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Mark So
West Coast Soundings

Annea Lockwood
New Music for Electronic And Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music - 1977

Johanna Beyer
New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977

Chester Biscardi
Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan

Lou Harrison
Lou Harrison: Chamber & Gamelan Works

Lou Harrison
Lou Harrison
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West Coast Soundings Mark So Frank Gratkowski, bass clarinet; Frank Gratkowski, clarinet; Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone; Frank Gratkowski, radio; Frank Gratkowski, triangle; Seth Josel, guitar; Seth Josel, mandolin; Seth Josel, radio; Seth Josel, triangle; Hans W. Koch, electronics; Hans W. Koch, radio; Hans W. Koch, triangle; Anton Lukoszevieze, cello; Anton Lukoszevieze, voice; Anton Lukoszevieze, radio; Anton Lukoszevieze, triangle; Lucia Mense, recorders; Lucia Mense, radio; Lucia Mense, triangle play
New Music for Electronic And Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music - 1977 Annea Lockwood Charles Amirkhanian, triangle; William Novak, voice; Stephen Ruppenthal, music easel synthesizer; Allen Strange, music easel synthesizer; David Morese, music easel synthesizer; Donald Buchla, frequency shifting; Scott Johnson, organ; Brenda Hutchinson, pulse control; Laurie Anderson, voice; Danny Sofer, drums; Scott Johnson, guitar; Electric Weasel Ensemble; Phil Loarie, voice; Laurie Anderson, violin play
New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977 Johanna Beyer Scott Johnson, organ; Laurie Spiegel, tape; Laurie Anderson; Ruth Anderson, sine wave generator; Megan Roberts, tape; Laurie Anderson, telephone; Laurie Anderson, violin; Laurie Spiegel, computer; Stephen Ruppenthal, Buchla music easel; Brenda Hutchinson, pulse control; David Morse, Buchla music easel; Electric Weasel Ensemble; Charles Amirkhanian, triangle; Allen Strange, Buchla music easel; Donald Buchla, frequency shifting; Annea Lockwood, gong; Annea Lockwood, pre-recorded sound; Pauline Oliveros, tape; Scott Johnson, guitar play
Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan Chester Biscardi Gary Beumee, percussion; Carl Lindh, percussion; Albert Natoli, percussion; Glen Fittin, percussion; John Tighe, percussion; Kenneth Piascik, percussion; John Ferrari, percussion; Michael Frasche, percussion; Ted Sturm, percussion; Peter Newell, percussion; Michael Toal, percussion; David Philip, percussion; Kenneth Piascik, percussion; Gary Fink, percussion; Anthony de Mare, piano; Gary Fink, finger cymbals; Gary Fink, hi-hat; Gary Fink, instrument; Gary Fink, tambourine; Gary Fink, timbales; Gary Fink, bongos; Gary Fink, timpani; Michael Toal, finger cymbals; Michael Toal, hi-hat; Michael Toal, instrument; Michael Toal, tambourine; Michael Toal, tom-tom; Michael Toal, bass drum; Peter Newell, castanets; Peter Newell, claves; Peter Newell, finger cymbals; Peter Newell, hi-hat; Peter Newell, triangle; Peter Newell, maracas; Peter Newell, suspended cymbal; Peter Newell, woodblocks; Peter Newell, marimba; David Philip, hi-hat; David Philip, instrument; David Philip, tambourine; David Philip, timpani; Gary Van Dyke, Conductor; John Ferrari, vibraphone; John Ferrari, chimes; John Ferrari, sizzle cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, castanets; Kenneth Piascik, chimes; Kenneth Piascik, claves; Kenneth Piascik, maracas; Kenneth Piascik, sizzle cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, marimba; Linda Guarino-Udeako, piano; John Tighe, castanets; John Tighe, claves; John Tighe, finger cymbals; John Tighe, hi-hat; John Tighe, maracas; John Tighe, triangle; John Tighe, slapstick; John Tighe, suspended cymbal; John Tighe, temple blocks; Glen Fittin, cowbell; Glen Fittin, crotales; Glen Fittin, glockenspiel; Glen Fittin, hi-hat; Glen Fittin, suspended cymbal; Albert Natoli, hi-hat; Albert Natoli, instrument; Albert Natoli, tambourine; Albert Natoli, timbales; Albert Natoli, tom-tom; Albert Natoli, military drum; Albert Natoli, piccolo snare drum; Albert Natoli, string drum; Michael Frasche, almglocken; Michael Frasche, bell-tree; Michael Frasche, Chinese cymbals; Michael Frasche, glockenspiel; Michael Frasche, hi-hat; Michael Frasche, suspended cymbal; Michael Frasche, tom-tom; Michael Frasche, brake drums; Carl Lindh, castanets; Carl Lindh, claves; Carl Lindh, hi-hat; Carl Lindh, maracas; Carl Lindh, suspended cymbal; Carl Lindh, instrument; Carl Lindh, temple blocks; Carl Lindh, woodblocks; Gary Beumee, vibraphone; Gary Beumee, finger cymbals; Gary Beumee, triangle; Gary Beumee, sizzle cymbal; New Jersey Percussion Ensemble at William Patterson College; Laura Flax, clarinet; Judith Bettina, soprano; Andy DeLucca, tam-tam; Ted Sturm, vibraphone; Ted Sturm, suspended cymbal; Ted Sturm, marimba; Ted Sturm, bass drum; Gary Van Dyke, vibraphone; Gary Van Dyke, suspended cymbal; Gary Van Dyke, timbales; Gary Van Dyke, marimba; Gary Van Dyke, bongos; John Ferrari, instrument; John Ferrari, triangle; John Ferrari, timpani; Kenneth Piascik, vibraphone; Kenneth Piascik, glockenspiel; Kenneth Piascik, suspended cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, bass drum; Gary Beumee, crotales; Gary Beumee, glockenspiel; Gary Beumee, temple blocks; Gary Beumee, timbales; Gary Beumee, woodblocks; Gary Beumee, xylophone; Gary Beumee, bongos; Peter Jarvis, Conductor play
Made In America - The Complete Works of William Russell William Russell Judith Gordon, sheet metal; Eric Kivnick, triangle; John Kennedy, lion's roar; John Kennedy, alarm bells; Charles Wood, metronome; Peter Cooper, gong; Eric Kivnick, lion's roar; John Kennedy, gong; Maya Gunji, woodblock; John Redsecker, suitcase; Eric Kivnick, washtub bass; John Kennedy, woodblock; Charles Wood, tin cans; Eric Kivnick, gong; Maya Gunji, tom-tom; Eric Kivnick, rada drum; Peter Cooper, acons; Eleanor Sandresky, piano; John Kennedy, tin cans; Charles Wood, firecrackers; Charles Wood, found object drum kit; Maya Gunji, suitcase; Maya Gunji, ratchet; John Kennedy, firecrackers; Peter Cooper, alarm bells; Eric Kivnick, pipes; Eric Kivnick, brake drums; Maya Gunji, acons; Lawrence Spivack, rada drum; Charles Wood, bass drum; Charles Wood, steel bar; John Kennedy, rada drum; Eric Kivnick, cymbals; Maya Gunji, xylophone; Eric Kivnick, drums; John Kennedy, tom-tom; Maya Gunji, cymbals; Eric Kivnick, woodblock; Charles Wood, Conductor; Eric Charlston, xylophone; John Kennedy, tympani; Essential Music; Lawrence Spivack, triangle; Judith Gordon, piano; Eric Kivnick, bass drum; Jeff Milarsky, glockenspiel; Peter Cooper, cymbals; John Kennedy, metals; John Kennedy, Jack Daniels Bottle; Maya Gunji, guiro; John Kennedy, slide whistle; John Redsecker, drums; Eleanor Sandresky, celesta; Laurie Frink, trumpet; John Kennedy, washboard; John Kennedy, bass drum; Eric Kivnick, cowbell; Peter Cooper, guiro; Eric Kivnick, bongos; Maya Gunji, cowbell; John Kennedy, claves; John Kennedy, quijada; Maya Gunji, maracas; Charles Wood, marimbula; Maya Gunji, snare drum play
