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Zeena Parkins
Zeena Parkins: The Opium War

Robert Ashley
Your Money My Life Goodbye

Robert Ashley
Yellow Man with Heart with Wings

Iannis Xenakis
Xenakis Edition, Vol. 7: Percussion Works

Earl McCoy
Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936

Michael Saalman
Woman Year: Aeon Centers Faded
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Zeena Parkins: The Opium War Zeena Parkins Margaret Parkins, cello; J. Ed Arazia, voice, "Louie"; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Ruth Maleczech, voice, "Amailia"; Joe Trump, percussion; Zeena Parkins, electric harp; Zeena Parkins, sampler; Chris Cochrane, voice; David Shea, turntables; D.J. Olive, turntables; Mary Shultz, voice, "Evelyn Harding"; Lola Pashalinski, voice, "Dr. Stein"; D.D. Dorveillier, voice; Jeff Webster, voice, "Manuel"; Lisa Vidal, voice, "Mariana"; Linda Chapman, director; Tenko, voice; Jonathan Bepler, voice; K.J. Sanchez, voice, "Mariana"; Chris Cochrane, guitar play
Your Money My Life Goodbye Robert Ashley Jacqueline Humbert, voice; Thomas Buckner, voice; Sam Ashley, voice; Robert Ashley, voice; Joan La Barbara, voice play
Yellow Man with Heart with Wings Based on the score 'in memoriam...KIT CARSON' (opera) and on the libretto and score ideas from 'The Church' Robert Ashley Robert Ashley, voice; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, clavinet; Guillermo Grenier, voice play
Xenakis Edition, Vol. 7: Percussion Works Iannis Xenakis Patti Cudd, percussion; Stephen Schick, percussion; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Ross Karre, percussion; Ivan Manzanilla, percussion; Greg Stuart, percussion; Philip Larson, voice; Don Nichols, percussion; John Mark Harris, harpsichord; Morris Palter, percussion; Shannon Wettstein, harpsichord; Lisa Tolentino, percussion; David Shively, percussion; Brett Reed, percussion; Terry Longshore, percussion; Aiyun Huang, percussion; Vanessa Tomlinson, percussion; red fish blue fish; Steven Schick, percussion; Jacqueline Leclair, oboe; Rob Esler, percussion play
Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music 1923-1936 Earl McCoy Earl McCoy, voice; Earl McCoy, steel guitar; Alfred Meng, voice; Alfred Meng, guitar; Clem Garner, voice; Clem Garner, guitar; David McCarn, voice; David McCarn, guitar; Allen Brothers; Austin Allen, voice; Austin Allen, banjo; Lee Allen, guitar; Lee Allen, kazoo; John Carson, violin; John Carson, voice; Oscar Ford, voice; Bert Layne, violin; Riley Puckett, guitar; Lowe Stokes, violin; Earl Johnson, voice; Earl Johnson, violin; Bill Henson, voice; Bill Henson, guitar; Harry McClintock, voice; Harry McClintock, guitar; Red Gay, voice; Red Gay, violin; Jack Wellman, voice; Jack Wellman, guitar; Oscar Grogan, voice; Darby & Tarlton; Jimmie Tarlton, voice; Jimmie Tarlton, steel guitar; Tom Darby, voice; Tom Darby, guitar; Buell Kazee, voice; Buell Kazee, banjo; Paul Cofer, voice; Paul Cofer, violin; Leon Cofer, voice; Leon Cofer, banjo; Ben Evans, guitar; Georgia Crackers; Gid Tanner and Band; Gid Tanner, voice; Gid Tanner, violin; Fate Norris, voice; Fate Norris, banjo; Melvin Dupree, voice; Melvin Dupree, guitar; North Carolina Hawaiians; Bill Chitwood and His Georgia Mountaineers; Bill Chitwood, violin; Bud Landress, voice; Bud Landress, banjo; Carolina Ramblers String Band; Steve Ledford, voice; Steve Ledford, violin; Taft Ledford, voice; Taft Ledford, violin; David Nicholson, banjo; Audie Rodgers, guitar; Cherokee Ramblers; Bill Gatins, jug; Skinny Anglin, harmonica; Bill Power, banjo; Walter Kite, guitar; Herschel Brown and His Boys; Herschel Brown, voice; L.K. Sentell, voice; Charlie