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Al Margolis
If, Bwana - I, Angelica

Al Margolis
If, Bwana: Breathing

John Bischoff
John Bischoff/Tim Perkis: Artificial Horizon

John Cage
John Cage Edition - Vol. 25: The Works For Piano 16

Jorge Antunes
Jorge Antunes: Savage Songs

Kui Dong
Kui Dong: Pangu's Song
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If, Bwana - I, Angelica Al Margolis Detta Andreana, voice; Al Margolis, tape; Al Margolis, Moog rogue; Al Margolis, Arp 2600; Al Margolis, computer; Al Margolis, steel cello; Al Margolis, guitar; Ted (the dog), footsteps; Mike Hoffman, piano board; Adam Klein, voice; Debbie Goldberg, voice; Dan Andreana, voice; Al Margolis, voice play
If, Bwana: Breathing Al Margolis Brian Charles, oboe; Al Margolis, flute; Al Margolis, electronics; Al Margolis, tape; Al Margolis, violoncello; Detta Andreana, piano; Detta Andreana, organ; Al Margolis, electronic processing; Al Margolis, voice; Dave Prescott, didjeridu; Detta Andreana, voice; Debbie Goldberg, voice; Dave Prescott, winds; Dan Andreana, voice; Al Margolis, piano; Jane Scarpantoni, violoncello; Brian Charles, didjeridu; Al Margolis, winds; Al Margolis, strings play
If, Bwana: Rex Xhu Ping Al Margolis Al Margolis, sampled sounds; Detta Andreana, organ; Dan Andreana, tape; Dr. George Omara, synthesizer; Dan Andreana, accordion; Detta Andreana, tape; Sarah Weaver, trombone; Matthew Maruszek, violoncello; Al Margolis, loops; Chris Burchell, trombone; Stephen Schweizer, bikelophone; Tom Wertz, guitar; Al Margolis, tape; Al Margolis, xylophone; Laura Biagi, voice; Detta Andreana, bowed cymbals; Dan Andreana, text; Al Margolis, clarinet; Dan Andreana, voice; Al Margolis, electronic processing; Orchestra D'Fou play
John Bischoff/Tim Perkis: Artificial Horizon John Bischoff John Bischoff, computer; John Bischoff, tape; John Bischoff, electronic processing; Tim Perkis, computer; Tim Perkis, Yamaha Disklavier; Tim Perkis, electronic processing play
John Cage Edition - Vol. 25: The Works For Piano 16 John Cage Margaret Leng Tan, prepared piano; Margaret Leng Tan, piano; Burgess Meredith, narrator; John Cage, percussion; John Cage, tape play
John Cage Edition, Vol. 10: Europeras 3 & 4 John Cage Patricia McAfee, mezzo-soprano; Ronda Rindone, turntable; Dren McDonald, turntable; Andrew Culver, Conductor; Michael Lyon, tenor; Vicki Ray, piano; Jerry Wheeler, turntable; Anne-Marie Ketchum, soprano; Long Beach Opera; Clarice Ross, turntable; Kevin Bell, bass; Bryan Pezzone, piano; Hannes Geiger, turntable; Joseph Giri, turntable; Ruby Hinds, mezzo-soprano; Susan Hanson, soprano; Scott Fraser, tape; William Houston, turntable; Richard Powell, tenor; Daisetta Kim, soprano play
John Cage Edition, Vol. 4: Music for Merce Cunningham John Cage Takehisa Kosugi, phonograph cartridge; Michael Pugliese, amplified small objects; Takehisa Kosugi, amplified small objects; David Tudor, amplified small objects; David Tudor, phonograph cartridge; Takehisa Kosugi, bamboo flute; Michael Pugliese, clay pots; David Tudor, electronics; Takehisa Kosugi, amplified violin; Michael Pugliese, tape; Takehisa Kosugi, electronics; Michael Pugliese, phonograph cartridge play
John Cage Edition, Vol. 8: Europera 5 John Cage Don Metz, tape; Yvar Mikhashoff, piano; Martha Herr, soprano; Jan Williams, turntable; Gary Burgess, tenor; John Cage, speaker play
John Eaton: Mass/Blind Man's Cry/Concert Music for Solo Clarinet John Eaton Michiko Hirayama, soprano; John Eaton, Syn-Mill; Kalvert Nelson, tape; Judith Martin, Syn-Ket; John Reeves White, Conductor; Andrew Jarema, Syn-Mill; Jay Williams, Moog synthesizer; Eugene O'Brien, Syn-Ket; John Eaton, Syn-Ket; Andrew Jarema, Mini-Vox; William O. Smith, clarinet; Wilson Allen, tape play
