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Henry Cowell
The Composer-Performer

Jeffrey Mumford
Jeffrey Mumford: The Focus of Blue Light

Joan Tower
Joan Tower: Black Topaz

Chester Biscardi
Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan

Joan Tower
Music of Joan Tower

Stephen Dembski
Music of Stephen Dembski
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The Composer-Performer Henry Cowell Alice Shields, voice; Harry Partch; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Donald Pippin; Ben Johnston; Henry Cowell, piano; Harry Partch, instrument; Betty Johnston, instrument; Donald Pippin, instrument; Ben Johnston, instrument; Irving Fine, piano; Otto Luening, flute; Robert Helps, piano; Betty Allen, mezzo-soprano; Virgil Thomson, piano; William Albright, organ; George Walker, piano; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Fred Sherry, cello; Charles Wuorinen, piano; Curtis Curtis-Smith, bowed piano; Gerald Fischbach, violin; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Ned Rorem, piano; Da Capo Chamber Players; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Joan Tower, piano; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Guy Klucevsek, free bass accordion; Michael Gordon Philharmonic; Bob Loughlin, electric guitar; Ted Kuhn, violin; John Lad, viola; Michael Gordon, keyboard; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet; Victoria Jordanova, broken piano; Victoria Jordanova, harp; Nine Songs Ensemble and Chorus; Tan Dun, voice; Tan Dun, percussion; Tan Dun, Conductor; Alice Shields, piano; Alice Shields, electronics play
Da Capo Chamber Players' 10th Anniversary Joseph Schwantner Da Capo Chamber Players; Patricia Spencer, flute; Laura Flax, clarinet; Joel Lester, violin; André Emelianoff, cello; Joan Tower, piano play
Frank/Olan Andrew Frank Linda Quan, violin; Rolf Schulte, violin; Robert Miller, piano; Laura Flax, clarinet; Paul Dunkel, flute play
Jeffrey Mumford: The Focus of Blue Light Jeffrey Mumford Aspen Wind Quintet; Bärli Nugent, flute; Robert Ingliss, oboe; Todd Levy, clarinet; Susan Heineman, bassoon; Chris Komer, horn; Kurt Nikkanen, violin; Bruce Anderson, piano; Joshua Gordon, cello; Da Capo Chamber Players; Eric Wyrick, violin; Sarah Rothenberg, piano; Laura Flax, clarinet; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, alto flute; Peter Brown, flute; Karen Johnson, flute play
Joan Tower: Black Topaz Joan Tower Carol Wincenc, flute; Deborah Moore, percussion; Chris Gekker, trumpet; Jonathan Haas, percussion; Stephen Gosling, piano; Mike Powell, trombone; Nurit Tilles, piano; Edmund Niemann, piano; Double Edge; Peter Zazofsky, violin; Bayla Keyes, violin; André Emelianoff, cello; Sharon Isbin, guitar; Laura Flax, clarinet; Patricia Spencer, flute; Steven Ansell, viola; Michael Reynolds, cello; The Muir String Quartet; Joan Tower, piano play
Music of Chester Biscardi and David Olan Chester Biscardi Gary Fink, percussion; Kenneth Piascik, percussion; David Philip, percussion; Michael Toal, percussion; Peter Newell, percussion; Ted Sturm, percussion; Michael Frasche, percussion; John Ferrari, percussion; Kenneth Piascik, percussion; John Tighe, percussion; Gary Beumee, percussion; Albert Natoli, percussion; Carl Lindh, percussion; Glen Fittin, percussion; Anthony de Mare, piano; Gary Fink, finger cymbals; Gary Fink, hi-hat; Gary Fink, instrument; Gary Fink, tambourine; Gary Fink, timbales; Gary Fink, bongos; Gary Fink, timpani; Michael Toal, finger cymbals; Michael Toal, hi-hat; Michael Toal, instrument; Michael Toal, tambourine; Michael Toal, tom-tom; Michael Toal, bass drum; Peter Newell, castanets; Peter Newell, claves; Peter Newell, finger cymbals; Peter Newell, hi-hat; Peter Newell, triangle; Peter Newell, maracas; Peter Newell, suspended cymbal; Peter Newell, woodblocks; Peter Newell, marimba; David Philip, hi-hat; David Philip, instrument; David Philip, tambourine; David Philip, timpani; Gary Van Dyke, Conductor; John Ferrari, vibraphone; John Ferrari, chimes; John Ferrari, sizzle cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, castanets; Kenneth Piascik, chimes; Kenneth Piascik, claves; Kenneth Piascik, maracas; Kenneth Piascik, sizzle cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, marimba; Linda Guarino-Udeako, piano; John Tighe, castanets; John Tighe, claves; John Tighe, finger cymbals; John Tighe, hi-hat; John Tighe, maracas; John Tighe, triangle; John Tighe, slapstick; John Tighe, suspended cymbal; John Tighe, temple blocks; Glen Fittin, cowbell; Glen Fittin, crotales; Glen Fittin, glockenspiel; Glen Fittin, hi-hat; Glen Fittin, suspended cymbal; Albert Natoli, hi-hat; Albert Natoli, instrument; Albert Natoli, tambourine; Albert Natoli, timbales; Albert Natoli, tom-tom; Albert Natoli, military drum; Albert Natoli, piccolo snare drum; Albert Natoli, string drum; Michael Frasche, almglocken; Michael Frasche, bell-tree; Michael