Wilson and His Hayloft Gang; Charlie Wilson, voice; Charlie Wilson, violin; Roy Hobbs, voice; Roy Hobbs, mandolin; Asa Martin, voice; Asa Martin, guitar; Aiken County String Band; Whit Gaydon, voice; Whit Gaydon, violin; Hack String Band; Melvin Bethel, mandolin; Bill Brown, guitar; James Brown, violin; Walter Cobb, banjo; Gene Garrett, bass; Virgil Garrett, violin; Eugene Hack, jazzhorn; Dewey Grace, guitar; Tennessee Ramblers; Bill Sievers, violin; Mack Sievers, voice; Mack Sievers, banjo; Willie Sievers, guitar; Gid Tanner, banjo; Happy Four; Jeff Chastain, voice; Jes Ballew, voice; Jes Ballew, guitar; Lee Campbell, voice; Lee Campbell, harmonica; Mcdonald Quartette; Alvin McDonald, voice; Ralph McDonald, voice; W.E. Smithmire, voice; Dixon Brothers; Dorsey Dixon, voice; Dorsey Dixon, guitar; Howard Dixon, voice; Howard Dixon, steel guitar; Georgia Yellow Hammers; Bud Landress, violin; Clyde Evans, voice; Clyde Evans, guitar; Ernest Moody, voice; Ernest Moody, banjo; Phil Reeve, voice; Phil Reeve, guitar; Corley Family; Presley Corley, voice; Emma Corley, voice; Lorna Doone Corley, voice; Katherine Corley, voice; Fields Ward and the Grayson County Railsplitters; Fields Ward, voice; Fields Ward, guitar; Ernest V. Stoneman, voice; Ernest V. Stoneman, harmonica; Eck Dunford, voice; Eck Dunford, violin; Sid Harkreader, voice; Sid Harkreader, violin; Grady Moore, voice; Grady Moore, guitar; Kentucky Holiness Singers; Snowball and Sunshine; James H. Dodgen, voice; Mary Pace Kimbrough Dodgen, voice; Alfred Karnes, voice; Alfred Karnes, harp guitar; Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers; Ernest Phipps, voice; Avery G. Baker, voice; Minnie Phipps, voice; Nora Byrley, voice; Alfred G. Karnes, guitar; Roland N. Johnson, violin; Ancil L. McVay, mandolin; Eula Johnson, banjo; Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers; Robert Crowder Grigg, voice; Robert Crowder Grigg, violin; Lorene Grigg, mandolin; Ione Grigg, guitar; Ausie B. Grigg, bass; Clavie Taylor, voice; Red Brush Singers; G.P. Harris, voice; G.P. Harris, violin play
Woman Year: Aeon Centers Faded Michael Saalman Michael Saalman; Michael Saalman, electronics; Michael Saalman, keyboards; Michael Saalman, guitar; Jon Bafus, drums; Michael Saalman, voice play
William Ferris: Angels-A Miracle Play William Ferris William Griffel, voice; Eddie Arruza, voice; Susan Wolz, voice; Thomas Weisflog, organ; Dexter Bailey, organ; John Vorrasi, voice; Bruce Hall, voice; Composer Festival Orchestra; William Ferris Chorale; Sunny Joy Langton, voice play
Where Have We Met Before? Forgotten Songs from Broadway, Hollywood and Tin Pan Alley Richard Rodgers Mark Dawson, voice; Jack Leonard, voice; Joey Nash, voice; Richard Himber's Orchestra; Eddie Duchin's Orchestra; Lew Sherwood, voice; Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra; Milton Rosenstock, Conductor; Lois Lee, voice; Jan Clayton, voice; Jane Harvey, voice; Benny Goodman Quintet; George Stoll's Orchestra; Judy Garland, voice; Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra; Paul Small, voice; Ethel Shutta, voice; Clare Hanlon, voice; Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians; Frank Luther, voice; Arden and Ohman Orchestra; George Olsen's Orchestra; Ramona, voice; Frank Munn, voice; Victor Young's Orchestra; Smith Ballew, voice; Leo Reisman and his Orchestra play
