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Alvin Lucier
Alvin Lucier: Theme

Luis Enriquez Bacalov
The American Dream

Elliott Carter
Americana: Choral Works by Randall Thompson, Elliott Carter, and Seymour Shifrin

Tom Hamilton
Analogue Smoque

Andrew McGraw
Andrew McGraw: Kolaborasi

Andy Vores
Andy Vores: Goback Goback
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Alvin Lucier: Theme Alvin Lucier Thomas Buckner, voice; Sam Ashley, voice; Lois Svard, piano; The Wesleyan University Gamelan Ensemble; Joan La Barbara, voice; Jacqueline Humbert, voice play
The American Dream Luis Enriquez Bacalov Marco Cappelli's Italian Surf Academy; Marco Cappelli, electric guitar; Luis Lo Bianco, bass; Francesco Cusa, drums; Gaia Mattiuzzi, voice play
Americana: Choral Works by Randall Thompson, Elliott Carter, and Seymour Shifrin Elliott Carter Thomas Hilbish, Conductor; University of Michigan Chamber Choir, voice; University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra play
Analogue Smoque Tom Hamilton Tom Hamilton, sounds; Mike Silverton, voice; Al Margolis, sounds play
Andrew McGraw: Kolaborasi Andrew McGraw Lisa Kaplan, piano; Sekaa Batuyang; Gusti Sudarta; I Made Subandi; Chandra Wirabhuana; Gamelan Cudamani; Shahzad Ismaily, dobro; Andrew McGraw, percussion; Andrew McGraw, gender; Matt Albert, violin; Nicholas Photinos, cello; Matthew Duvall, percussion; Eighth Blackbird; Michael J. Maccaferri, clarinet; Tim Munro, flute; Andrew McGraw; Gusti Sudarta, voice; Tawatchai Tumtong, pin-pia; Andrew McGraw, pin-pia play
Andy Vores: Goback Goback Andy Vores Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Gil Rose, Conductor; David Kravitz, voice play
Anla Courtis: The Torrid Anla Courtis Anla Courtis, guitar; Anla Courtis, electronics; Rick Potts, guitar; Rick Potts, tape; Joseph Hammer, recorder; Joseph Hammer, tape; RLW; Ralf Wehowsky, kalimba; Ralf Wehowsky, cappuccino shaker; Bill Horist, guitar; Anla Courtis, voice; KK Null, electronics; KK Null, voice; Koji Tano, electronics; MSBR; V/VM; V/VM, field recordings; Armpit; Anla Courtis, harmonica; Daniel Menche, field recording; Anla Courtis, tape; Campbell Kneale, organ; Campbell Kneale, electronics play
Anne La Berge: Speak Anne La Berge Anne La Berge, flute; Anne La Berge, electronics; Anne La Berge, voice; Misha Myers, voice; Josh Geffin, voice; Amy Walker, voice; Patrick Ozzard-Low, voice; Cor Fuhler, piano; Stephie B├╝ttrich, voice play
Annea Lockwood: Breaking The Surface Annea Lockwood Thomas Buckner, voice play
Annea Lockwood: Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World Annea Lockwood Charles Wood, tam-tam; Libby Van Cleve, oboe; Libby Van Cleve, English horn; Jon Gibson, didjeridu; J. D. Parran, contrabass clarinet; Annea Lockwood, voice; Art Baron, conch shell; Art Baron, trombone; Art Baron, didjeridu; Peter Zummo, trombone; Michael Pugliese, tam-tam; N, Scott Robinson, conch shell; John Snyder, didjeridu; Michael Pugliese, clapping sticks; N, Scott Robinson, tam-tam; Peter Zummo, didjeridu; N, Scott Robinson, pod rattle; N, Scott Robinson, frame drums; John Snyder, waterphone; J. D. Parran, clarinet; Charles Wood, stones play
Anthony Braxton: 9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006 Anthony Braxton Andrew Raffo Dewar, clarinet; Nicole Mitchell, piccolo; Anthony Braxton, clarinet; Jessica Pavone, viola; Reut Regev, flugelbone; Taylor Ho Bynum, trumpbone; Nicole Mitchell, bass flute; Nicole Mitchell, alto flute; Andrew Raffo Dewar, c-melody saxophone; Nicole Mitchell, voice; Andrew Raffo Dewar, soprano saxophone; Mary Halvorson, electric guitar; Anthony Braxton, sopranino saxophone; James Fei, clarinet; Stephen H. Lehman, sopranino saxophone; Nicole Mitchell, flute; Jay Rozen, euphonium; Anthony Braxton, contra-alto clarinet; Aaron Siegel, vibraphone; Jessica Pavone, violin; Anthony Braxton, soprano saxophone; James Fei, bass clarinet; Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet; Sara Schoenbeck, suona; Stephen H. Lehman, alto saxophone; Taylor Ho Bynum, bass trumpet; Aaron Siegel, percussion; Jay Rozen, tuba; Carl Testa, double bass; James Fei, soprano saxophone; Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon; Taylor Ho Bynum, shell; Taylor Ho Bynum, flugelhorn; James Fei, alto saxophone; Carl Testa, bass clarinet; Taylor Ho Bynum, piccolo trumpet; Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone; The Anthony Braxton 12+1tet; Reut Regev, trombone play