Frasche, Chinese cymbals; Michael Frasche, glockenspiel; Michael Frasche, hi-hat; Michael Frasche, suspended cymbal; Michael Frasche, tom-tom; Michael Frasche, brake drums; Carl Lindh, castanets; Carl Lindh, claves; Carl Lindh, hi-hat; Carl Lindh, maracas; Carl Lindh, suspended cymbal; Carl Lindh, instrument; Carl Lindh, temple blocks; Carl Lindh, woodblocks; Gary Beumee, vibraphone; Gary Beumee, finger cymbals; Gary Beumee, triangle; Gary Beumee, sizzle cymbal; New Jersey Percussion Ensemble at William Patterson College; Laura Flax, clarinet; Judith Bettina, soprano; Andy DeLucca, tam-tam; Ted Sturm, vibraphone; Ted Sturm, suspended cymbal; Ted Sturm, marimba; Ted Sturm, bass drum; Gary Van Dyke, vibraphone; Gary Van Dyke, suspended cymbal; Gary Van Dyke, timbales; Gary Van Dyke, marimba; Gary Van Dyke, bongos; John Ferrari, instrument; John Ferrari, triangle; John Ferrari, timpani; Kenneth Piascik, vibraphone; Kenneth Piascik, glockenspiel; Kenneth Piascik, suspended cymbal; Kenneth Piascik, bass drum; Gary Beumee, crotales; Gary Beumee, glockenspiel; Gary Beumee, temple blocks; Gary Beumee, timbales; Gary Beumee, woodblocks; Gary Beumee, xylophone; Gary Beumee, bongos; Peter Jarvis, Conductor play
Music of Edward Cohen & Eleanor Cory Edward Cohen Laura Flax, clarinet; Atlantic String Quartet; Linda Quan, violin; Evan Paris, violin; Lois Martin, viola; Christopher Finckel, cello; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Aleck Karis, piano play
Music of Joan Tower Joan Tower Da Capo Chamber Players; Sarah Rothenberg, piano; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Joan Tower, piano; Joel Smirnoff, violin; Collage New Music; Randolph Bowman, flute; Robert Annis, clarinet; Joel Moerschel, cello; Frank Epstein, percussion; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Helen Harbison, cello; Gordon Gottlieb, percussion; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Daniel Shulman, Conductor play
Music of Stephen Dembski Stephen Dembski Alan Feinberg, piano; New York New Music Ensemble; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute; Linda Quan, violin; Daniel Druckman, percussion; Laura Flax, clarinet; Robert Black, Conductor; Eric Bartlett, cello; Rolf Schulte, violin; Fred Sherry, cello; Prism Orchestra; Stephen Dembski play
Ralph Shapey: Radical Traditionalism Ralph Shapey Everett Zlatoff-Mirsky, viola; Laura Flax, clarinet; Alan Feinberg, piano; New York New Music Ensemble; Eric Bartlett, violoncello; Robert Black, Conductor; Cyrus Stevens, violin; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute; Daniel Druckman, percussion; Robert Black, piano; Elliott Golub, violin; Quartet of the Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago; Barbara Haffner, violoncello; Lee Lane, violin; Wanda Maximilien, piano play
Richard Wilson: Brash Attacks Richard Wilson Laura Flax, clarinet; Ah Ling Neu, viola; Sophie Shao, cello; Moran Katz, clarinet; Lauren Ahlbeck, oboe; Richard Wilson, piano; Yann Dubost, bass; Sycil Mathai, trumpet; Mike Boschen, trombone; Janet Arms, flute play
Shulamit Ran: Chamber Works Shulamit Ran Sharon Polifrone, violin; Edward Gilmore, clarinet; Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago; Jennie Wagner, violin; Tom Hall, violin; Sharon Polifrone, viola; Barbara Haffner, cello; David Schrader, piano; Cliff Colnot, Conductor; Abraham Stokman, piano; Judith Nicosia, soprano; Alan Feinberg, piano; Laura Flax, clarinet; Members of the Da Capo Chamber Players; André Emelianoff, cello play
Trythall/Hudson/McClellan Joe Hudson Ursula Oppens, piano; Dorian Woodwind Quintet; Joseph Passaro, percussion; Karl Kraber, flute; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; David Shulman, Conductor; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Laura Flax, clarinet; Rolf Schulte, violin; Paul Lustig Dunkel, flute; Joseph Anderer, horn; Charles Kuskin, oboe play
Ursula Mamlok: Chamber Works Ursula Mamlok Christopher Finckel, cello; Aleck Karis, piano; Benjamin Hudson, violin; Samuel Baron, flute; Da Capo Chamber Players; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Joan Tower, piano; André Emelianoff, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Fred Sherry, cello; Phyllis Bryn-Julson; Harvey Sollberger; Fred Sherry; Robert Yamins, clarinet; Parnassus; Cyrus Stevens, violin; Keith Underwood, flute; Anthony Korf, Conductor; Dennis Smylie, bass clarinet; Donald Palma, bass; Edmund Niemann, piano play
Voices From Elysium: Art Songs by Copland, Cowell, Seeger, Gideon, and Talma Miriam Gideon Speculum Musicae; Joel Lester, violin; Laura Flax, clarinet; Paul Lustig Dunkel, Conductor; Beverly Morgan; Constantine Cassolas, tenor; André Emelianoff, cello; Joan Tower, piano; Patricia Spencer, flute; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Da Capo Chamber Players play
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