When Malindy Sings Jazz Vocalists 1938-1961 Paul Laurence Dunbar Ella Fitzgerald; Sarah Vaughan; Lionel Hampton; Joe Turner; Betty Carter; Chris Connor; Billie Holiday; Abbey Lincoln; Jimmy Rushing; Dinah Washington; Leo Watson; Ray Ellis; Willie Smith; Margaret Johnson, piano; Lester Young, tenor saxophone; Jo Jones, drums; Buck Layton, trumpet; Freddie Green, guitar; Billie Holiday, voice; Walter Page, bass; Count Basie Orchestra; Bennie Morton, trombone; Dickie Wells, trombone; Count Basie, piano; Jack Washington, baritone saxophone; Ed Lewis, trumpet; Dan Minor, trombone; Buddy Tate, tenor saxophone; Shad Collins, trumpet; Earle Warren, alto saxophone; Buck Clayton, trumpet; Harry Edison, trumpet; Jimmy Rushing, voice; Oran “Hot Lips” Page, trumpet; Pete Johnson, piano; A.G. Godley, drums; John Collins, guitar; Joe Turner, voice; Abe Bolar, bass; Willie Smith, piano; Ralph Muzillo, trumpet; Frank Victor, guitar; Paul Ricci, tenor saxophone; Johnny McGee, trumpet; Gene De Paul, piano; Leo Watson and His Orchestra; Leo Watson, voice; O'Neal Spencer, drums; Paul Ricci, clarinet; Ella Fitzgerald, voice; Hy White, guitar; Hank Jones, piano; J.C. Heard, drums; John Simmons, bass; Lionel Hampton, vibraharp; Dinah Washington, voice; Charles Harris, bass; Wendell Culley, trumpet; George Jones, drums; Billy Mackell, guitar; John Mehegan, piano; Arnett Cobb, tenor saxophone; Herbie Fields, alto saxophone; Lionel Hampton Septet; Barney Kessel, guitar; Joe Comfort, bass; Sarah Vaughan, voice; Betty Carter, voice; Wendell Marshall, bass; Ray Bryant, piano; Jerome Richardson, flute; Kenny Burrell, guitar; Eddie de Haas, bass; Chris Connor, voice; Lex Humphries, drums; Bill Rubenstein, piano; Phil Woods, alto saxophone; Danny Stiles, trumpet; Ed Shaughnessy, drums; George Duvivier, bass; Burt Collins, trumpet; Ronnie Ball, piano; Willie Dennis, trombone; Booker Little, trumpet; Mal Waldron, piano; Walter Benton, tenor saxophone; Eric Dolphy, alto saxophone; Coleman Hawkins, tenor saxophone; Max Roach, drums; Art Davis, bass; Julian Priester, trombone; Abbey Lincoln, voice; Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet; Eric Dolphy, flute; Janet Putman, harp; Barry Galbraith, guitar; Ray Ellis and His Orchestra; Milt Hinton, bass; Tom Mitchell, trombone; Tom Parshley, reeds; Bradley Spinney, xylophone; Phil Bodner, reeds; Don Lamond, drums; J.J. Johnson, trombone; Urbie Green, trombone; Romeo Penque, reeds; Ed Powell, reeds play
When Lights are Low Earl Brent Xavier Davis, piano; Ron Jackson, guitar; Marcus McLaurine, bass; Matt Dennis; Lisa Kirchner, voice; Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax, drums play
West Coast Soundings Mark So Frank Gratkowski, bass clarinet; Frank Gratkowski, clarinet; Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone; Frank Gratkowski, radio; Frank Gratkowski, triangle; Seth Josel, guitar; Seth Josel, mandolin; Seth Josel, radio; Seth Josel, triangle; Hans W. Koch, electronics; Hans W. Koch, radio; Hans W. Koch, triangle; Anton Lukoszevieze, cello; Anton Lukoszevieze, voice; Anton Lukoszevieze, radio; Anton Lukoszevieze, triangle; Lucia Mense, recorders; Lucia Mense, radio; Lucia Mense, triangle play
Wayne Peet Trio: Fully Engulfed Lance Lee Wayne Peet, synth bass; Wayne Peet, organ; Lance Lee, drums; Lance Lee, percussion; G. E. Stinson, guitar; Lance Lee, voice play
Warren Smith: Dragon Dave Meets Prince Black Knight from the Darkside of the Moon Warren Smith Kalaparusha Difda, bass clarinet; Kalaparusha Difda, tenor saxophone; George Barrow, bass clarinet; George Barrow, piccolo; George Barrow, tenor saxophone; Noel Scott, alto saxophone; Noel Scott, baritone saxophone; Courtney Wynter, soprano saxophone; Courtney Wynter, tenor saxophone; Courtney Wynter, clarinet; Courtney Wynter, flute; Vincent Chauncey, French horn; Jack Jeffers, bass trombone; Jack Jeffers, tuba; Jack Jeffers, trombone; Craig Harris, trombone; Bross Townsend, piano; Bross Townsend, Fender-Rhodes piano; David Moore, bass; David Moore, electric bass; Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, percussion; Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, vibraphone; Warren Smith, marimba; Warren Smith, tympani; Warren Smith, whistles; Jack Jeffers, voice; Kalaparusha Difda, voice; Warren Smith, voice; Craig Harris, voice; David Moore, voice play
