steiner, guitar; Erik Borgie, cello; Martin Homann, percussion; Boris Müller, percussion; Jonathan Stockhammer, Conductor play
,,...Zwei Gefuhle...“, Musik mit Leonardo Helmut Lachenmann Ensemble Signal; Jessica Schmitz, flute; Jessica Schmitz, alto flute; Jessica Schmitz, piccolo; Kelli Kathman, bass flute; Jacqueline Leclair, English horn; Bill Kalinkos, bass clarinet; Ken Thomson, contrabass clarinet; Brad Balliett, contrabassoon; Mike Gurfield, trumpet; Andy Kozar, trumpet; Steven Parker, trombone; Dan Peck, tuba; David Skidmore, percussion; Bill Solomon, percussion; Bridget Kibbey, harp; Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, guitar; Oliver Hagen, piano; Ari Streisfeld, violin; Olivia DePrato, violin; John Pickford Richards, viola; Christopher Otto, viola; Kevin McFarland, cello; Lauren Radnofsky, cello; Gregory Chudzik, bass; Bradley Lubman, Conductor play
....Like Water Bun-Ching Lam Jeanne-Marie Conquer, violin; Dimitri Vassilakis, piano; Gilles Durot, percussion play
...after a dance or two, we sit down for a pint with Gil and Tim... John Hollenbeck The Claudia Quintet; John Hollenbeck, drums; John Hollenbeck, percussion; Matt Moran, vibraphone; Matt Moran, percussion; Chris Speed, clarinet; Chris Speed, tenor saxophone; Ted Reichman, accordion; Drew Gress, bass play
...à mesure Philippe Hurel Eighth Blackbird; Tim Munro, flute; Michael J. Maccaferi, clarinet; Matt Albert, violin; Nicholas Photinos, cello; Matthew Duvall, percussion; Lisa Kaplan, piano play
...Nach Großwardein Herman Rosenzweig Deborah Bard, soprano; Stewart Miller, bass; Hank Tausend, percussion; Peter Blagoev, violin; Ilya Levinson, piano; New Budapest Orpheum Society play
11 Over 4 Muhal Richard Abrams Eddie Allen, trumpet; Lindsey Horner, voice; Marty Ehrlich, voice; Reggie Nicholson, percussion; Lindsey Horner, bass; Mark Feldman, voice; Patience Higgins, bass clarinet; Anne LeBaron, voice; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Muhal Richard Abrams, rain stick; Tony Cedras, accordion; Mark Feldman, percussion; Marty Ehrlich, percussion; Reggie Nicholson, voice; Eddie Allen, voice; Muhal Richard Abrams, voice; Marty Ehrlich, alto saxophone; Muhal Richard Abrams, piano; Bryan Carrott, percussion; Patience Higgins, tenor saxophone; Reggie Nicholson, drums; Anne LeBaron, percussion; Patience Higgins, percussion; Bryan Carrott, vibraphone; Anne LeBaron, harp; Lindsey Horner, percussion; Bryan Carrott, voice; Mark Feldman, violin; Eddie Allen, percussion; Tony Cedras, percussion; Muhal Richard Abrams, percussion; Tony Cedras, voice; Muhal Richard Abrams, synthesizer; Patience Higgins, voice play
12 Centers Breathing James Mulcro Drew Barton Workshop; Tobias Liebezeit, percussion; Manuel Visser, viola play
1324 Byard Lancaster, saxophone; J.R. Mitchell, percussion; Calvin Hill, bass; Paul Morrison, electric bass; Lester Lumley, percussion play
1492 Judith Shatin Andrew Mark, cello; Hugh Hinton, piano; CORE Ensemble; Michael Parola, percussion play
15 similar events-septet Burkhard Schlothauer Ulrich Krieger, clarinet; Normisa Pereira da Silva, alto flute; Burkhard Schlothauer, violin; Julia Eckhardt, viola; Marcus Kaiser, violoncello; Guy Vandromme, piano; Tobias Liebezeit, percussion play
2 896 Lightyears Emil Harnas Jon Nelson, trumpet; Jon Nelson, Conductor; Raymond Stewart, tuba; Sabatino Scirri, flute; Sabatino Scirri, piccolo; Matt Thomas, alto saxophone; Steve Baczkowski, saxophone; Steve Baczkowski, didjeridu; Kevin Moehringer, trombone; Tim Allen, electric guitar; Vinnie Loccissano, synthesizer; Matt Lansom, bass; David Pinchoff, percussion; Matt Felski, drums; Jeremiah Fox, drums play
20.C Rich Halley Rich Halley, tenor saxophone; Rich Halley, percussion; Rob Blakeslee, trumpet; Rob Blakeslee, cornet; Phil Sparks, bass; William Thomas, drums; Troy Grugett, alto saxophone; Troy Grugett, baritone saxophone; Troy Grugett, percussion; Michael Vlatkovich, trombone play
21 Thomas Buckner David Wessel, electronics; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; George Marsh, percussion; Thomas Buckner, voice; Jennifer Wilsey, percussion play
22 sächelchen: A Melody for William Street Jürg Frey Stephen Altoft, trumpet; Lee Forrest Ferguson, percussion; duo Contour play
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