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Morten Lauridsen
American Choral Music for Male Chorus

Charles Tomlinson Griffes
American Works for Flute and Orchestra

Virgil Thomson
Complete Songs of Virgil Thomson for voice and piano

Henry Cowell
The Composer-Performer

Andrew Violette
Composers Collaborative: Solo Flights

Henry Cowell
Gay American Composers, Vol. 2
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American Choral Music for Male Chorus Morten Lauridsen Harvard Glee Club; Jameson Marvin, Conductor play
American Works for Flute and Orchestra Charles Tomlinson Griffes Paul Freeman, Conductor; Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Mary Stolper, flute play
Complete Songs of Virgil Thomson for voice and piano Virgil Thomson William Hite, tenor; Linda Osborn, piano; Lynne McMurtry, contralto; Alison d'Amato, piano; Sarah Pelletier, soprano; Aaron Engebreth, baritone; John McDonald, percussion play
The Composer-Performer Henry Cowell Harry Partch; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Alice Shields, voice; Ben Johnston; Donald Pippin; Henry Cowell, piano; Harry Partch, instrument; Betty Johnston, instrument; Donald Pippin, instrument; Ben Johnston, instrument; Irving Fine, piano; Otto Luening, flute; Robert Helps, piano; Betty Allen, mezzo-soprano; Virgil Thomson, piano; William Albright, organ; George Walker, piano; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Fred Sherry, cello; Charles Wuorinen, piano; Curtis Curtis-Smith, bowed piano; Gerald Fischbach, violin; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Ned Rorem, piano; Da Capo Chamber Players; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Joan Tower, piano; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Guy Klucevsek, free bass accordion; Michael Gordon Philharmonic; Bob Loughlin, electric guitar; Ted Kuhn, violin; John Lad, viola; Michael Gordon, keyboard; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet; Victoria Jordanova, broken piano; Victoria Jordanova, harp; Nine Songs Ensemble and Chorus; Tan Dun, voice; Tan Dun, percussion; Tan Dun, Conductor; Alice Shields, piano; Alice Shields, electronics play
Composers Collaborative: Solo Flights Andrew Violette Andrew Violette, piano; Robert Helps, piano; Sarah Cahill, piano; David Del Tredici, piano; Jed Distler, piano; Sara Laimon, piano; Phillip Bush, piano; Kathleen Supové, piano play
Gay American Composers, Vol. 2 Henry Cowell David Reid, voice; Jeffrey Krieger, electronic cello; Henry Cowell, piano; Gate Five Ensemble of the University of Illinois; Danlee Mitchell, cloud chamber bowls; Danlee Mitchell, boo; Dick Schleppe, alto saxophone; David Reid, baritone saxophone; Harry Partch, diamond marimba; Zola Shaulis, piano; Brooklyn Philharmonic; Michael Barrett, piano; Lukas Foss, Conductor; Carroll Glenn, violin; Hilde Somer, piano; New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra; James Bolle, Conductor; New Music Quartet; Broadus Erle, violin; Matthew Raimondi, violin; Walter Trampler, viola; Claus Adam, cello; Jeffrey Krieger, electric cello; Alwin Nikolais, electronics; Maro Ajemian, prepared piano play
Heaven is Music Choral & Vocal Music of Virgil Thomson Virgil Thomson Gregory Davidson, tenor; Pedro d'Aquino, baritone; Steven Hartman, clarinet; Katherine Greene, viola; Thomas Mulvaney, percussion; Rosalind Rees, soprano; Steven Vosatka, piano; Georgette Hutchins, mezzo-soprano; Gregg Smith Singers; Susan Jolles, harp; Michael Osrowitz, percussion; Gregg Smith, Conductor play
John Cage Edition, Vol. 42: The Works for Saxophone 3 & 4 Lou Harrison Ulrich Krieger, toy saxophone; Gerhard Scherer, accordion; Martin Losert, soprano saxophone; Ulrich Maiß, cello; Ulrich Krieger, no-input mixer; Ulrich Krieger, bass clarinet; Andreas Schmucker, bass clarinet; Alexander Frangenheim, bass; Marc Lingk, TimeFreezer; Andreas Peters, percussion; Ulrich Krieger, electronics; Johannes Platz, viola; Ulrich Krieger, sopranino saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu; Ulrich Krieger, clarinet; Andreas Schmucker, contrabass clarinet; Ulrich Krieger, melodica; Burkhard Schlothauer, violin; Christoph Enzel, baritone saxophone; Christian Vogel, tenor saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, contrabass saxophone; Intersax; Martin Losert, alto saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, soprano saxophone; Klaus Schöpp, bass flute; Michael Iber, piano; Tobias Rüger, tenor saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, launeddas; Ulrich Krieger, bass saxophone; Klaus Schöpp, contrabass flute; Ulrich Krieger, sax mouthpiece; Ulrich Krieger, radio; Ulrich Krieger, e-bow guitar; Ulrich Krieger, tenor saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, alto saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, bamboo flute; Ulrich Krieger, baritone saxophone; Reimar Volker, baritone saxophone play
Lopatnikoff/Helps/Thomson/Kurka-Orchestral Works Robert Kurka Albany Symphony Orchestra; David Alan Miller, Conductor; Alan Feinberg, piano play
The Mother of Us All Gertrude Stein, Librettist Helen Vanni, voice, "Constance Fletcher"; Steven Loewengart, voice, "Ulysses S. Grant"; Paul Mabrey, voice, "Donald Gallup"; Thomas Parker, voice, "Andrew Johnson"; James McKeel, voice, "Gloster Heming"; Karen Beck, voice, "Lillian Russell"; Billie Nash, voice, "Henrietta M.Isabel Wentworth"; Jimmie Lu Null, voice, "Jenny Reefer"; Sondra Stowe, voice, "Anna Hope"; David F. Fuller, voice, "Anthony Comstock"; Ronald Raines, voice, "Henry B./Herman Atlan"; Gene Ives, voice, "Virgil T."; Linn Maxwell, voice, "Indiana Elliot"; William Lewis, voice, "John Adams"; Ashley Putnam, voice, "Angel More"; Douglas Perry, voice, "Thaddeus Stevens"; Joseph McKee, voice, "Chris the Citizen"; Aviva Orvath, voice, "Gertrude S."; Batyah Godfrey, voice, "Anne"; Santa Fe Opera; Philip Booth, voice, "Daniel Webster"; James Atherton, voice, "Jo the Loiterer"; Mignon Dunn, voice, "Susan B. Anthony"; Raymond Leppard, Conductor play
The Mother of Us All Virgil Thomson Chad Sonka, voice; Aviva Orvath, voice; Batyah Godfrey, voice; Noragh Devlin, voice; Manhattan School of Music Opera Theater; Steven Osgood, Conductor; Kim Johansen, voice; Rachael Braunstein, voice; Kathleen Spencer, voice; Kendra Broom, voice; John Callison, voice; Margaret Newcomb, voice; Amelia Berry, voice; Paul-Anthony Keightley, voice; Nicholas Smith, voice; Jonathon Thierer, voice; Juan Daniel Melo, voice; Gina Perregrino, voice; Addison Hamilton, voice; Carlton Moe, voice; Kasia Borowiec, voice; James Ludlum, voice; Megan Gillis, voice; Scott Russell, voice; Alexander Frankel, voice; Cameron Johnson, voice; Thomas Mulder, voice; Eliott Paige, voice; Chanae Curtis, voice; Nicholas Meyer, voice; Megan Samarin, voice; Manhattan School of Music Opera Orchestra play
New York Concert Singers: The Mask Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco New York Concert Singers; Judith Clurman, Conductor; Joan Peterson Krause, soprano; Elsa Larsson, mezzo-soprano; Gregory Hostetler, tenor; Paul Houghtaling, bass; Curtis Streetman, bass; Benjamin Verdery, guitar; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; William Blount, clarinet; Sara Cutler, harp; Louise Schulman, viola play
Nothing Divine is Mundane: Songs of Virgil Thomson Virgil Thomson Phillip Bush, piano; Dora Ohrenstein, soprano; Cassatt String Quartet; William Sharp, baritone; Glenn Siebert, tenor play
Panorama of American Piano Music, 1911 - 1990 From Antheil to Zappa Charles Ives Yvar Mikhashoff, piano play
Paul Sperry Sings Romantic American Songs Paul Bowles Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano play
Rider on the Plains Charles Fussell Emmanuel Feldman, cello; Joy Cline Phinney, piano; Susan Davenny Wyner, Conductor; New England String Ensemble; Paul Gambill, Conductor; Nashville Chamber Orchestra play
A Season's Promise Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco Judith Clurman, Conductor; New York Concert Singers play
Songs To Fill The Void Virgil Thomson Robert Barefield, tenor; Carolyn Hague, piano play
Thomson/Bowlesl/Hoiby/ Hundley/Musto/Klein: Songs Paul Bowles William Sharp, baritone; Steven Blier, piano play
Thomson/Helps: Symphonies Robert Helps James Bolle, Conductor; Columbia Symphony Orchestra; Zoltan Rozsnyai, Conductor; New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra play
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