Walter Zimmermann: The Echoing Green Walter Zimmermann Peter Rundel, violin; Dietmar Wiesner, bass flute; Michael Bach, violoncello; Hermann Kretzschmar, piano; Hermann Kretzschmar, voice play
Walter Zimmermann: Songs of Innocence & Experience Walter Zimmermann Sonar Quartett; Suzanne Zapf, violin; Kirsten Harms, violin; Nikolaus Schlierf, viola; Cosima Gerhardt, cello; Allen Ginsberg, voice; Suzanne Zapf, voice; Nikolaus Schlierf, voice play
Walter Thompson: PEXO Walter Thompson Julie Ferrara, oboe; Sarah Weaver, trombone; Rob Henke, trumpet; Julie Ferrara, English horn; Todd Reynolds, Conductor; Leese Walker, voice; Gil Selinger, cello; Michael David Gordon, voice; Christopher Washburne, trombone; Christopher Washburne, tuba; Christian Brandjes, voice; Rolf Sturm, guitar; Steve Rust, double bass; Andrea Pryor, percussion; Rolf Sturm, synthesizer; Walter Thompson, Conductor; Michael Attias, alto saxophone; Jody Espina, alto saxophone; Greg Stare, percussion; Michael Attias, baritone saxophone; Steve Rust, electric bass; Todd Reynolds, violin; Jim Whitney, double bass play
The Vintage Irving Berlin Irving Berlin Grace Moore, voice; Clifton Webb, voice; Ginger Rogers, voice; Leo Reisman and his Orchestra; Nathaniel Shilkeret and His Orchestra; Ethel Merman, voice; Harry Richman, voice; Ethel Waters, voice; Lupe Velez, voice; Carol Bruce, voice; Van and Schenck; Irving Berlin, voice; Ruth Etting, voice; John Steele, voice; Al Jolson, voice play
A View From The Bridge William Bolcom Timothy Nolen, baritone; Lyric Opera of Chicago Chorus; Marlin Miller, "Tony"; Ronald Watkins, "A Man"; Sheryl Veal, "A Woman"; Timothy Nolen, "Alfieri"; Gwendolyn Brown, "An Old Woman"; Catherine Malfitano, "Beatrice"; Juliana Rambaldi, "Catherine"; Kim Josephson, "Eddie"; Galen Scott Bower, "First Officer"; Dale Travis, "Louis"; Mark McCrory, "Marco"; Jeffrey Picon, "Mike"; Gregory Turay, "Rodolpho"; Arthur Miller; Ronald Watkins, voice; Dale Travis; Jeffrey Picon, tenor; Kim Josephson, baritone; Juliana Rambaldi, soprano; Catherine Malfitano, soprano; Sheryl Veal, voice; Marlin Miller, tenor; Gregory Turay, tenor; Mark McCrory; Gwendolyn Brown, voice; Galen Scott Bower, baritone; Michael Sommese, tenor; Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra; Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor; Michael Sommese, "Second Officer" play
Victor Herbert: The Fortune Teller Victor Herbert Ohio Light Opera; Steven Byess, Conductor; Gary Moss, voice; Jacob Allen, voice; Natalie Ballenger, voice; Madeline Piscetta, voice; Logan Walsh, voice; Ann Maples, voice; Stephen Faulk, voice; David Kelleher-Flight, voice; Geoffrey Kannenberg, voice; Max Nolin, voice; Sarah Best, voice; Lori Birrer, voice; Elisa Matthews, voice; Geoffrey Penar, voice play
Victor Herbert: Sweethearts Victor Herbert Patrick Howle, voice; Jonathan Stinson, voice; Sandra Ross, voice; Sahara Glasener, voice; Aline Carnes, voice; Candice Coffey, voice; Betha Curtis, voice; Arlene Simmonds, voice; Randall Umstead, voice; Grant Knox, voice; Ben Smith, voice; Derek Parks, voice; John Pickle, voice; Ohio Light Opera; J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor; Suzanne Woods, voice; Alta Boover, voice; Cassidy King, voice; Robin Bricker, voice; Justin Legris, voice play
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