Anti-Social Music Sings The Great American Songbook Pat Muchmore William Brittelle, voice; George Wright, voice; Judith Berkson, voice; Jean Cook, voice; Philippa Thompson, voice; Philippa Thompson, violin; Peyman Sangiabadi, trombone; Judith Berkson, alto; Loren Dempster, cello; Andrew Eisenberg, percussion; Paul Chuffo, percussion; Nate Mayland, trombone; Harry Marenstein, Conductor; George Wright, baritone; Melissa Collum, soprano; Andrea La Rose, flute; John Wriggle, trombone; Pat Muchmore, voice; Hubert Chen, violin; Philippa Thompson, viola; Jean Cook, violin; Danny Mulligan, electric guitar; Ken Thomson, clarinet; Dan Neustadt, piano; Pat Muchmore, cello; Franz Nicolay, accordion; Peter Hess, clarinet; Karen Waltuch, viola; Franz Nicolay, mandolin; Phil Greene, alto saxophone; Ty Citerman, electric guitar; Ty Citerman, guitar; Peter Hess, alto saxophone; Peter Hess, tenor saxophone play
Arthur Berger: Words For Music, Perhaps Arthur Berger Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Gil Rose, Conductor; Krista River, voice play
Arthur Russell 3/15/91 Arthur Russell Arthur Russell, cello; Arthur Russell, voice; Arthur Russell, synthesizer play
Arthur Russell Memorial Arthur Russell Allen Ginsberg, voice play
Back In the Saddle Again: American Cowboy Songs Traditional Tex Owens, voice; Tex Ritter, voice; The Sons of the Pioneers; Patsy Montana, voice; Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; Slim Critchlow, voice; Rex Allen, voice; Glenn Ohrlin, voice; Bob Wills; Sam Agins, voice; Riders in the Sky; Chris Le Doux, voice; Wilf (Montana Slim) Carter, voice; Girls of the Golden West; Carl T. Sprague, voice; Jules Verne Allen, voice; Arizona Wranglers; Kitty Lee, voice; Glen Rice, voice; Harry Jackson, voice; Van Holyoak, voice; Harry "Haywire Mac" McClintock, voice; Marc Williams, voice; Ken Maynard, voice; Texas Ruby, voice; Gene Autry, voice; Jimmie Rodgers, voice; John G. Prude, voice; Glen Rice and His Beverly Hill Billies; Powder River Jack, voice; John I. White, voice play
Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 2 David Weinstein David Weinstein, electronics; Shelley Hirsch, voice; A Cloud Nine Consort; Alan Moverman, synthesizer; Alan Moverman, piano; Tigger Benford, percussion; Gary Trosclair, trumpet; Mark Stewart, electric guitar; Cees van Zeeland, piano; Gerard Bouwhuis, piano; Mayuki Fukuhara, violin; Sara Clarke, viola; Elizabeth Brown, shakuhachi; Theodore Mook, cello; Steven Schick, percussion; Joshua Gordon, cello; Laura Gilbert, alto flute; Victoria Drake, harp; Phil Kline, boomboxes; Phil Kline, harmonica play
Barkin: Five Collages Elaine Barkin Charles Stein, voice; Jill Borner, voice; Benjamin Boretz, voice play
Barney Childs Barney Childs Phillip Rehfeldt, woodwinds; Ron George, percussion; Marco Schindelmann, reader; Marco Schindelmann, voice play
Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows Barton McLean Elisha Pantileo, recorded voice; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Keith Notrab, percussion; NY Cincinnatus; Daniel Pantileo, recorded voice; Linda Greene, flute; Priscilla McLean, percussion; Barton McLean, percussion; Barton McLean, keyboards; Barbara Dechario, harp; Keith Notrab, percussion; Linda Greene, flute; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Barton McLean, piano; Barbara Dechario, harp; Hilda Allen, narrator; Victoria Green, narrator; Charles Bently, narrator; Priscilla McLean, soprano; Elisha Pantileo, voice; Daniel Pantileo, voice; Children of Petersburgh Cincinnatus recorded in play; Thomas Elkin, piano; Marjorie Wilbur, Conductor; "Big Mike" Eaton, fiddle; Richard Blair, music box; Earl Hewitt, musical saw; McLean Mix; Priscilla McLean, music box; Barton McLean, keyboards play
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