Jorge Antunes: In Defence Of The Machine Jorge Antunes Jorge Antunes, tape; Leonardo Neiva, voice; Deyvision Miranda, piano; Guerra Vicente, cello; Grupo PIAP; Lydia Kavina, theremin; Mariuga Lisboa Antunes, piano; Daniel Kientzy, tenor saxophone; Thierry Miroglio, marimba; Thierry Miroglio, cuica play
Jorge Antunes: Savage Songs Jorge Antunes Jorge Antunes, tape; Jorge Antunes, electronics; Jorge Antunes, theremin play
Kreiger/Matthews/Tanenbaum: Electronic Works Arthur Kreiger Arthur Kreiger, tape; William Matthews, tape; Elias Tanenbaum, tape play
Kui Dong: Pangu's Song Kui Dong Kui Dong, electronics; Sarah Cahill, piano; Chen Tao, erhu; Olly Wilson, Conductor; Roy Malan, violin; William Wohlmacher, clarinet; Daniel Kennedy, percussion; Tod Brody, flute; Barbara Chaffe, flute; Kui Dong, tape; Karen Rosenak, piano; Stephen Harrison, violoncello; San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; Hong Wang, erhu; Ann Yao, zheng play
Larry Polansky: Change Larry Polansky Daniel Goode, clarinet; Greg Anderson, electric bass; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Larry Polansky, computer; Eleanor Wilson, voice; Anna Diamond Polansky, voice; Larry Polansky, Fender-Rhodes piano; Sarah Cahill, piano; Larry Polansky, tape; Marie Pauline Esguerra, voice; Larry Polansky, kemanak; Larry Polansky, pelog gender; Daniel Goode, kemanak; Leo Ciesa, drums play
Larry Polansky: Four-Voice Canons Larry Polansky Mark Swinton, voice; Quintilla Hughes, voice; William Winant, marimba; Angela Voyajolu, voice; Rachael Parsons, voice; Helen Vasey, voice; John Potter, voice; William Brooks, voice; Stephen Johnson, voice; Jonathan Upfold, voice; Edward Jessen, voice; Katharine Taylor, voice; David Fletcher, voice; Ha-Yang Kim, cello; Nathan Davis, percussion; Nick Didkovsky, computer; Nick Didkovsky, source material; Ray Guillette, computer; Mills College Frog Pond frogs; Jody Diamond, gamelan; Larry Polansky, fretless electric guitar; Anna Diamond Polansky, voice; Larry Polansky, computer; Eliza Polli, voice; Meghan Gallagher, voice; Hester Godfrey, voice; Nick Sinnott Armstrong, voice; Saskia Nislow, voice; Katie Lenhart, voice; The York Vocal Index; Chris Mann, voice; Daniel Goode, tape; William Winant, percussion; Anthony Braxton, baritone saxophone; Jody Diamond, rebab play
Larry Polansky: The Theory of Impossible Melody Larry Polansky Jody Diamond, voice; Phil Burk, computer; Larry Polansky, computer; William Winant, marimba; William Winant, percussion; Chris Mann, voice; Larry Pokansky, tape play
Malcolm Goldstein: a sounding of sources Malcolm Goldstein Malcolm Goldstein, violin; Malcolm Goldstein, tape; Malcolm Goldstein, electronics; Malcolm Goldstein, pre-recorded sound; Beat Schneider, violoncello; Radu Malfatti, trombone; Philippe Micole, bass clarinet; Philippe Racine, flute; Malcolm Goldstein play
Mauricio Kagel: TransiciĆ³n II / Phonophonie Mauricio Kagel Dimitri Fiorin, percussion; Xavier Tabet, voice; Stefano Bassanese, tape; Elena Barbalich, voice; Nicholas Isherwood, voice; Daniele Del Giudice, voice; Tim Greacen, voice; Piera Acone, voice; Aldo Orvieto, piano; Alvise Vidolin, electronics; Alvise Vidolin, tape; Nicholas Isherwood, bass play
Miwako Abe: Works For Violin by Antheil, Beyer, Cowell, Dodge, Crawford, Mahler, Polansky, and Wolpe Henry Cowell Michael Kieran Harvey, piano; Miwako Abe, violin; Charles Dodge, tape play
Music of Harley Gaber/William Hellermann/Paul Zonn Harley Gaber Karl Kraber, flute; Wilma Zonn, oboe; Arthur Maddox, piano; William Hellermann, tape; Philip Corner, amplified piano; Michael Levenson, percussion; Linda Cummiskey, violin; David Gilbert, flute; Raymond Des Roches, vibraphone play
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