Lou Harrison: Chamber & Gamelan Works Lou Harrison Patricia Jennerjohn, celesta; Barbara Bondelid, harp; Wayne Brotherton, bathtub; Wayne Brotherton; Richard Allen, bass drum; Wayne Brotherton, cymbals; Manhattan Percussion Ensemble; Richard Fitz, brake drums; Edward Burnham; Edward Burnham, bells; Richard Fitz, vibraphone; Howard Zwickler; Howard Zwickler, gong; Norman Bergen, celesta; Edward Burnham, snare drum; Howard Zwickler, xylophone; Paul Price, Conductor; Richard Fitz, triangle; Machiko Kobialka, tack piano; Jerome Neff, percussion; Robert Hughes, Conductor; Don Marconi, percussion; James Barbagallo, tack piano; Daniel Kobialka, violin; Joan Jeanrenaud, violoncello; Gamelan Sekar Kembar; Scott L. Hartman, French horn; Susan Bates, violin; Kronos Quartet; Hank Dutt, viola; Lou Harrison, suling; John Sherba, violin; David Harrington, violin; Howard Zwickler, bass drum play
Lou Harrison Lou Harrison James Barbagallo, tack piano; Alan Silverman, cymbals; Norman Bergen, piano; Howard Zwickler, bass drum; Alan Silverman, brake drums; Thomas Maguire, woodblocks; Richard Fitz, triangle; Richard Fitz, brake drums; Alan Silverman, clockcoils; Jerome Neff, percussion; Howard Zwickler, tam-tam; Howard Zwickler, xylophone; Richard Fitz, vibraphone; Richard Fitz, temple blocks; Wayne Brotherton, suspended cymbal; Wayne Brotherton, thundersheets; Edward Burnham, bells; Edward Burnham, brake drums; Edward Burnham, snare drum; Wayne Brotherton, washtub; Scott L. Hartman, French horn; John Sherba, violin; Joan Jeanrenaud, cello; Patricia Jennerjohn, celesta; Don Marconi, percussion; Robert Hughes, Conductor; Daniel Kobialka, violin; Gamelan Sekar Kembar; Machiko Kobialka, tack piano; Barbara Bondelid, harp; Norman Bergen, celesta; Richard Allen, bass drum; Manhattan Percussion Ensemble; Hank Dutt, viola; David Harrington, violin; Kronos Quartet; Susan Bates, violin; Howard Zwickler, gong play
Harrison/Perry/Gyring Julia Perry Richard Allen, bass drum; Howard Zwickler, bass drum; Mitchell Andrews, piano; Fred Eckler, timpani; Howard Zwickler, gongs; Barbara Bondelid, harp; Alan Silverman, cymbals; Richard Fitz, triangle; Thomas Maguire, woodblocks; Alan Silverman, clockcoils; Edward Burnham, bells; Edward Burnham, brake drums; Paul Price, Conductor; Howard Zwickler, tam-tam; Richard Fitz, vibraphone; Edward Burnham, snare drum; Manhattan Percussion Ensemble; Wayne Brotherton, thundersheets; Howard Zwickler, xylophone; Norman Bergen, piano; Alan Silverman, brake drums; Richard Fitz, brake drums; Wayne Brotherton, washtub; Wayne Brotherton, cymbals; Norman Bergen, celesta play
Craig Shepard: On Foot: Brooklyn Craig Shepard Craig Shepard, field recording; Katie Porter, clarinet; Devin Maxwell, snare drum; Devin Maxwell, glockenspiel; Jack Callahan, melodica; Jack Callahan, triangle; Erik Carlson, violin; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Dan Joseph, dulcimer; Larry Polansky, electric guitar; Mathew Schumer, baritone saxophone; Kristen McKeon, alto saxophone; Erin Rogers, tenor saxophone; Jack Callahan, bottles play
Alvin Lucier: Ever Present Alvin Lucier Matt Welch, bagpipes; Brian Johnson, triangle; Sascha Armbruster, alto saxophone; Drescher-Okabe-Armbruster Trio; Akiko Okabe, piano; Jacqueline Martelle, flute; Miki Maruta, koto; Yoko Nishi, koto; Kayoko Nakagawa, koto; Ryuko Mizutani, koto; Erik Drescher, flute play
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